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  1. Oh well, I thought that would be to good to be true.
  2. After two years of renovating an unregistered Exmo I have finally requested an IVA test. My doner car was a Ford Sierra 1984. Will it be elligable for road tax exemption in 2024? If so, Does it make a difference whether it is an age related reg or a Q plate? They asked on the IVA form when the car was compleated, so will it be registered 2020, and does that make a difference to the road tax exemption? Neil
  3. The engine is a Ford Pinto 1993cc from 1984
  4. I have a water temerature guage that i think came off a Ford Cortina. I have purchased two different senders but both read full all the while. Is there any way of working out what the correct sender would be?
  5. I have checked the IVA regs and can see no metion of a requrement to have sun visors or front fog lights. Am I mistaken?
  6. Can the IVA application be done over the webb, or does it have to be done by post?
  7. Well we are nealy there again. Filling out the varius formes for the IVA I have come across a few queries that I hope members can help me with. I have emailed the DVSA but there has, so far been no rsponse. Form IVA1C. 4W. What are the origional design laden weights for the vehicle and the axel weights? The base vehicle was a ford sierra estate 1984. I do not have the origonal doner car so where can I get this information? 4X. does the vehicle have a ECWVTA or NSSTA certificate. ???????? 8,1. evidence of electrical safety. Does this apply to a petrol driven amature built vehicle? And they are asking for proof of compliace of the fuel tank. (suppied by Robin Hood) IVA forn 19a.They want proof of compliance and compatability of the seat belt fixings and also the company that fitted them. All work was done in my workshop. IVA formV627/1 They are asking for serial numbers of Axles (both) Transmission, steering assembly, and front and back suspension. All the components fitted to my Exmo we from the same doner vehicle, so is all this going over the top? Any help would be much appriciated. Neil
  8. Reading the IVA regs you now need to make sure that the fog lights cannot come back on after the ignition has been switched off. You can get a module to do it automatically from car builder solutions but it is only suitable for one light. We have two. Is there a wiring mod you can do or do you have to have two modules at £35 each?
  9. After talking to Nick, he thinks they could be fitted on the rear panel, What do you think?9 Have they got the E mark with the F for fog as the new rules stipulate? Neil
  10. Mine are fitted to the rear panel, so I'll pass on this thank you.
  11. Did that go through the IVA ok with just the trim?
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