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  1. When my glass got broken I found it had been bodged with tiny ground off self tappers which were loose. I redid did the holes and fitted small stainless bolts with ground down heads and fitted nuts on the outside. I felt I would rather have a visible strong fitting than a hidden dodgy one as previously. I put plastic nut covers on anyway so although you can see the fixings it looks neat.
  2. Pony express is what it has been called in the past
  3. I can't say I've ever really thought about it but I would imagine somewhere in the mid twenties if I'm careful. I'll try to work it out when I put the car back on the road. I certainly won't be changing to fuel injection to get better economy, if I need economy there is a Ford ka outside
  4. You were probably deaf after reversing for three miles
  5. They are probably growing on an old tree stump, shouldn't spread far from their source of nutrients. As long as you haven't got any children or pets that would eat them I'd leave them.
  6. I needed the space in my engine bay to reroute some hose and fit a header tank so I moved mine in to the passenger compartment and fixed it up almost out of sight. It's a bit more awkward to fill but I hardly ever need to anyway and it's not in the passengers way. More space in the engine bay is never a bad thing.
  7. Buy the following book. How to build and power tune weber and dellortos dcoe,dco/sp and dvla carburrettors. Covers strip and rebuild, jetting choke sizes by des hammiill All you need to know is in there. My copy cost me 20 quid about 5 years ago. For any bits you need i use Fastroadcars, I have always had good quick service from them so never use anybody else. I think they based in Wales, they have lots of items listed on ebay
  8. Not to mention all the bits you will look at and go hells teeth what we're they thinking of? I bought a completed car that had been on the road for years and believe me there were plenty of those. Every time I went to change something I found something else that needed attention. It's a massive sinkhole for time and money when you could be out driving. Have a look around for something that is already finished and has been on the road for a while, you will get plenty of chance to stamp your mark on it. Don't get me wrong I like a tinker but there are limits. At the end of the day it's your time and money and whatever you decide to do nobody will have a go at you for it, there will always be plenty of help available on here if you need it. At least you are looking for a car at the best time of the year for buyers!
  9. Might it just be something you disturbed when the engine was removed or replaced? I'm thinking a kinked fuel line or a piece of muck on a filter. I it was running and then stopped so more likely to be something basic. Loose wiring plug, lead or strap? I think you are thinking the worst when hopefully it's much more simple
  10. kevin the chicken


    Is the shaft worn in the distributor causing movement between rotor arm and pickup in cap
  11. Someone in the club rewired mine for me. If I had it done earlier I would have been on the road a year before I actually was but my loom had been cooked due to position after an engine type change. I would start be redoing all the dash connectors as it would be a cheap and easy fix if it worked. The new loom was the end to my electrical problems though.
  12. Probably 40s I would guess. I run 45s on a tuned redtop but 40s should be enough on a mildly tuned pinto. My tuner reckons dellortos slightly better for road use but use whatever is available at the right price
  13. kevin the chicken

    Run on

    It does sound like timing. Presumably it's fitted with a distributor? If it is then check the clamp hasn't worked loose. Other than that if it still starts and runs well enough to get to the rolling road then I wouldn't touch it. All will become apparent as soon as it's on the rollers and connected up, they will sort out any problems far faster than any mere mortal working out of their own garage. Mine found another 25 horsepower just by bending the stops on the advance retard mechanism! It will be money well spent as they can check so many different parameters against each other while the engine is performing as it would on the road. Can't do that at home.
  14. I'd start off by checking the spark plugs, it could be as simple as that. I have had a few fail or play up over the years for no reason. One might show up as faulty by being a different colour.
  15. My twin 45s run on about 2.5 psi. Any more than that and they leak like sieves, they are only put together with paper type gaskets. Flow is more important than pressure. You would be asking for trouble if you used a pump that was delivering 1 or 2 bar on a carb.
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