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  1. max

    fan size

    hi could you give the size please as very tight fit in mine
  2. max

    fan size

    i have now stop it overheating at last changed the 12" fan for a 14" one and fitted a home-made bleed vent in the heater link hose between water pump and inlet manifold at the back of engine at the highest level done a app 80 miles over weekend and no loss of water, i think i will try to find a alloy twin core rad to fit to replace the old single core one so as it has more water in system to help with cooling
  3. max

    super or not ?

    thanks guys will do
  4. max

    super or not ?

    running with a lead substitute addictive in my petrol as i dont know if the valve seats have been done is it worth running super unleaded or just std unleaded, 2l pinto 1985 twin choke carb
  5. max

    type 9 sierra

    will remove gearbox in the winter and check thanks guy's
  6. max

    oil cooler

    hi i have a std rad cap with a overflow Bottle down the at the side of rad plastic cap none sealing the problem seems to be running at a high temperature under the bonnet and even in the leg tunnel like having a heater blowing on your legs when hot when you turn it off its sits there gurgling blowing water in the expansion bottle i know they say about air locks but yesterday i emptied system and refilled with car front wheels up a bank app 4ft high ran it up like that for 15mins with cap off will give it a run today if i time
  7. max

    type 9 sierra

    Thanks will check
  8. max

    type 9 sierra

    hi anyone know a gearbox specialist sometimes notice mine jumps out of 3rd and 5th gear would like to get it repaired in the winter
  9. max

    oil cooler

    rad sitting upright, i bought the car in bits with engine and gearbox out
  10. max

    oil cooler

    I removed the thermostat when I put the engine back in . It's just like lam not getting a good amount of air flow
  11. max

    oil cooler

    same as mine but i have removed the thermostat, i still must have a air lock somewhere
  12. max

    oil cooler

    do any of you guys run with a a oil cooler on 2L pinto engines to help keep temp down ?
  13. could not take live feed from dip headlights
  14. i would set it at zero most of the old cars was set at this
  15. max

    short sump

    ok thanks
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