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  1. Thanks this is really good.
  2. I know this is an old post but I would like to get my hands on these drawings if anyone still has them and would be willing to share. I need all new interior panels so these drawings would be useful.
  3. Hi Brian I am interested and I live in Bolton so would be able to collect easily. Tom
  4. That is what my wife said but i think that they will be good practice for me if i mess them up then nothing wasted. I will send you a text thanks.
  5. Hi Tony, sorry when i try to send you a message it is saying you can’t receive messages.
  6. Would fitting a cat help? I have no idea just thinking out loud.
  7. Hi I am very interested in these panels. I can pick them up at your convenience if they are still available.
  8. Thanks for all your advice. One of the main problems I am finding is that I need to replace all the body panels (this is what you get buying from ebay) as they are all in a poor state. Finding these at a reasonable price is difficult which means going to Kitspares and that will cost me about £1300 without the tub and the insides. I am not too bothered about the inside as I will just get some sheet aluminum and cut it to shape. That is why I am considering the zero kit. I think that the 1.8 pinto is good enough for what I need at the moment I am not going to race it I just want to use it mainly on the road. I did get the registration plate with the car so I still would prefer to go with that rather than a Q plate unless there is no other choice. I have attached some pictures of the car. Yes it looks like someone used advertising hoarding for the insides
  9. Hi I am new to kit cars and decided to jump in the deep end and purchased a Robin hood without knowing much about kit cars. I have since found out with a lot of investigation that it is a 2B with a 1.8 pinto engine and a type 9 5 speed gearbox. It needs a lot of work to get it on the road. I got in too a conversation with someone that knows about kit cars and he advised me to go for a GBS zero kit and use the parts from the robin. The reason for this that it will be easier to get it through the IVA as the 2B’s can be hard to IVA. So my question is whether to push on with the 2B and risk struggling to get it through the IVA or to go for the zero and have an easier time with the IVA? I am trying to keep the price down. From what I have read about the zero’s they are a lot better than the 2B’s. is this correct? And changing the subject a bit I have the tags from the donor car (88 Sierra) but I don’t have the V5. How do I go about getting the car registered without the car going on a Q plate? Before anyone says I am daft and should have done my homework before I got the car I agree but at the time I thought now or never (and the wife approved). So thanks in advance for any advice and pointers.
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