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  1. max

    stoneleigh kit car show

    thanks for your reply's have booked a airbnb near for the week end, wife told me what i could do if i made her sleep in a tent in a field
  2. hi thinking of going to the show never been before so my question's are is it worth going for the 2 days , thinking of b&b someware near not bothering with the night entertainment, or can you see everything in one day without rushing, anything i have missed ?
  3. max

    ? ? ?

    ok thanks
  4. max

    ? ? ?

    hi is Newark kit car show on this weekend ?
  5. don't know mine has a small gap between the edge of screen and frame
  6. i used pop rivets on mine as had the same problem as you with s/tapping screws'
  7. max

    E10 fuel

    hi have just comeback from 4days holiday to South Yorkshire and noticed that i have have pinking on acceleration eg up hills the timing was checked late last year do think it is the std petrol would running super be better or add a octane booster in with the fuel be better ?
  8. Where are you please
  9. max

    master cylinder

    sorted now new one on way
  10. max

    master cylinder

    iam trying to but new
  11. max

    master cylinder

    think i have got the part numbers now anyone got one for sale let me know please
  12. max

    master cylinder

    hi can anyone point me in right direction as too what master cylinder was used on 1997 mk2 is it cortina or Sierra as mine has just started leaking in to servo, thanks in advance
  13. max

    how do you tell

    hi how do you tell if you have a low or high compression head on a 2l pinto please
  14. max

    parking ticket

    thanks for your reply's
  15. hi what do you guys do about keeping your ticket safe from the parking machine in car parks eg someone walking off with it ? and getting done for not displaying a ticket
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