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  1. Any recent updates Richard?
  2. FYI - I just bought, but have not yet fitted, this alternative Poly bush set from Duraflex - https://www.duraflexpubushes.com/ford-sierra-escort-cosworth-rear-arm-polyurethane-bush-set-69-p.asp Chris
  3. Lewis, I have an old stock new radiator that came with our 2B kit. By the looks of the right angle connection on yours it is probably the same (cortina?). I’ll try to get you a picture later in the week in case you are interested in it as a replacement. Chris
  4. I’m near Newbury, building up an old 2B kit with Mazda MX5 powertrain. Chris
  5. This seems the most likely explanation, maybe a kinked or collapsed hose somewhere between the FPR and tank? As a diagnostic you could try to wire your fuel pump up directly to a (switched!) 12v source so it can run without the engine running, then listen in the engine bay for the sound of fuel flowing around the system via the return line.
  6. The main question is whether you are going to modify the ‘chassis’ of the vehicle or not. As I understand it, Changing bolt on or bonded panels, such as a 911 style conversion kit on a Boxster should not require the car to go through an IVA test. It will still be considered a ‘kit’ car but it is not the same as a build from scratch kit where a new chassis is married with running gear and other components from one or more existing donor cars.
  7. Here’s a link to the archived copy of Colin Usher’s website https://www.webarchive.org.uk/wayback/en/archive/20141103114552/http://www.colinusher.info/Robin Hood/index.html
  8. I’ve got a complete mk2 Sierra 2.0 EFI servo and vacuum pipe available, it came with our part built 2B kit and has been in storage for her best part of 20 years. Send me a message for more details. Chris
  9. There is also this set that has been advertised near me on Facebook for a while https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/449336172772010/
  10. We are also in the early days of fitting an MX5 1.8vvt to a previously part build 2B. Engine and box fits nicely and now we are onto working out the pedals and steering column type and position. Chris
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