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  1. Yes please, photos of roof fittings and hinges would be helpfull. Where is it possible to see the video, is it online?
  2. I need to fit door hinges to my EXMO for the first time. Has anyone got a photo of there's, so I can see how close to the edge to fit them?
  3. Does anyone have the plans for fitting wet weather gear to an Exmo?
  4. NickandNeil


    DOES ANYONE HAVE A SET OF DOOR HINGES, kicking around their garage I can buy, needs to fit an Exmo.
  5. Wanted, a used good fast road cam for a Ford PINTO 2 LITRE can anyone help.
  6. Looking good. I am Neil from the Nick and Neil blog. It's good to see our build thread inspired you. When we bought ours two years ago we thought it would take four months to get back on the road. Now it is copmplete it is well worth it. can't wait until spring to enjoy taking it out on to the open roads. If you need any advice along the way both Nick and I will be glad to help, just message us. Can see a couple of issues that will fail the IVA straight away. The silencer has a sharp edge at the front, and also a sharp edge to the tail pipe. You can ge rounded edged short
  7. Thank you everyone. I see now I had the door the wrong ay round, but as you see by the next picture the angle still is not right. Looking at the latest comments it seems the angle sould be 65 - 70 degrees. Anyone know were I can get windscreen brakets the correct angle for an Exmo?
  8. your missing the point Nick, the angle is the same either side. Did they have different angles of rake on the different models?
  9. No, I do not have a plate of anysort. It just passed the iva, when I go online it looks like you have to do it the old fashioned way, by post, surely not in these days?
  10. Can you apply on line for a number plate. Been on the goverment web site but it looks like you have to download the forms and post them. Am I missing something?
  11. Have just IVA,d our Exmo. we have come to fit the wet weather doors we purched awhile back. You can see from the to two photos we have a problem with the angle where the door attaches to the frame. The wet weather gear was supposed to be off an Exmo, and he had an Exmo rolling chassis in his garage when we bought them. We also bought the new windsceen supports on line for a Robin hood, so we have gone wrong somwhere. Either the doors or the frame is wrong. if we tilt the frame to match the doors, the base of the frame is not parralel to the base of the car. Any advice would be w
  12. It passed. Finally after two years of reconstrution and twenty four years after the first owner bought it. Looking back over the whole process of getting it ready for the IVA, we couldn't have done it without the help and advice of RHO members. If we were to do this again, I would not worry about getting it through first time. There were lots of mods and improvements we did not need to do, and we could have saved a lot of time and money. They rarely get through first time, and the test guy was very helpful with his advice. He also said it is rare for them to not go throu
  13. I have just IVA_d. An Exmo. It had stood abandoned in a barn for twenty three years. There is a build log on this site under the title Nick and Neil from barn to IVA. You may find it interesting regarding the improvements to bring it up to modern day standards. Any problems I am happy to help.
  14. Checked out the postage at Hermes at parcels for go. They said thirty pounds to deliver. If you want to get quotes off different companies please do so. It is seven kg, and is one metre square and twenty centimetres in depth. Just checked the condition, as I said it had been standing for years, there is slight pitting, and the surface is lightly scratched in places, there is also i dink at the edge. I think it will be difficult to polish these out completely. If you are planning to paint or wrap the bonnet there will be no problem. Let me know your thoughts.
  15. Looking for a good used fast road cam for a pinto circa 1984 two litre. Not sure which one to go for, The engine is unmodified at present but in future, hopefully put two 40s on it. ALSO, does anyone have a manual choke kit kicking around.
  16. Thanks guys, this is most helpful.
  17. For those who were interested I carried on the conversation with Spare part over messenger but this is the gist of it. do they work? Honestly not sure on that count, we don’t have any wet weather gear at the moment so have never been in the situation of having them steam up. Though we do get a good blast of hot air out of ours. I will be working on the car this weekend so I’ll make a note and get you a picture of our set up but I think they are around 2-3 inches away from the base of the window. You will see on our picture we have 4 demist vents but actually only two are connected (the o
  18. So my Exmo has finaly passed the IVA. I am alittle unsure of the next step. I need a number plate (obviously) but want an age related plate. The whole build was from one donor car, so, in theory I am eligible. What forms do I need to fill in? And is there a cost?
  19. Fail 6. All bolts under the car must have nylock nuts or split washers. We bought this car assembled and the guy that built it did not put any on. This seemed like a simple fix, but he had used steel bolts and after standing for twenty years were rusted solid. To stop them shaking loose we had to use a three foot bar on the socket to remove them, and in some cases had to grind them off. It seemed uterly pointless, but the regualtions must be followed. The retest is now in November 2020, so missed another summer. WE will let you know how we get on.
  20. Fail 5. Front indicators. Although we had fitted side indicators on the cycle wings they still insist that the front ones on the car can be seed from the side angle. WTF? When we bought the car they were already fitted to the butress, and othe Exmos I had seen were the same, so we missed this. He said he wanted them moved to the nose of the car. Club member Graham curtiss suppied us a pair freeof charge. See pic.
  21. Fail 4. The upper red coolant hose needed to be supported. See new bracket.
  22. Fail 3. Again seatbelt mounts. This time the centre floor brackets needed to be larger. We had made them two by four inches and he wanted at least six by four. Pic shows the new larger bracket fitted.
  23. Fail 2. Seat belt mounts. We had fitted a stengthening bar across the width of the car, under the top lip of the upper section of the boot. The four point seat belts were fixed to this. He wanted the bar to be attacched to the upper suspension brackets as well. We fabricated the brackets, here you can see one we made, and again fitted to car.
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