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  1. The 1.6 and 1.3 had 8” rear drums, different to the 1.8 and 2l which had 9”. I believe they had smaller dia. drive shafts too so perhaps that’s why your seals don’t fit? They also had solid front discs, think of all that weight saving!
  2. Hi if you havent got a compression gauge I can lend you one, whereabouts in Cambridge are you? I come over there quite regularly.

  3. Talk to Dampertech they should be able to supply you with 3/8" bushes which is the bolt size. The way I solved it was getting some thin wall tube turned up which pressed into the damper bush.
  4. I always get confused with offset but Sierra wheels are usually ET38, I suspect your car has been fitted with 18s so the front tyres have plenty of clearance from the suspension buttress. So if you fit 38s on the rear it should I think, move the wheels in 20mm. Check if there enough clearance inboard so there is no interference with the shocker/spring whatever the rear arrangement is. If you were nearer I could lend a set of wheels to try.
  5. Looks like you have twin 40s in which case just leave the hose in to a catch tank. The standard set up is a PcV valve into the block the other end connects to the inlet manifold.
  6. Just be aware that when you pull the shaft out of the diff that oil will come out, so use a drip tray.
  7. Peter Bell


    Do you believe your gauge? Have you overfilled the oil?
  8. Citroen 2CV did some ‘square’ ones
  9. Hi again Alan, I'm surprised at your castor angles presumably you have very little steering self centering, can I suggest you try to increase the nearside to at least equal the offside. 3° to 5° I think is the accepted norm, perhaps this would help the left side pull as well.
  10. That looks like a Dave Andrews mod to use Capri rear shockers instead of the Sierra ones. http://www.dvandrews.co.uk/ You could just get adjustable Capri ones, otherwise if you go for coilovers you’ll probably need to strengthen the brackets and some guess work on the spring rates. Are the existing springs a problem?
  11. I doubt if you will get it any closer than half a degree, as you have to turn the ball joint a whole turn, are they 1.5 pitch? If it pulls to the left on braking check the rh caliper is working properly and not slightly rusted/sticking
  12. It's not always necessary to split the ball joint Al, can you just pull out the dummy strut from the upright, or have you got those very long ones?
  13. Try contacting GBS, Great British Sportscars, current incarnation of Robin Hood they may be able to help.
  14. I don't know the part no but I'll take a picture later in the week, I haven't got a cap for it. What's wrong with yours?
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