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  1. Peter Bell

    Under powered. Any ideas

    Are you sure it’s a lightweight? All aluminium monocoque. I suspect it could be a fuel supply problem, check any filters in the line. It could be crap in the tank blocking the outlet. Will the engine rev ok when stationary?
  2. Peter Bell

    Kimbolton Country Show Sunday 14th July 2019

    Any more takers?
  3. Peter Bell

    Pair of front wings

    I assume you mean cycle wings? If not I’ve got some clamshells.
  4. Peter Bell

    Kimbolton Country Show Sunday 14th July 2019

    I’ll check but as I remember the gates open from 9 for entrants and they like you to be there by 10 ish. and leave at 4. public comes in at 11. But I’ve never noticed them being heavy handed and our usual pitch is near the exit so I’m sure you could leave whenever you wish.
  5. The Kimbolton show is on the July 14th this year, I am arranging the Tickets/wristbands for all who wish to go. Please let me know soon if you need any so I can order the correct numbers. Thanks.
  6. Peter Bell

    a bit dissapointed

    What carb have you got?
  7. Peter Bell

    Horsepower at the Hall

    Yes it was yours parked next to a mk ii escort! Was it a good show?
  8. Peter Bell

    Horsepower at the Hall

    I was sent a picture of a nice blue 2b at Horsepower at the Hall, Newark? Anyone one here?
  9. Peter Bell

    Brake lock-up

    Hi Andy, I have a DTi (dial test indicator) if you wish to borrow it. I would check the caliper/sliders that is not locking first, may be that that is slightly siezed causing the other side to lock.
  10. Peter Bell

    It could be this, It might be that

    Did the gauge and sender come together? They will need to be matched. Oil pressure light will have its own switch/sender.
  11. Peter Bell

    Plug and play GBS loom

    There are at least 2 different column switch arrangements, do you know which one you have, I think the earlier ones part no. start with 83, and has a square hazard button, later 86? With a round button. They have different earthing arrangements but hopefully Longboarder can explain.
  12. Peter Bell

    Information needed ?

    What the duck is saying is the original cortina parts were from a 63 reg car, these were then built into a kit built in 84 which could/would have retained the the original donor reg or equivalent age related plate. E.g. my Robin Hood has an 83 plate which was the original Sierra but the car wasn’t built until 94. So you are lucky that you presumably don’t have to pay road tax or even legally need an mot. Any pictures? To post them on here you will need to reduce them to a small file.
  13. Peter Bell

    Sad News

    It was sad to have gone to Grahams funeral, but it was nice to see his family again, and was good that a few ‘Hoodies’ went. I don’t think he had been on this site for a few years now but had been very active and helpful man, building cars to a very high standard. R.I.P. D.A.D.
  14. Peter Bell

    electric fuel pump

    The old SU pumps are still around but not cheap, about £100. But will probably last 30 years.
  15. Peter Bell

    electric fuel pump

    The standard mechanical pump works fine and used to be cheap. Needs no wiring or cut out switch.