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  1. CAskew

    Pinto Dipstick Measurements

    Problem solved. Drained oil and measured at 4.5 Litres. Sump off, crankshaft turned to lowest level and with spirit level dipstick was at LOWEST level. Removed 2.5mm from top of the tube. Refitted sump, added 3.5L oil as not removed filter and oil level now correct at max mark on dipstick.
  2. I already have Mikuni carbs from a Kawasaki Nija on a Bogg Bros manifold fitted to my 2.0L Pinto engined RH 2B Plus. On a rolling road test found the 180 main jest were too lean, therefore I would be interested to know what size your setup is running. Ignition is also a Megajolt system.
  3. CAskew

    Pinto Dipstick Measurements

    Have now read your post and it really answers my question so thank you. Will now be able to measure the block to max level and adjust the tube accordingly. The measurement of the 'rod' type dipstich from the bump to min level is 396mm and the max level is 370mm. Have bougth a Burton Power flexible/spiral type distick and the measurements from the bump to min level are 405mm and the max level is 378mm. Will use best fit dipstick once got the sump off.
  4. CAskew

    Rocaro Seats

    This post has now ended as the seats have now been collected
  5. CAskew

    Rocaro Seats

    Sorry tried to load picture but keeps saying problem. Please email me and I will send photos.
  6. CAskew

    Rocaro Seats

    Free to a good home, collection only (Cheshire). Have a pair of Vauxhall Unused Rocaro seats left over from my 2B Plus build.
  7. Thanks for the additional information.

    Pick up pipe to oil pump gasket was fitted OK as did have previous problem with no oil pressure. Once fitted correctly got loads of pressure. As said frothing did occur when added extra oil so yes crank was spinning through it hence drained some off but level now below the didpstick mark.

    The tube is well pushed in and sealed as was loose, therefore, cannot measure length protruding from the end but will measure length of dipstick from 'bump' stop to min mark to see if it matches 44.8.

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    2. Snapperpaul


      Measure dipstick from bump to minimum mark and bump to max mark.

      measure tube from top to where it goes into the block

      get back to me

      if you look at my photos of dipsticks and tubes you can see that there is a big distance between block and max mark.


      tell me more about the frothy oil, the only way you tell that the oil is frothing is to look at the oil coming out of the cam oil feed bar.

      The oil would only be in the bowl of the sump, it would not sit in the forward area

    3. Snapperpaul



      this gives measurements you require and photos of how

    4. CAskew


      Just seen the pictures posted by Pajsh which really answers the question very nicely thank you

      Tube top to block is as above at 394mm. Bump to max is 370mm and bump to min is 396mm on 'rod' type dipstick. Have bought Burton Power flexible/spiral dipstick with measurements at 378mm and 405mm repectively.

  8. CAskew

    Fuel tank.

    Hi. Just finished building my 2B Plus and I do have an unused original fuel tank which came with the kit I bought some 10+years ago. If interested let me know Chris.
  9. CAskew

    Original Seats

    I have a new pair of the Original Recaro seats one still in its box if still required.