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Pinto Dipstick Measurements


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Like some builds, engine is a mixture from different ones. 205 Block was I bel;ieve from a transit with DOHC, but I only wanted a SOHC which came from another unknown vehicle. Unfortunately there was no dipstick with the block. Had the metal sump lowered with a side extension to maintain volume. Found a dipstick  (Scrap Yard) but when we put 4.5L in after complete engine rebuild that's when we had foaming problems. Bought a new Burton Power dipstick and tube but did not change the original as it was far too short allowing dipstick to hit bottom of the sump without fully seatingin the tube.

Hence sump off, crankshaft turned to lowest level and with spirit level  across to the dipstick it was at LOWEST level, hence adding more to max fill caused foaming as overfilled. Removed 2.5mm from top of the tube and did a a complete oil and filter change addind 4.5L new oil with the dipstick now at the max level and good oil pressure at 4.5bar (65psi) and no foaming.

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