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  1. Does anyone have a set of headlights kicking around in their garage, or just the shells? Neil
  2. Both Nick and I would love to pop up and see you, and have a good look at the car. WE are still getting our exmo ready for the IVA so would love to see how you have solved some of the problems we are going through. We have taken the option of ordering a master cylinder for the origional Sierra servo. ( Brumster found one for me) as I wanted to keep the power assited brakes, but thanks for the advice.
  3. I cannot source a new master cylinder or seal kit for my 1984 sierra based Exmo. The VIN and car reg numbers were removed from the database when the car was scrapped. My options now are a second hand unit, a 22.2mm seal kit or replace the whole servo master cylinder in one. As anyone got either of the above, or can anyone recoment a replacement brake sero unit?
  4. Ok, thank you. I am now finding I cant source the seals as the DVLA removed the vin and registration number from the database that everyone uses. I know its 22.2mm bore but thats all. Looks like I am going to have to replace the servo and master cylinder.
  5. Thank you for that. I tried to remove the resevoir by levering it out, it seemed to move 2cm but no more. Is it just a matter of brute force or is it clipped in in some way?
  6. I have a 1984 Ford sierra with the 2 ltr engine in my Exmo, It appears to be the 90 horse power unit. The brake master cylinders appear to be obsolete. You can get them for left hand drive cars but not right ones. I have tried replacing the seals and can easily get the first cylinder out but not the inner one. The cylinder size is 20mm or 20.0 mm. Has anyone any ideas how to do it. If not what is the best brake / servo unit to fit these days. Neil
  7. I bought an unregistered Exmo last year. I am trying to get it ready for the IVA. The handbrake is fitted on topp of the centre console tunnel and the cables are sealed off from above and below. The handbrake is too high and needs adjusting. The rear brakes are self adjusting drum brakes. My question is, Is there any adjustment on the handbrake end of the cable, or is the slack taken up by just the automatic cam in the brake drum. I think i will have to cut an inspection hole in the centre console tunel to check, but I did not want to unless there are definitely adjusters on the end of the cables.
  8. Thanks for that Peter, I will refit the carb without it on and see if the 45mm filter fouls the bonnet this time.
  9. I have attached a pic of the spacer. Is it there for a reason? I mean insulating or keeping the carb cooler
  10. There is a picture of the manifold attached, and also the plate that seperates it from the manifold.
  11. I have asked for advice on this before but the respose was very limited. I purchased a Exmo with a pinto engine. There was no air filter fitted, just a flat plate covering the air intake which was about 40 mm above the carb intake. I purched a low profile filter 45mm which I was told was the lowest profile you could fit on a Pinti withour restricting the airflow. However when the bonnet is fitted even that fouls against it. Did the first owner of the vehicle use the flat plate covering the air intake because you cannot fit a filter without modifing the bonnet? Surely someone has come across this problem before, any advice would be most appreciated.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys, but it looks like the IVA will have to wait untill late Autum now. Good news is I have finaly got the Vin number from the DVLA. I have been told to Stamp it on the chassis and also a 'plate.' I remember reading on one of the forums that the Robin hood plates that were supplied with the kits was no longer acceptable. We do not have a plate, so how do you know what is Acceptable? and where do you put it?
  13. will check the measurements and get back to you.
  14. Thank you for the advice, the Video was very informative.
  15. Thank you for the advice, the front brakes are discs, but not massivly large ones. Both had new discs and calipers one month ago. The rear are brake shoes - which I had to get relined as no one stocked the old 1984 sierra ones. We thought about putting discs on the back but after reading on one of the forums that alot of sevens fail the IVA because of overbraking, decieded to stick wuth the drrums for the present. |The car seemed to brake sharper at first but we seem to have to press alot harder now to get the same braking. We were braking hard on the road, sorry if that was confusing. The pedal seems hard and does not sink when pressed withput the engine running.
  16. Trying to get my Exmo ready for the IVA. With my foot on the brake pedal, when I start the engine the pedle only gives a little. If I apply the brakes hard I can't lock the wheels. Have been told it probably needs a new servo as the car has been standing for twenty years. Are they reapairable? It is off a 1984 Sierra. Should I just dump it and start again? If so any recomendations off the type i should get, the existing one is very close to the Exhaust manifold. It has a slave cylinder bolted to it by two bolts?
  17. Looks intereting, could you post the diameter of the pipe and the length of the silencer? Is it chrome or stainless steel? How much do you want for it? What year was your IVA? Neil
  18. Is there any chance you can post a picture please?
  19. Does anyone have a silencer rolling around the garage that is going spare. Trying to get my Exmo ready for the IVA and have been told my origional Robin Hood one will not pass the IVA?
  20. Will post a wanted add now. Just realised the picture of my exhause did not download, so her it is
  21. another query. My exhaust points out to the side with a sharp edge , (see Picture) Is that acceptable for the IVA? My brother had the origonal Lutus seven, he said his silencer was on the side of the car, but it then was diverted back under the car and out the back of the vehicle. I have check dozens of images for Sevens but no one seems to take that option, is it to do with ground clearance under the car or is it down to fashion? Another point, I applied for a VIN number from the DVLA and nothing has arrived yet. Can I submit the IVA application now and say awaiting Vin number?
  22. Thats an interesting option, the dog has plenrty of spare bowls, thanks
  23. I think I will have a look at some heat shields, I keep burning my leg when I get out the car, so it might kill two birds with one stone, Thanks for that.
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