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  1. Angle iron running across between the rear subframe mounts, useful for both the handbrake cables and the inner seat belt mounts.
  2. Agreed, its a tough beast, just support where its most useful for the job your doing.
  3. The 2B is NOT difficult to get through the IVA as long as you follow the IVA guidelines. I did first time, it cant be that hard!
  4. I jet wash first, then use Wonder Wheels or Auto Glym wheel cleaner working with various "stiffish" brushes to agitate. Leave to dwell for a couple of minutes then agitate again followed by a jet wash. If it a long time since they were properly cleaned I follow up with Iron X which dissolves iron particles that are stuck in the paint/lacquer. Even with very clean looking wheels you'll see contamination being dissolved and turning purple. Another jet wash, dry, tar remover (IPA), then a wax with Poorboys wheel wax. Now I know you are sitting there saying ffs! But now they will almost hose rinse clean the next time you wash them.
  5. Every year I just take the screen off for my MOT with no issues
  6. megadodo

    2B Chassis

    I'm 6 foot 2 and fit my 2B fine although I would disagree that it takes normal width seats. I initially bought some Recaros from a Rover and they simply wouldn't go in. You can "force" the sierra donor seats in but you sit right to the outside of the chassis if you do.
  7. Welcome to the club, just one question? Living in Morecombe, do you really expect any sunny days? (I used to live in Caton so I remember the weather in north Lancashire!)
  8. I can't see the magic button or option that allows me to delete a vehicle from my forum garage, anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Cremation isn't very green though Bob, lots or energy required to incinerate body. When I go (my daughter has already planned my demise for the money, little does she know that if there's any left is going to charity!) I want to buried in a wicker coffin under a freshly planted native tree, preferably an oak!
  10. megadodo

    Battery Voltage

    I can leave my 2B for 3 months and she'll still start without charging the battery!
  11. Because I'm sad I went out last night and measured my current drain, "ignition on & engine off" Pinto EFI with LP and HP pump running, struggled at first as the HP pump cuts off after a few seconds unless the engine is running and the LP pump pulses but the most I could get it draw at steady state was 11 amps. It would peak to 18 admittedly!
  12. My gut feeling is that your "ignition on & engine off" draw is high even with both pumps running. I have no data to back that up, it just feels wrong. What is your measurement device?
  13. Having had "true" flu just once with symptoms like yours you have my sympathy, get well soon.
  14. This is an interesting discussion, I like this sort of debate. My thoughts, I would agree with Big Jim that as much of the old fluid as possible is extracted from the reservoir ensuring both chambers are emptied. This will be quicker than bleeding out the whole mass of old fluid and probably reduce the risk of mixing old with new although the amount of mixing will be negligible if bled though to clear fluid anyway. However, given there are 2 separate chambers, Big Jim, I would say it makes no difference at all whether the front was bled first or second! As to which side you do first I have always done the longest path first but I don't know why. Thinking about now in this context, I'm not sure it matters. Again the chance of mixing more than the tiniest amount of old fluid with the the new at a junction is so insignificant to be ignored. If the system was completely empty then I would think that due to the compress-ability of air in the system then bleeding the longest path first would give a slight advantage, but only just. Just to further complicate the issue, as I vacuum bleed would increase the risk of mixing and if so would that be significant enough to worry about?
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