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  1. max


    hi if anyone would like one these you can have one for free but must collect from kings lynn
  2. max


    two std kit car rads removed from my car too replace with alloy rad both the same no leaks £15.00 each collection from kings lynn
  3. we went today a little disappointed not many trade stalls
  4. max


    hi I am limited with space with it being a mk 2 i have put side panels in the nose to channel the air through the rad and run with no thermostat the gauges are all new last year yes mine does get hot in the tunnel and i have no heater i have also fitted two air vents in the bonnet as well as a scoop ,think my next step is two vents in the side ,
  5. max


    hi has anyone swapped the std rad out for a twin core ally rad, it so was there a lot of difference with running cooler still having a problem with mine running hot over 50mph have electric fans fitted
  6. max

    sierra distributor

    dont use this company took my old one in when on holiday near them and asked for a direct replacement and when got home they have sold me one that needs the coil plus a rewire not happy , use motortronic from ebay they have the right one and know what they are taking about
  7. max

    sierra distributor

    yes got a new one but thank you anyway, wanted to get sorted asap as on holiday this week and wanted to use the car
  8. max

    sierra distributor

    Just gone and got one of those as we are on holiday near there thank you just need to fit when I get home
  9. max

    sierra distributor

    Fault in the workings
  10. max

    sierra distributor

    Sorry about the late reply on holiday no signal could you please send me a part number for the distributor
  11. max

    sierra distributor

    anyone have a spare 2L pinto electronic distributor they would like to sell ?
  12. max

    tune up

    thanks will do, i have found a garage just a couple of miles away from me yesterday he and his son are into racing the old pintos' booked it in Tuesday night for him to look at the carb and set it up fingers crossed he will sort it , as we are on holiday friday for a few days around Stratford-upon-Avon , I am going to remove the carbs at the end of the year and fit motorbike carbs so will look to get it set up on rolling road then
  13. max

    tune up

    thanks will wait for your reply
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