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  2. max

    engine temp

    have fitted home made bleed t piece in heater bye pass pipe that made it a lot better to remove air from system ,no header tank
  3. max

    engine temp

    hi thanks for your replys, my rad is like the gbs one with a 14" ele fan pulling air though the rad, no thermostat no heater but pipe from pump to inlet manifold ,not loosing /useing any water but running at a bougt 100 or 120 if giving it some eg 70/80 mph, new smiths gauge and sender ???? ps is now in colder weather not had chance to try in summer yet
  4. hi i made my own it wasn't to bad to do with carb on the bench and just bought a universal choke cable
  5. max

    engine temp

    hi are you running std robin hood rad?
  6. max

    engine temp

    hi can anyone with a std 2L pinto tell what there engine temp gauge reads when say at 70mph cruising ?
  7. have you been before ? is it any good ? if so i might go and have a look
  8. have you thought about having it wrapped ?
  9. just been and got a copy of complete kit car magazine wasn't impressed , is there any better mags ps car related as the wife might read this
  10. i was told to bleed from the furthest from the m/c first then work to the m/c
  11. max


    has anyone got one of the folding type cover/garage with the fixed bars as i have to keep mine outside and would like something better than just a cover that i have at the moment or if you seen any point me in the right direction please
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