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  1. I’ve moved pintos on a skate board just sitting on the sump so you should be fine as long as it’s on a piece of wood. Check you have enough clearance between the bell housing and the tunnel as you lift it.
  2. Heres a couple of pics of mine if it helps, the inside one is the nearside, for us and the outside is the offside! Looks like I never got around to shortening the bolts! But the angle iron is right up against the pinto mounting top hats with a spacer plate underneath. Sorry about the state of them but they must have been on for about 20 years. The tie bars are the original Richard Halfacre ones that are on the Dave Andrews site.
  3. 45s shouldn’t be too much of a problem it depends on what size chokes are fitted.
  4. Don’t get too fixated on R1 carbs though they seem to fetch the most money, there are plenty of other suitable bikes available. I have R1s on a Boggs manifold made years ago all still fine.
  5. I assume the cover is touching the roof, can you make up a simple frame to space it off? I do that on a dinghy made a structure with 15mm plastic water pipe and connectors.
  6. Its a Mk1 S7, mine was trimmed liked this 20 odd years ago and needs redoing but may give you an idea. Its a thin foamed backed vinyl held down by a steel strip fixed to the top of the chassis, the material is then just wrapped over and glued to the top section. It has a length of tadpole trim between the vinyl and body. It may give you some idea.
  7. Mines just like that, there is also an earth connection to the case, has worked most times for the last 23 years in the car. No idea how old it really is.
  8. Agree with Andy if it’s in the bottom of the rad then it won’t switch on until the water coming out of the rad reaches 90, may be a bit late? Perhaps a lower temp one may be better.
  9. They do look like that! thanks If they are of use to anyone let me know.
  10. Al, I have a new pair of bottom ball joints with a thread of around 38mm, are these Superspec ones?
  11. Sorry to be a pedant but the Capri was a live axle and the Sierra trailing arms so can you put a capri diff into a Sierra housing?
  12. Has it got a live rear axle?
  13. I ran mine without one for a few years with no problems.
  14. You may have an insulated spacer between the carb and manifold, try taking it out, will give you another 10mm?
  15. As ohters have said its been shortend too much, here's a bad picture of my RS2000 sump, this hangs below the gearbox. Another way to add capacity would be to fit a big oil cooler, then probably blank most of it off! I wouldn't think the standard pump will make any difference, the flow will be the same its just the pressure valve is set lower than the HP one.
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