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  1. No sorry i only have the fuel tank left.
  2. 2bTom

    Seats for sale

    Sorry they are now sold.
  3. 2bTom

    Seats for sale

    I purchased a pair of these seats for my Robin Hood which I no longer have and they won’t fit in my new Zero. As you can see in the photos they are brand new and never used so if anyone is interested I am looking for about £330 ono (these cost £400 brand new).
  4. Make sure you change all the bushes that you can whilst you can get at them. You don’t want to be doing this again next year.
  5. 2bTom

    Sierra ECU

    I am intrested in this.
  6. I found this interesting and informative so glad it got resurrected.
  7. 2bTom

    Fuel tank leak

    Ok no problem. Hope you get sorted.
  8. 2bTom

    Fuel tank leak

    Sorry about my drawing skills hope this makes sense to you. All the dimensions are in mm it is probably easier to compare the picture to the drawing.
  9. 2bTom

    Fuel tank leak

    I have a fuel tank that is for sale if you are intrested. https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/50181-robin-hood-2b-parts/#comment-408946
  10. Robin Hood aluminium petrol tank. I think I am being reasonable asking for £100 if not let me know.
  11. Robin Hood chassis it has the IVA floor plate welded in. This has to go so will take any offers. Trolleys not included.
  12. Springs and dampers I presume these are the originals. No idea what they are worth if anything so asking £50 ono.
  13. I am selling off parts from my 'RH 2b Wishbone' ford Sierra based. I am starting with the rear subframe which I have painstakingly refurbished with wire brushes on a drill then painted with two coats of acid etch primer and three coats of black satin car paint. 1. Rear subframe £100 collection only 2. New rear subframe polyurethane Duraflex bushes £30 willing to post at buyers cost 3. Rear trailing arms again wire brushed with a drill two coats of acid etch primer and three coats of black satin car paint £100 collection only. 4. New rear trailing arms polyurethane Duraflex bushes £35 willing to post at buyers cost 5. Nose cone x 2 the green one has some damage to it £100 open to offers as not sure what to ask for these. 6. Side panels and tub, these have been test fitted by the provious owner. £100 More to follow
  14. Recently I visited the GBS factory and had a tour round. I was so impressed that I decided to buy a Zero kit which unfortunately means I no longer need my Robin Hood 2b. So I am striping the RH down reusing what I can and selling the rest to try and get some funds back towards the Zero. So the question is do I list the bits that I want to sell in one post or should I create new post for each part?
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