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  1. Peter Bell


    Is it only me then that can see under members name their location?
  2. Peter Bell

    Prop Shaft

    This it, I assume you want the end from the diff to the joint, the length of that section from flange to spider is 600mm. Is that any good?
  3. Peter Bell

    Prop Shaft

    I've got an old shaft with a failed doughnut somewhere if thats what you want.
  4. Peter Bell

    Its A Smoker!

    20/50 oil may help too.
  5. Peter Bell


    Perhaps cold water coming out of your heater explains why it wasn’t working very well?
  6. Peter Bell

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    No the reverse, the overlap means the valves are open so pressure is not generated.
  7. Peter Bell

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    I would forget about the fog lights and remove them from inside the grill, they willl restrict the airflow too much.
  8. Peter Bell

    Camber Wedges

    Last set I think, you have PM.
  9. They're shoes, at least for the moment?
  10. Peter Bell

    S7 Mark 2 Manual

    Yes I think so, pm me your email address and I’ll send it.
  11. Peter Bell

    Rh Suspension Upgrades? Ditching Sierra Rear Arms?

    Look at this link to identify your car model http://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm. It certainly looks a bit unusual, I know one Tiger cars model use the Sierra rear beam but they don't use inboard shocks.
  12. Peter Bell

    2B Wishbone Suspension

    I have a pair of standard upper wishbones in good condition you can have for postage costs if thats any good?
  13. Peter Bell

    Fuel Gauge Troubles

    Thats the size I used, on the standard non injection sender unit. If you PM me your address I post one to you..
  14. Peter Bell

    How Much Resin To Make Grp Rear Arches?

    Just weighed an old one and its about 5lbs.
  15. Peter Bell

    What’S Your Winter Project?

    A few years ago at a show I saw a 30s style car with the Commer engine in it. That would be an interesting project!