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  1. hi what type of gearbox was quick shift from please
  2. please add me to your list please

  3. sorry me too, my motorbike and my ankle had a argument the bike coming 1st
  4. max

    Non starter

    connect a jump lead from neg on battery direct to bolt on the starter motor and try if ok then you know you have a bad earth
  5. max

    newark show

    thanks for the reply's
  6. max

    newark show

    hi guys what was the show like ? as never been was hoping to get Saturday but a little misunderstanding between my ankle and my motorbike last Tuesday stopped me walking about for a few days did i miss a good show or not ?
  7. max

    nose grill

    thanks for your reply's have some thought's as how to design one now
  8. hi all going well should make it Saturday, if we park with the club do we have to stay all day on the stand or can we leave when we like ?
  9. hopefully we are coming now just got sorted, only 1 day as we live on a hour away
  10. would like to change my nose cone grill some photos of non std ones you guys have fitted to give me some ideas please
  11. max

    bike carbs

    yes have a brake servo i have piped that in
  12. max

    bike carbs

    thanks for your help
  13. max

    bike carbs

    hi all just in middle of making inlet manifold for bike carbs for my 2l pinto do i need a pipe in inlet manifold for vacuum pipe from distributer
  14. max

    bike carbs

    thanks kevin , trip to Halfords tomorrow then for a bike cable
  15. max

    bike carbs

    I am in the middle of fitting bike carbs just finishing inlet manifold can anyone tell what throttle cable for sierra pedal box with a nibble on carb end i need
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