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  1. I think the early 2Bs had the monocoque rear wings.
  2. How do find the members map these days, I expect it’s easy but I can’t find it!
  3. There’s also a lot of good information on Dave Andrews old site if you have not seen it. http://www.dvandrews.co.uk/
  4. It was some time ago when I last removed mine but I split the engine from the gearbox, it seemed fairy easy that way, remove the rad etc. slide the engine forward (on a skateboard) then lift it out. Gearbox can then be then pulled into the engine bay and removed. Don’t forget the gearbox mountings.
  5. What model Robin Hood have you got?
  6. I’ve got some 15” momo wheels in Bedford if you wanted to try but they are Et38 so as you said they will need 20mm spacers to get them near the right position. I think ET 15 which Richard used is an unusual size.
  7. Peugeot wheels are also 108 pcd but the spigot size is bigger so you need a little reducer insert.
  8. I’ve posted the wristbands this morning to all that requested, hopefully they will be with you shortly. Unfortunately I will be away so can’t be there, I hope you all enjoy it!
  9. If it is registered as an Exmo it could be not really a ‘legal’ car, perhaps someone swapped the registration of an earlier model to save them getting the car tested correctly here after being built. Known here as a ringer.
  10. They like you to be in by 10 am if possible but apparently there is someone there from 7.30!
  11. Guess what, wristbands just arrived! If you can also send me your home addresses I’ll try to post them out asap.
  12. Not only that it looks more like a 2b with sliding pillar suspension not an Exmo.
  13. Sorry about all this I’ve still not got any wristbands but can all interested please send pm me their email so I can forward the info I have now received. We have an allocated space, in a different but quite close area to our usual spot, access instructions are included.
  14. Sorry to have been quiet on this but I’m still waiting for the wristbands, I’ll have to chase them again.
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