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  1. Possibly a dodgy solenoid although being part of the starter it should have been tested when the motor was reconditioned. My money would be on a loose lead to the starter or a poor engine earth
  2. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Hopefully things will improve for you quickly
  3. Whereabouts are we supposed to park. I've tried to find out when I've been before and nobody seems to have a clue
  4. Kevin Carpenter , 132 high street chatteris, cambs PE16 6NN
  5. My dyno man reduced my carbs to a pile of about 200 pieces in about 10 minutes, changed the chokes and drilled out the jets in about another 15 and then did a power run resulting in 180 odd hp. Not satisfied with that he took the distributor off and did something with the advance retard giving over 200 hp with a slightly restricted exhaust. This was on a redtop with twin 45s. All in about 90 minutes, just needs the right person. Didn't really want anyone learning on my time. He left school at 15 and considers himself uneducated. I consider him a genius
  6. Put me down for this please. I shall bring my daughter as we always enjoy this show
  7. The tiniest bit of muck or residue from old fuel can make a needle valve stick. It needs to go up and down with virtually no pressure from the float or your finger. Get a rebuild kit and change it if you are unsure if it is sticking or not. Personally I would just swap it for a new one and then you have ruled it out of the equation. Rebuild kits are not expensive
  8. My first thought was coil breaking down when hot. Post what engine and ignition system you have.
  9. Good work. I often solve problems by just walking away when stumped and having a good think about it before returning. Not always though! The Weber's need a low pressure but high flow rate, I think its only 2.5 to 3psi so it might be worth slotting a regulator into the system as close to the carbs as possible. Too much pressure and they will leak from every gasket!
  10. Sorry no joy so far. Have you checked more than one plug to see if it smells of fuel after you have tried to start it, ie no1 and no4? It won't start on one carb. I had a needle valve stick and thought I was getting fuel to all four cylinders but actually it was only two. I'll ask my mate tonight and if he's interested we could pop over one evening,
  11. I'll ask around. Got to book an mot tomorrow at my local garage they may know someone. I've got a mate who used to work a tuning firm but he has a race car that runs carbs. I'll text him, he might be able to help.
  12. Where in cambs are you? I did use a chap near to me who is a genius but he has moved although still local but I can't get hold of him at the moment. No good talking it to a normal garage you need someone with a bit of old school knowledge
  13. I can only add my condolences to the previous ones. Never met in person but he has been part of the club to a greater or lesser extent for a long time. Doesn't seem long since he posted on here, will be missed
  14. One and the same on my car. No other numbers anywhere else
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