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  1. just a thought but first time i drove mine thought the same. turned out tyre pressure at 30psi didnt help. running 18psi now and feels fine.
  2. cobie

    2B Soft Top

    hi just the hood sorry. ill get some pics for ya tommorow
  3. cobie

    2B Soft Top

    used 2b hood in blue. needs a good clean,couple of poppers missing no rips or tears. £50 plus post. cant get pics to load , any interest happy to pm pics
  4. cobie

    Wiper Parking

    yeah that looks bang on cb. my arms look like they been cut,but looking at the sweep dont think i could reposition them. any idea what arms yours are? ill take a pic of the gear tommorow, wasnt my build so dont know whats on it
  5. cobie

    Wiper Parking

    hi..this is where my wipers park at full sweep. how do you guys get them level? not sure on motor but its fixed to underside of bonnet.
  6. cobie

    Pinto Efi Idle

    well i fixed it...being new to this car i didnt know the idle control valve was fitted upside down......
  7. cobie

    Pinto Efi Idle

    Very helpfull Derek ta for that. ill get on it tommorow
  8. cobie

    Pinto Efi Idle

    got a pinto 2.0 efi in my 2b. idle jumps about from 1500 to 2000rpm. just fitted new idle control valve and no better. anyone know how to check the other sensors etc?