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  1. My pinto engine had stood for twenty years. Canged the oil and serviced it. cleaned the carb and replaced some jets, but when I first start it, it smells of burning oil. It clears after a short while, and when I restart it, it doesent smell. I have been told it is probably the valve oil seals that need changing. I don't want to risk stripping the engine down at present as I am Praying for a call from the IVA about my long awaited test, I am planning the engine rebuild for the winter. Any thoughts on the best seals? I have been told they have been improved over the years. Also I have been told you can change them without removing the cylinder head, by putting rope through the plug hole and hand turning the piston to TDC. Do you need a special tool to compress the springs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. NEIL
  2. NickandNeil

    Vin Plate

    thanks Maca, will do that.
  3. Do you need to wrap your exhaust Pipe leading to the silencer for the IVA test?
  4. NickandNeil

    Vin Plate

    I need to purchase a vin Plate for my upcoming IVA test. Any recomendations? I was going to aproach GBS, but The IVa manual shows the Robin Hood IVA plate as failing .
  5. I have obtained this cap that was supplied by Robin Hood. It came without the rear section. Does anyone have the rear fitment kicking around in their garage.
  6. Does anyone have an old upper plasic steering colum cowl for the Ford Sierra. The one i want has the square hazzard flasher as opposed to the round one.
  7. NickandNeil

    Vin stamp

    I have obtained my Vin Number from the DVLA. I asked my local garage to stamp it on my Exmo chassis, they said they would have to hammer the stainless steel so hard it would dent the chassis. How else would you write it on the chassis? Etching? Lazer? What is aceptable? And where on the chassis?.
  8. Does anyone have the rear fitting that goes on the back of the Robin Hood flush fitting cap. It apears to be funnel like, the part you attach the rubber fill hose to. ALSO I need a 32mm hose connector with the hole for a radiator fan, with or without the switch, please. Neil.
  9. It looks like I need the fitting you guys have attached at the rear that you fit the hose to. Is this a GBS/ Robin Hood part?
  10. My Exmo seems to be running hot. I see you can get different temprature themostat switches for the electric fan. What temprature is everyone using?
  11. I have obtained from a club member an unused origional Robin Hood flush fitting petrol cap. I can see how you would fit it to the body of the car, what concerns me is how do you attach the hose to the rear inside the vehicle. Robin Hood sorced its cap from a motor cycle manufacturer. I can see how it would work on a perol tank as it sits on top and does not need a hose at the rear. I am probably missing something here, but if any owners with this cap could post pictures of the rear where the hose should fit, it would clear so muddy waters in my brain.
  12. THANK GUYS,think I have got it now.
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