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  1. If you have fitted an expansion tank to the radiator then you will need to keep the proper cap on the rad. If not and you have a spout on the rad neck then blank that off and use a blank cap on the radiator. The caps won't fight each other, the lower pressure one will relieve first making the other redundant.
  2. Hi Ray I have 1 set of camber/toe wedges left if you are interested?
  3. They are normally used on the monocoque cars and bolted on so I assume yours is a sub K type with a sort of mcpherson strut. I guess you will need the brackets welding to the chassis rails.
  4. Re your red bit, looks like it’s been modified, I suggest the upper hose goes to a catch can, possibly the lower was supposed to be a return from the can but as it will be slightly pressurised when running it wouldn’t work. Try blocking off the lower connection. Make sure your catch can has a decent breather on it. This hopefully is a link to Dave Andrews site it has loads of useful info and this may be the oil breathing bit! http://www.s262612653.websitehome.co.uk/DVAndrews/wateroil.htm
  5. The ford valve is quite clever and has a differential piston in it which reduces pressure to the rear brakes.
  6. Assuming it’s the standard cam pulley it will have a pointer at the back which lines up with a mark on the head when the crank is at tdc . It will only line up every second turn of the crank as they are geared 2:1
  7. The Sierra valve is an inertia type which reduces the pressure going to the rear, so it only works on a moving vehicle, it will have no effect when the car is on rollers. Also it is to stop the rears locking before the fronts which doesn’t seem to be your problem. Unless you have it mounted incorrectly so it’s pointed downwards?
  8. Think it’s about 8 degrees btdc. 40 year old dizzys get quite worn, if they are points type they can miss a spark.
  9. Dgav is the auto one. If you look down the top of the carb you should see the choke butterfly moving. It may be the float needle Valve not closing properly causing it to flood.
  10. Hope you have good fillings in your teeth
  11. You say dgv has it got a manual or automatic choke? Looks like it could be stuck on
  12. Peter Bell

    Engine swap

    You will have to do away with brake servo as well.
  13. Disconnect the vacuum line to the distributor, it’ll be pulsing like mad being connected to one runner. The vac advance is only to improve consumption at low speeds. If you richen up the idle screws it may improve the backfiring, it could be air leaks though or just get used to it!
  14. Will a trike need an IVA, isn't there a less stringent bike one? or have I imagined this.
  15. That sounds like a fuel supply problem, check any filters in the fuel supply, it could be rubbish in the tank blocking the supply as well. Sometimes people used silicone to try and seal the tank/filler/sensor, this swells in fuel and causes lots of problems.
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