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  1. I won't be going its absolutely throwing it down here
  2. I will be there in my gbs if its not raining still waiting on my new half hood from softbits for sevens
  3. Jtox


    Thanks I’m thinking about engine bay options to save the bit of storage for helmets just asking as I was hoping that some people could share there experience with me on what works best
  4. Jtox


    Good morning hope your all well I'm after recommendation for the best set up for a swirl pot and pump set up any help greatly appreciated thanks in advance for your help John
  5. Update there’s also a meeting point of rothwell sports centre at 18.00
  6. Hi some members of wssc are having a ride out to wheels & wings if anyone is interested in joining us . If anyone wants to convoy there is a meeting point of just by the old golf range by the A1 Harrogate/ York Junction at 6 pm to arrive at the motorist at 6.30pm or we can meet there hope to see you there John
  7. Would anyone be interested in joining us for a ride out this Wednesday its something that's been posted on Westfield sports car club and I've asked are they are more than happy if anyone else wants to join more the merrier I joined them on Sunday for a breakfast run out to oilcan cafe and it was really good been in convoy
  8. Evening I enjoyed a nice day out today with members of another forum that I'm a member of we met up had a bit of breakfast then went for a drive to oilcan cafe Holmfirth 7 or 8 cars and one motorbike in the convoy was a very enjoyable meet some even went on for a extended ride out after visiting the oilcan cafe I will be joining them again is this something that we should be doing as a forum of gbs zero lovers getting out together and driving in groups rather than just sitting and talking about cars
  9. morning I attended locke Park classic car show on Sunday at first I went along in my gbs just to have a look round .. ended up showing my car someone with a Westfield talked me into it and I was surprised how much people liked it and got me thinking do we as a group of robinhood gbs zero lovers ever arrange to attended any car shows classic or others as a club to see if we can get new members interested in joining g the forum or local area meets
  10. Jtox

    Non starter

    Update cars now running I had a bad new battery kicking out less than five volts on start up . On bright side I have a freshly reconditioned starter motor and selanoid all my earth wires and other connections are nice and clean and now been to my local monthly meet up ... only 2 other members there hopefully there will e a few more attending next month
  11. If weather's good ill be there got car fixed fingers crossed just need to get another new battery as last new one was faulty
  12. Jtox

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    Thanks The solenoid was replaced same time as the recon and tested by auto generators ill be cleaning connections today and checking the earth aswell thanks
  13. Jtox

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    Hi I'm new to the forum and my robinhood I'm having trouble with my robinhood 2ltr efi dohc I thought the battery was weak as it hasn't been used much in the last year and it was struggling to start without the booster so replaced it had the starter motor reconditioned and still my engine don't want to starter I'm getting just clicking or nothing at all any ideas Thanks John
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