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  1. I am after three items for my Pinto rebuild. A vernier pully. A set of new followers A set of springs. They are to match up with aPiper BP285 cam. Has anyone got any kicking around in their garage.
  2. Afterstudying the road tax rates on gov form V149 for the last two hours I thought I would take advice from club members. It seems to vary between co2 rates and when the car was registered. My car is an Exmo with a Pinto 1993c engine. It was built in 1984, so the emmisions rate is for that year, but I have know idea what they are. What rate of road tax are other members with Exmo's that have Pinto engines paying.? Also if you pay the road tax monthly, can you stop it after several months and stop paying, or do you have to sorn the car and clain a refund?
  3. I have passed the IVA test, and after reading the form for requesting the first number plate it appears to state I need to MOT the vehicle. If so, how do you go about this as to get to the MOT station you need to drive to the station, and, therefore you will be driving without tax and insurance. Any advice would be welcome.
  4. thanks for the help as always.
  5. Thanks but can i get away with using the same cam followers or are they different?
  6. I am about to fit a good used piper BP285 cam to my !984, 1993cc Pinto engine. It is the 95 BHP one. Can i use my cam followers and springs or are they different? Also will i have to change the cam timming and the ignition timing? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Yes please, photos of roof fittings and hinges would be helpfull. Where is it possible to see the video, is it online?
  8. I need to fit door hinges to my EXMO for the first time. Has anyone got a photo of there's, so I can see how close to the edge to fit them?
  9. Does anyone have the plans for fitting wet weather gear to an Exmo?
  10. NickandNeil


    DOES ANYONE HAVE A SET OF DOOR HINGES, kicking around their garage I can buy, needs to fit an Exmo.
  11. Wanted, a used good fast road cam for a Ford PINTO 2 LITRE can anyone help.
  12. Looking good. I am Neil from the Nick and Neil blog. It's good to see our build thread inspired you. When we bought ours two years ago we thought it would take four months to get back on the road. Now it is copmplete it is well worth it. can't wait until spring to enjoy taking it out on to the open roads. If you need any advice along the way both Nick and I will be glad to help, just message us. Can see a couple of issues that will fail the IVA straight away. The silencer has a sharp edge at the front, and also a sharp edge to the tail pipe. You can ge rounded edged short exhaust stubbs to fit your silencer, but you need to soften the front circular edge, possibly the aluminium u -edging. we got arond it by fitting a heat shield to cover the whole silencer. The front indicator will fail, it is too far back, again se our blog to see how we corrected it. You will need side repeaters. All the best with the rebuild. Neil.
  13. Thank you everyone. I see now I had the door the wrong ay round, but as you see by the next picture the angle still is not right. Looking at the latest comments it seems the angle sould be 65 - 70 degrees. Anyone know were I can get windscreen brakets the correct angle for an Exmo?
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