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  1. Nathan.p22@me.com Thanks again have you got a full system
  2. Can you send some pictures over please pal thanks.
  3. Could you send us some pictures please
  4. Hi guys looking for a stainless manifold and exhaust for my 2b robin hood can anyone help thanks.
  5. Hi is anyone selling a exhaust and manifold stainless for my 2b Robin Hood thanks for the help.
  6. Nathan parker


    Hi Darrell please can you keep me updated on any event in the north west please thanks.
  7. Thanks for helping. I have a 2 litre pinto engine and not sure on the gear box maybe a type 9. I have a sierra clock in there but with no cable. I would like to put a universal speedo in if I can thanks for your help.
  8. Nathan parker


    Hi guys can anyone help me with what I need to get a speedo working on my kit car. I have no idea what to do and what I need any help would be great.
  9. Will this cost a lot to get it through a Iva test thanks.
  10. Hi guys I am new to the kit car world I need help I have bought a Robin Hood and the cars log book has sierra on there but it is insured as a Robin Hood. The car has been through a MOT before I bought it and the guy said he has driven it a lot but I am still unsure can anyone help me thanks.
  11. Hi guys I am doing a 2b Robin Hood kit car at the moment and I am looking for some nice headlights has anyone got anything thanks.
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