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  1. Check to see if you have a rubber doughnut at the gearbox end of the prop, they have a habit of breaking up after 30 yrs!
  2. I don't know if the N W Hoodies site is being kept up to date but I have found it very useful for lots of things including part nos. If anyone is interested here are a couple more Ford numbers:- Type 9 gearbox nylon saddle PF 1522783 Prop bolts, diff flange 6118344
  3. Peter Bell


    What engine do you have to pass the emissions test? Has the car only recently been registered?
  4. Peter Bell

    Rear Engine

    My comment about your handbrake was based on the fact you have a wooden chock on the front wheel. Yes Brumster you were right, I had to spend a day stripping them down and setting them up to be in with a vague chance of getting through the MOT. I was going to fit MGF calipers but things changed.
  5. Peter Bell

    Rear Engine

    Looks like the handbrake is not too good though! I The Robin Hood had a shorter bonnet and the driver was moved forwards a bit. Although the K3 GTM I had handled very well, the handbrake was awful on that.
  6. Peter Bell

    Brake hoses

    Rubber brake hoses are fabric braided to withstand the pressure, it will have about a 4:1 safety factor. As for temperature they are made from the same material as the seals in the calipers and will be good for 150°C, much higher and you will be boiling the fluid anyway.
  7. This is the layout for the event, we are plot 3 in the circle bit, same as last year, if I can attach it! 2019Kimbolton-Layout for Clubs.pdf
  8. I now have the wristbands so can those who asked let me know their addresses? Thanks
  9. Brakes coming on on their own as it were, is a sign that the master cylinder is not returning to its fully open position. This is sometimes due to a too long push rod or the brake pedal return restricted. This prevents the fluid being able to flow back into the master cylinder. It sounds like there is a problem with the carb could be as simple as the float not shutting off the fuel supply. Hunting indicates an air leak in the inlet system, check all the gaskets and any hoses that are connected to the manifold.
  10. When the engine is running what happens when you push the clutch in and try to select a gear.
  11. What a great story and car! I took pictures of one about a year ago in Bedford, I had never heard of them but it did look very nice.
  12. If it revs ok under no load I suspect its a fuel supply problem.
  13. Are you sure it’s a lightweight? All aluminium monocoque. I suspect it could be a fuel supply problem, check any filters in the line. It could be crap in the tank blocking the outlet. Will the engine rev ok when stationary?
  14. I assume you mean cycle wings? If not I’ve got some clamshells.
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