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  1. Peter Bell

    Plug and play GBS loom

    There are at least 2 different column switch arrangements, do you know which one you have, I think the earlier ones part no. start with 83, and has a square hazard button, later 86? With a round button. They have different earthing arrangements but hopefully Longboarder can explain.
  2. Peter Bell

    Information needed ?

    What the duck is saying is the original cortina parts were from a 63 reg car, these were then built into a kit built in 84 which could/would have retained the the original donor reg or equivalent age related plate. E.g. my Robin Hood has an 83 plate which was the original Sierra but the car wasn’t built until 94. So you are lucky that you presumably don’t have to pay road tax or even legally need an mot. Any pictures? To post them on here you will need to reduce them to a small file.
  3. Peter Bell

    Sad News

    It was sad to have gone to Grahams funeral, but it was nice to see his family again, and was good that a few ‘Hoodies’ went. I don’t think he had been on this site for a few years now but had been very active and helpful man, building cars to a very high standard. R.I.P. D.A.D.
  4. Peter Bell

    electric fuel pump

    The old SU pumps are still around but not cheap, about £100. But will probably last 30 years.
  5. Peter Bell

    electric fuel pump

    The standard mechanical pump works fine and used to be cheap. Needs no wiring or cut out switch.
  6. Peter Bell

    Veethree gauges

    They are not needed for an mot but hard to check mileage if you haven’t got one.
  7. Peter Bell

    3d printing

    Why do you want it printed? It would be easy to turn it from solid.
  8. Peter Bell

    kimbolton sporting bears

    I’ve volunteered to take this on from Dave so please be gentle with me. It’s july 14th this year and a great show as anyone who has been will know. I’ll send a reminder later in the year.
  9. Peter Bell

    Sad News

    Sad indeed, bit of a shock, but thanks for the information Phil.
  10. Peter Bell

    Robin Hood Series 3 - project - £900

    We’re all anoraks on here, I think it’s a series 2 but possibly the Friar Tuck variant. What was wrong with the engine do you still have it?
  11. Peter Bell


    I did my apprentiship at Vauxhall so I know it quite well. They do have a nice 'Heritage' museum still at Luton with interesting cars, going back to 1905 I think? there is a Prince Henry in it and a couple of 30/98s, I wonder what will happen to that now they are owned by PSA? As a pub quiz answer, Vauxhall is the oldest British? car producer.
  12. Peter Bell


    My wife had a Christmas card from Germany, with this rather nice stamp. What do you think of the chances of a Vauxhall Cavalier on a UK stamp?
  13. Peter Bell


    No, children and grandchildren! Nothing for the car either.
  14. Peter Bell


    Can I hide a few presents in the garage? said Swmbo.
  15. Peter Bell

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    There are many S7s around with the original rear suspension as yours, and I guess some have got through the IVA like it. I f you look on Dave Andrews site, http://www.dvandrews.co.uk/ there is a drawing of a bracket to take a Capri rear shocker instead of the longer Sierra, this will fit to the tub in the area of the red angle reinforcement you have. Some cars have coil overs fitted in this position, I had doubts about the strength of the mounting on the swing arm as it was only designed to take a shock absorber not to support the weight of the car, but I've not heard of any problems. To find a longer softer spring could be tricky as I'm not sure if anyone knows what the originals were rated at, I guess they varied a bit according to the model.