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  1. Davo

    Zetec mount

    - Resolved
  2. Davo

    Zetec mount

    I'm putting a zetec blacktop into my hood at some point soon. I have a mounting kit as per here https://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=883&search=zetec+mount One of the mounts matches up well, but the other side doesn't appear to have the right formation of holes anywhere. Does anyone happen to have any photos or descriptions where these type of mounts bolt to the engine?
  3. Thank you. Makes sense. It's added to my shopping list of things!
  4. I’m just trying to figure out this wiring loom. The instructions I’m folllwimg keep referring to the c2513. Does anyone know what connector that is? Picture?
  5. So I got a bit more familiar with the engine and loom today, one thing that came to question is what about the ac compressor and power steering? Do they stay or go and if so what to do with the pulley??
  6. Thank you. I'm over my Dad's tomorrow where its stored, so I'll have a chance to properly have a look around it.
  7. I think I understand. Will probably go with the engine throttle body and then eventually upgrade. not sure I understand plenum though. If the engine was running in the focus and I have all the bits from the focus, what else do I need?
  8. Thank you. If that’s what I need to make it fit then please let me know.
  9. I'm just quoting a load of things other people talk about so I may get the terminology wrong! Sump - I say RWD sump, because I understand if you're turning the engine 90 degrees you need a sump which collects front to back as opposed to left to right? I really don't know - just guessing. If you can tell me what it is I need then that would help massively. Water system - yes, I mean what you said! The rail. I'll have a go then at doing that myself, if it doesn't work then I can look for a pre made thing. Exhaust..... yes...... wrong side. Don't really know what I'm looking for, so I just look In the Burton catalogue but would be keen for cheaper manifolds. Accelerator cable - I have no idea. All I know is I have a cable that goes form the pedal to the carb. I guess, I'm going to need some kind of position sensor. Brake servo --- oh..... yes, haven't even thought how it connects up. How did you make yours fit? Engine mounts? I guess I'll have to google to buy them unless my dad feels like helping me make them. Now this Is exactly why I don't want to just start putting it in the car until I have everything ready.
  10. I did indeed see it running before it was taken out The whole bench test is more to build my confidence so I know how it wires up, I can make any necessary changes before taking on the big task of fitting it. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think I'm going to have to change the sump to a RWD sump, fit an adaptor to the cooling system etc and I'm guessing the sump at least has to be done before installing. At the moment a I have a 'not great', but working pinto in a running car which I can use. I'd rather not get to the situation where I've fitted the engine but then struggling to make it run etc. Re cooling, I had just planned to grab an old radiator from somewhere. to run it out the car. Like you, my dash sensors are limited - speedo - currently runs off the wire that goes back to the gearbox, that can stay as is rev counter - currently runs off the coil as a sensing lead. I can adjust the settings on it and it can also pick up from HT leads, so no great drama there either oil pressure gauge - currently runs directly off the engine sensor which I could do without if necessary ( don't know if the ECU will or won't provide that) Crank sensor I think is included in that loom picture !!! I'd forgotten about the fan !!! The pinto uses a mechanical fan, so I guess I'll have to fit an electric one in place of it. I know we're getting into probably the wrong thread here, but I think the mechanical considerations are: fit RWD sump fit RWD water system so the zetec fits around the bulk head (or so I've heard) Fan!! High pressure fuel pump Return pipe for fuel back to swirl pot
  11. We're talking the same language now! In response to your comments, that's why I'll probably keep the looms fairly separate. Stalks, switches etc can just run off the existing loom which I know intimately. It did come with a starter motor and alternator yes. You're probably right, it won't fit in the car, but for the minute I'm content to get it running on the bench. Yes, I do have wires for the starter motor which I used on the pint (I actually have a duplicate loom that matches the car). So I can literally push 12v direct to the starter? It's not controlled by the ECU or anything? Yes, the new zetec is fuel injection. Came with injectors, rail, ECU etc. I foresaw this coming and fitted a low pressure lift pump to the tank which goes to a swirl pot which the old pinto mechanical pump pulls to the current carb. I was planning to purchase the high pressure pump to eventually complete that feed in the car, but to get it running on the bench I was going to literally just get a high pressure pump and feed it from a gerry can on the bench. So I just need to work out the wire for the relay from the ECU to start the high pressure pump I guess. Presumably, because my current low pressure pump and swirl pot when running as a return pipe to the fuel tank, so when the swirl pot is full it just returns it to the tank. It would be nice to have that on the same circuit as the high pressure pump but not necessarily necessary. It just works off a switch. Do I need the dash connect to the loom? It's a fairly simple set up. Mechanical speedo, independent indicators etc.
  12. Thank you. I should have been more precise. Last year I spent a fair amount of time getting a new loom into the car. All the electrics around the car work fairly well and it's all reasonably tidy. So as far as the main loom is concerned I'm good with that. I could in theory run totally independent. To make the old pinto go, I had switched live to the starter and live to the coil. Now I've got this new zetec on a bench I'm trying to figure out what is needed to make it start! The guy I bought the Zetec off pulled as much of the loom out the focus as he could. It looks like I have all the connectors to each of the sensors which all seem to go back to the ECU. The bit I'm trying to figure out is what would go to ignition to make it start.. if it's that simple? When you say buy a new loom, that's an option, but not sure what I'd be buying. Nice blog by the way, I think if I understand what I'm look at, I should be concentrating here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qSkMseLxQcnvG1as5gIWqz0DjyEGTd2y/view
  13. I’ve got myself a zetec engine from a donor focus to replace my pinto. the engine is one thing, but I don’t really know when to start with wiring to get it to run. I’ll paste a link below to what I have. Any hints very welcome! https://youtube.com/shorts/KzbGnHL93Pg
  14. Ha. I guess I should have asked earlier. Twice lol. I spent most of last year putting in a new stack pipe and sender in the tank. Then last week I bought a swirl pot and cylindrical facet lifter pump. I was just curious to see how people had these set up and mounted. im playing with the idea of securing a piece of sheet metal of the tank, then mounting the pot and swirl tank there. the only other question I have I think around this is the swirl pot came with various size tail connectors. If the pipe that goes to the front pump is only an 8mm anyway, presumably no reason why I can’t step down to that.
  15. petew

    Fitted my swirl pot and pump under bonnet drivers side and pump above at side of brake master cylinder

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