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    iva help

    Not sure if these are still current, or if he is even offering the service still but these were his contact details Paul Jepson PO Box 4096 Pangbourne Berks RG8 7ZP email paul.jepson@kitcarreg.com Tel 01189 842303 mob 07748702987
  2. theduck

    Vacuum advance

    If plugs are wet then you definitely need to try new ones or heating the current ones with a torch/oven. I know they might look like they are sparking ok but I would almost guarantee that is your problem.
  3. Won’t be posting a video this weekend as didn’t make it on the dyno today. Will be going over again in the week though so will post an update soon.
  4. As I am sure a lot of you already know, I run a small channel on youtube producing car related videos on things like drives out, tutorials etc. I am going to be making a new series of videos covering my winter mods which I thought some of you may be interested in. The first mini video of the series is below, though I promise in advance they will get more interesting I will be attempting to post new videos once a week to keep it updated on everything that is going on.
  5. theduck

    Vacuum advance

    Have you tried starting itbwith easy start or similar? If so and it still won’t start, try new spark plugs or if you have one of those little hand held gas torches, give the current ones a going over with that.
  6. theduck

    Can I fit an bmw engine??

    Was a lovely looking thing that gkd. MK engineering (not MK sportscars) did a bmw seven as well.
  7. theduck

    Can I fit an bmw engine??

    Despite being a big 7, the s7 has surprisingly little room for anything. There are 3 issues I foresee with a bmw setup: - the engines are slanted over, making them very wide for an inline engine and landing the head where your master cylinder will want to live. - the 6 cylinders are long, if you have inboard shocks, possibly too long. - you’d want, and be right, to use the donor bmw gearbox, but the opening into the transmission tunnel on the s7 is narrow, and you will likely struggle to get it in. A ford type 9 only just fits other than this issues, a bmw setup would be a super option, but I think your original idea of an mx5 setup is probably going to be much much easier
  8. theduck

    Replacement Scuttle panel

    Link to deans profile https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/profile/12997-dean-roberts/ you can also tag people so they get a notification to look at the thread @Dean Roberts
  9. theduck

    Sad News

    Very sad news
  10. So, errr.... it's been a while. EDIT: Sorry anyone who watched the 4minute something video, only half of it uploaded first time. Thanks @DeanRudkin for giving me the heads up
  11. theduck

    Should I we and dry etch primer?

    Good luck. I'm by no means a professional but this is what has worked for me over the years. Although dont look at my car for an example of how it can look thats a case of knowing what i should do and ignoring it because i'm in a rush lol
  12. theduck

    Should I we and dry etch primer?

    You didnt need so many coats of etch primer, in my experience a single thin coat is enough to give your normal primer something to grip to. My process for painting bare steel is: Thin coat of etch primer 3-4 coats of primer Guide coat, and sand smooth 3-4 coats of colour 2-3 coats of clear If you want a real perfect glass like finish, you an so an extra couple coats of clear and then wet sand it with a very fine grit paper, talking 1000-2000-3000, and then various stages of polishing compounds. The biggest issue with metal kit car bonnets though is how flexible they are. It is entirely possible you will end up with cracks in the paint from the flex. In my opinion you have 3 options here: - Use something like plastidip which is designed to be flexible - Use as few thin costs of each stage of paint as possible - Worry about it if/when it cracks
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    Mine are still on my desk
  14. theduck

    GBS Zero Ford Kit - For Sale

    I've merged this with the other thread that had a price
  15. Need to sort your priorities mate
  16. theduck

    Pinto Dipstick Measurements

    It looks that way, though I can see no announcements from photobucket.
  17. ATTENDING Richard and Jackie Stuart and Sarah
  18. theduck

    It's back home

    We've been in our new place for 3 months and still not got the S7 back here
  19. theduck

    2019 Membership renewals

    Just a reminder that membership renewals are now due and can be purchased by returning the form and payment in the magazine or by purchasing online at this link https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/subscriptions/ If you have purchased your membership since we upgraded the forum then you already have a rolling 12 monthly membership and so don't need to do anything. I will be downgrading members who have not renewed on Friday. PLEASE BE SURE TO FILL IN YOUR ADDRESS ON YOUR FORUM PROFILE. WITHOUT IT WE CANT SEND YOU YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD OR MAGAZINES
  20. theduck

    Zetec carb conversion

    Get the megasquirt setup properly and it will be far better than carbs.
  21. theduck

    GBS Zero Ford Kit - For Sale

    You need to add a price.
  22. theduck

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Mine passed IVA with this setup, although you seem to be missing the reinforcing plate on the inside of the boot.
  23. theduck

    S7 Sprint

    Would that not go off the first registered date on the v5? Although didn’t think kits qualified for the road tax exemptions?
  24. theduck

    New club clothing

    Hi Mark, it is obviously still early days for the new clothing range, as it has only been available since the launch of the new forum. I know there have been a number of purchases already, but outside of the other committee members I can't say who they are. @Matt brown and @DeanRudkin have both bought quite a bit from the range though and I know they are happy with what they received. Will let them say more though.
  25. theduck

    S7 Sprint

    Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is if you have the original paperwork, or like with mine, you find the date written on a part somewhere (Mine was on the fuel tank). Now, someone far more knowledgeable on the history of robin hood than me will probably correct this, but as far as I recall, the the dolomite version would have been introduced in 1990. The Sierra version I believe came in in 1994, and in between that there was the cortina version. So using some fag packet maths I would say it has to be a 1990 or a 1991.