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  1. kevin the chicken


    If yours has a five Year warranty then take it back and tell them it's knackered. They will be able to test it. They most likely won't refund all the money but should give you some back, maybe nearly enough to buy a new one from eurocar parts.
  2. kevin the chicken

    Under powered. Any ideas

    Thought the 2b was heavier but I could be wrong. Go right through ignition system and carburrettor, don't forget it is an old engine and may be worn but your car is a lot lighter than a sierra so you should get a reasonable performance. Once you have got it as it should be then you can decide whether you need to invest in any improvements.
  3. kevin the chicken

    Kimbolton Country Show Sunday 14th July 2019

    Forgotten all about . Can I have one please. Sorry about that
  4. kevin the chicken


    While I was looking for something else online I spotted a sonic mouse deterrent, OK if you wanted to spend 70 quid I suppose. I personally favour a little nipper wooden trap with one of those toffee pennies that always get left at the bottom of the tin at Xmas.
  5. kevin the chicken

    Pair of front wings

    Ebay is your best bet. Several listings of different widths on there the last time I looked.
  6. kevin the chicken

    Tie Bar plans

    Well worth doing, makes loads of difference. I had somebody else do mine but if you can do it yourself good on you.
  7. kevin the chicken

    High Oil Pressure

    Does sound like a sticking prv. They get little gritty bits of carbon on them. It can be a bit of a pig to check them on my redtop but I treat it as part of the annual service even though I replaced the original metal piston with a motorsport spec plastic one at an eye watering 60 quid. Getting it back in against the pressure of the spring is the difficult bit but I have developed a way of doing it which is a bit easier. It may be that yours is the same, clean out and inspect bore for scratches and grit.
  8. kevin the chicken

    Zetec engine start first time

    Ether is pretty volatile compared to diesel but I would doubt a petrol engine would ignite it under compression. Having said that quite often an engine will kick over when you use it but not otherwise. Don't have a great deal of experience using it thankfully. I would say that nigel is right about fuel, the mixture is not correct or too lean to run without the Ether.
  9. kevin the chicken


    Are they for rocker cover bolts? Wild guess,haven't really looked at a pinto for ages.
  10. kevin the chicken

    3a radiator

    Make sure all the gaps around the radiator are blocked so the air has to go through rather than around it. You need somewhere for the air to escape too. Then you have extracted maximum efficiency out of your radiator. An electric fan is a good idea as it works at maximum speed when you need it and not at all when you don't. The expensive fans are much more effective than the cheap ones as others on this forum will testify. Having said that my sierra radiator and cheap fan cope with my modified redtop on road usage with no problem.
  11. kevin the chicken

    Redtop sump gasket

    Hello bob. Yes I have the sbd sump. I have checked the length of the screws today to make sure none of them are too long. My new tube of wynns black gasket maker came today so I will have another go tomorrow with the cork gasket. I can always try a different gasket as kerry suggested if it becomes a nuisance but I wasn't far away from oiltight last time so hopefully I can improve on it this time. Have you a suggested torque figure?
  12. kevin the chicken

    Redtop sump gasket

    I am about to put the sump back on my redtop engine after removing it to have the drain plug thread recut after it stripped at service time. I noticed that the cork gasket I had in store for such occasions has a set of washers supplied with that fit inside the cut holes, presumably to prevent the gasket from being crushed by over tightening. I have not used them before, are they are good idea or should I leave them out? I would like to get this on so that there are no drips on the garage floor, it did weep a little last time but I didn't have any torque setting to follow so just guessed!
  13. kevin the chicken

    Weather Protection

    Ian hits the nail on the head. The tonneau does offer a bit of protection when parked but will leak after a while. Never tried using it when driving. I intend to fabricate a surrey top when I get chance. At the moment I just use a good waterproof outfit, you don't get as wet as you would expect as long as you are moving, it's when you stop that it gets unpleasant.
  14. kevin the chicken

    electric fuel pump

    If you do decide to fit a pressure regulator fit it as near to the carb as possible. Just because a pump is rated to give 6psi at the tank doesn't mean it will give that at the carb. Frictional loss. Surprising what difference that can make. I guess it's up to you what which path you take, as said before its pointless having a high pressure pump and then putting a regulator on it but a regulator will control what you are getting at the carb regardless. I plumbed in a temporary pressure gauge at the carbs to get my pressure right and have never had any more problems with leaks or flooding since. Looks like there isn't much difference between the price of the regulator and a pump either!
  15. kevin the chicken

    electric fuel pump

    The pump will run all of the time. It may be that it is over fuelling the carb or carb's. Fit a fuel pressure regulator, one with a filter element is not a bad idea. My twin 45s are set to receive only about 3psi if my memory serves me correctly. Get the right pressure at the carb then start fiddling with mixtures or better still get it on the rolling road.