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  1. Burney

    Heated Seats

    Thank you thought that might be an option as doesnt seem to be many heated bucket seats on the market.
  2. Burney

    Heated Seats

    Hi after some good heated seats for my Exmo
  3. Thanks for the run out today was great to meet you all
  4. Hi folks interested in your posts mine has twin carbs but no filter fitted at all?
  5. I think so Alan or a small alignment issue. Are you still going out tomorrow? Holiday in at 10am?
  6. Thank you Ian I think I have read about inspection hatch in the passenger footwell for this - bet I aint got one!
  7. You assume correctly yes I had to draw the box forward to access clutch so I removed gear stick. It all worked fine before I took it to bits and I think it unusual to wear out 5th gear. Normally you would expect 2nd or 3rd to go first so hopefully something daft with selector
  8. Burney

    No lights

    Ok some good progress tracing the loom today. Found supplys to each rear light and one for rear running lights had no supply. I took one from the front headlights circuit and all good. Reversing lights and foglights to sort next. And wiper motor and horn what a mess. At least I can play out again now
  9. Thanks for your thoughts I havent had the car long so wanted to check oil level do you know where the filler cap is? I seem to remember the gearbox mount had slotted holes fore alignment so prehaps its something to do with that will have a look
  10. After removing my cars 2ltr pinto engine to replace the clutch, following reinstallation I have been unable to select 5th gear. It sort of goes in loosly but just pops out of gear seconds later. You can hold it in 5th gear and it drives but as soon as you let go it pops out again. Is this a problem with the gear selector? Or have I done something wrong installing the new clutch?
  11. Thank you they look great
  12. Burney

    No lights

    Cheers Alan, if I can get this sorted I might meet you on Sunday!
  13. Hi all My original glass bowl lamps are very attractive but very dull is there a replacement LED lamp unit I can fit? The sidelight is non existant in the origibal lamp but the bulb and wiring is taped out the way so would be good to get a combo unit Kris
  14. Burney

    No lights

    Ok got indicators back on, loose plug behind the stalks The loom for the lights is split into 3, left and right at the front and one to the rear. I have brake lights but no rear running lights. There are yellow feeds to the headlights and whites for main beam. I cant find a voltage supply in the rear loom when lights are switched on which will be my problem. If I cant source where supply should come from would there be any issue taking a feed from the front light looms?
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