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  1. you could use a additive in your petrol as i do
  2. hi i just put a rivet in mine
  3. i think i might have some in my shed will look at weekend if so you can have them if can get to kinks lynn
  4. max


    shhh don't tell the wife just see the look on her face now ---- you and your toys
  5. max


    i had a good Christmas the postman has done a very good job bought my new bike carbs and the inlet manifold kit that i have to weld up and fit, just off to get carbs ultrasonic cleaned and new 1.7 main jets fitted, cant wait to get started tinkering again
  6. max


    is it worthwhile fitting iridium spark plugs to a std 2l pinto or just std plugs ?
  7. could you not use your roll bar as some single seater's do
  8. project for the new garage richy ?
  9. you are right ,the exhaust front pipe is mk1 fiesta fitted many when i was younger
  10. max


    when fitting a breather tank to a pinto engine can you just run the pipe from existing inlet manifold to new tank or do have to vent filler cap as well ?
  11. and the same to you,lets hope next year is a better one
  12. max

    bike carbs

    when fitting bike carbs have you just vented the engine to air or set up a breather system ?
  13. max

    bike carbs

    when fitting bike carbs can you connect to one of the inlet tubes so as to keep std breather set up ?
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