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Pinto Dipstick Measurements


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Periodically there are questions regarding oil levels and shortened sumps.

There is no difference in the levels as the low/high mark on the dipstick is relevant to the block/ sump face not the sump capacity.

What can throw the measurements off is the dipstick and tube combinations, there are several sizes, on the Pintos, 2 more common than others.

It's the dipstick tube combination that should not be swapped around.

I am swapping engines and have 2 dipstick/tube variants and have taken measurements and photos for our communal knowledge.


Pinto dipstick

Critical measurement is from bottom of dipstick tube to minimum mark

Short tube 24.8cm

Min mark to tube 14.7

Max mark to tube 12.5


Long tube 31.3

Min mark to tube 14.5

Max mark to tube 12.2











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Have now read your post and it really answers my question so thank you. Will now be able to measure the block to max level and adjust the tube accordingly.

The measurement of the 'rod' type dipstich from the bump to min level is 396mm and the max level is 370mm. Have bougth a Burton Power flexible/spiral type distick and the measurements from the bump to min level are 405mm and the max level is 378mm.  Will use best fit dipstick once got the sump off.

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Problem solved. Drained oil and measured at 4.5 Litres. Sump off, crankshaft turned to lowest level and with spirit level dipstick was at LOWEST level. Removed 2.5mm from top of the tube. Refitted sump, added 3.5L oil as not removed filter and oil level now correct at max mark on dipstick.

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B is minimum level, oil should not ever be below this or oil starvation may happen, in reality you can go  a little below but if you drive enthusiastically oil slipping about may uncover the oil pickup result damaged big end or main bearings

D is maximum fill level and is there to prevent to higher level of oil where the crankshaft weights may it the oil and froth it to a useless foam, again you can over fill a bit but if you drive enthusiastically oil may slip into the path of the crank weights

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