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  1. probably better going to car paint factors and renting a complete set up to do the job properly a lot better finish
  2. max


    thanks for all the reply's have bought a trailer now
  3. yes would like too, looking forward to next summer
  4. nice to see a new member from kings lynn i was getting lonely out here on my own
  5. max


    hi ian thanks for you reply , trying to find out on the internet but not 100% sure think if still ok would have to be braked
  6. max


    hi can anyone tell if it is legal to tow a car with a towing dolly am i right in thinking that any thing over 750 kg has to be braked as like a standard trailer, eg just brakes on dolly not car ?
  7. max

    2B For Sale

    it's a credit to you lovely looking car, love the hard top
  8. hi what type of gearbox was quick shift from please
  9. please add me to your list please

  10. sorry me too, my motorbike and my ankle had a argument the bike coming 1st
  11. max

    Non starter

    connect a jump lead from neg on battery direct to bolt on the starter motor and try if ok then you know you have a bad earth
  12. max

    newark show

    thanks for the reply's
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