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  1. Sorry to have been quiet on this but I’m still waiting for the wristbands, I’ll have to chase them again.
  2. Not necessarily, you need to turn the engine over til no 1 is on compression then look where the rotor arm is pointing, that is no 1 lead.
  3. Hello Mike I wondered where you were these days, it still looks lovely after all this time I hope you are well? I’m sure it will sell very quickly at that price good luck! ps is Dave Andrews handprint still on the air filter
  4. My usual comment for this problem is there may be rubbish in the fuel tank blocking the pick up pipe.
  5. Yes and 1342 pretty standard.
  6. I’ve always used this type, I found they are a bit more forgiving to fit as the roll bar geometry is wrong compared to a Sierra.
  7. I don’t think this has been mentioned yet, I’ve just got notification from them we can have our usual club area for up to 17 cars. Shall I confirm this and get the wrist bands? It’s a great show if you haven’t been before. Entry is £10 a car but it’s all for a good cause.
  8. I’ll dig it out first and send you a pm. Where abouts are you?
  9. Think I’ve got a dgav 32/36? But will it fit your manifold, I think the mounting ctrs are slightly different. Can you measure yours?
  10. Peter Bell

    bike carbs

    Or just ignore the vac advance. It’s there to improve mpg and very low speed running. I doubt if in practice you would notice any difference. I assume you haven’t got a brake servo?
  11. That’s interesting Ian thanks, it explains why the limit for mine is 4.5 as it has an ‘83 reg.
  12. This shows the 4.5 max requirement but I don't know where it's from. I think there used to be an emission flow chart on here somewhere or on the NW Hoodies site, from Big Jim.
  13. On your V5c what emission limits are stated? Mine has nothing so I think should be just a visible smoke test. Sometimes my mot place take a reading and tell me off as it’s too lean, but on my sheet it says the limit is 4.5 for CO. Not 3.5 I’ve got R1 carbs, mains are 1.7 but not sure on the idles, I should put bigger ones in. its a pinto btw.
  14. You may be overthinking it as far as kit cars are concerned, people do stick ally panels to the chassis with sikaflex etc. These cars are not generally used in wet salty conditions, also think of all the alloy parts bolted to an iron engine block and gearboxes.
  15. I thought the problem with HIDs was they have to be fitted in self levelling headlights to avoid dazzling traffic, perhaps the same applies to LEDs too. I know I’m old but the modern lights can be quite frightening when they are badly adjusted, as quite a few seem to be.
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