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  1. cobie

    gearbox oil

    yeah, its more getting to the filler thats the problem. Hole in the tunnel idea sounds like best bet, ill have another look at the weekend. Thanks
  2. cobie

    gearbox oil

    2b with pinto and type 9...how on earth do you top up the gear oil??
  3. Hi Elliot just had mine rebored by Falconer engineering up in mintlaw Aberdeenshire. Happy for me to supply my own parts and do as much off the work as i felt i could to keep price down Worth a look if u not had it done yet.
  4. cobie


    thanks guys getting full set tomorow
  5. cobie


    ok ta gonna hold me up a bit
  6. cobie


    hi just got my recon block back and building it up. should there be a gasket between oil pump and block? 2.0 pinto tia cobie
  7. yeah thought that myself. mightve rang a bell with someone, can be many v8 ones about
  8. HI was talking to a guy at weekend and got round to cars. Says he built a robin hood good few yrs ago powerd by rover v8. wasnt sure of model but sounded like a subk way he discribed it. reg was Q921PTS. last heard off on south coast. Just interested to find out what happend to it if anyone any info? TIA Cobie
  9. just a thought but first time i drove mine thought the same. turned out tyre pressure at 30psi didnt help. running 18psi now and feels fine.
  10. cobie

    2B Soft Top

    hi just the hood sorry. ill get some pics for ya tommorow
  11. cobie

    2B Soft Top

    used 2b hood in blue. needs a good clean,couple of poppers missing no rips or tears. £50 plus post. cant get pics to load , any interest happy to pm pics
  12. yeah that looks bang on cb. my arms look like they been cut,but looking at the sweep dont think i could reposition them. any idea what arms yours are? ill take a pic of the gear tommorow, wasnt my build so dont know whats on it
  13. hi..this is where my wipers park at full sweep. how do you guys get them level? not sure on motor but its fixed to underside of bonnet.
  14. cobie

    Pinto Efi Idle

    well i fixed it...being new to this car i didnt know the idle control valve was fitted upside down......
  15. cobie

    Pinto Efi Idle

    Very helpfull Derek ta for that. ill get on it tommorow
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