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  1. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    A stack pipe it seems. Trouble is finding one with combined sender
  2. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    Well almost one of those. Without the electric fuel pump built in. Mine just has a long tube that goes down into the tank with a filter on the end. The pump is mechanical off the engine. I just don’t know what to search for to describe that.
  3. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    That is exactly what I’m after. What’s it called to search for?
  4. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    Worst case scenario... count the miles and carry a can. However, I have seen sender units that are perfectly flat and would fit the current aperture far better than the Sierra twist and lock one I have. My issue would be fuel supply as the current one integrates the sender unit and the fuel line.
  5. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    I was hoping to actually just do away with the fuel sender unit completely and attach a fuel line a different way.
  6. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    Yeah I really didn’t fancy pulling the tank out and starting again I was hoping there might have been some kind of hacker or flange that would allow me to drop a pipe inside similar to the one already in place
  7. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    So for about 6 months since stupidly taking off the old fuel sender and integrated fuel line I’ve been battling to remake a good seal. Almost there but now considering other options. I’ll try link some photos but I’ll try to explain. The integrated fuel sender and line consists of a not flat disc which badly fits onto the aperture on the top of the fuel tank. It has the sender and fuel pipes integrated into it. If I bought a fuel sender kit these are actually flat I see and would probably make a far better seal. But then that leaves me with no way to get the fuel out. It’s a mechanical pump off the engine to pull the fuel. What’s the normal way to get the fuel out? The tank seems to have a welded lid so I can’t easily see what’s available in the way of apertures. I did notice a bolt in the top. Could this be for a fuel line? I’m resistant to turning this bolt in fear I’ll do more damage as before. is there any advice on the normal way to get fuel out the tank?https://share.icloud.com/photos/0qPuVkapMmDU5X2Q47CzwBr1Q
  8. Ha.... got there eventually, the three cables that go from the barrel get to a connector block. It was that that was dodgy. One of them had obviously become too hot at some point damaging the connection. A slight nudge or road bump knocked the block causing power to fail. All sorted https://share.icloud.com/photos/0QzPhAUElUd-mSLS3Dld50T_Q#Home
  9. Apologies... your right12v to the coil. Its a very simple set up as far as I know. The choke is completely manual. The fuel pump is mechanical only. I think there is a starter module but it’s beyond me what it does. Maybe to do with an old ballast wire.
  10. Thanks for all the help. I think partially unrelated but the battery is dead which is causing a few problems first. Last of the crazy questions though, if I were stuck whilst out because of the intermittent fault, if I were to put 12v from the battery to the distributor and then 12v to the relay on the starter motor to start it, would that work to get me home? Admittedly I’d have no lights etc but would that be enough?
  11. So thanks to you both. I dread the thought of stripping down but equally I can’t work with the snakes nest of useless wires under the dash. So tell me if this is completely bonkers.... I can’t stand the thought of starting the complete job and biting off more than I can chew and never finishing. The lights and accessories all work; most of the time. Would it be crazy to have two looms in place until I’m ready to completely strip out the old. Could I just put in the new; connect up only to a new key or starter button, the starter motor and distributor, and just disconnect the old from those component so at Least I have a car that reliably starts, and then gradually moving lights etc onto the new loom throughout the winter? Mad?
  12. Hi, i have b reg car pinto engine and donor parts from a Sierra gl. I put a new mot on it yesterday so I’m all ready for summer driving. But it I do have an intermittent electrical problem. Some times you turn the key and just get nothing. No start. No lights. Only hazards. Leave it 5 minutes or poke the harness under the dash and suddenly you’re back on again. Interestingly I lost power on the way to the mot station 3 times yesterday, each time at a junction. From this complex diagnosis I reckon there’s probably something loose under the dash. But with all the fancy wiring from a Sierra it’s really messy under there with tape and all sorts. So a little part of me just wants to put in a complete new loom. It can’t be that complex right? Switched power to the starter, coil and each of the lights and you should be almost there right? Lol. I am pretty terrible at making connects etc, so in an ideal world I’d want a kit with just the minimal with all the lighting pre terminated. Does such a thing exist? Any recommendations?
  13. Davo

    Fuel Gauge Troubles

    Thanks Peter. All received. It fits the sender perfectly. Ive just used washers and nuts for the minute until I can build a brace. Ill hopefully be able to take it for a spin over the weekend.
  14. Davo

    Fuel Gauge Troubles

    Having ordered the wrong thing twice now, can someone confirm that this one will do the job please: https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p512815/BS332-5.33mm-Section-59.69mm-Bore-VITON-Rubber-O-Rings/product_info.html?backstep=1
  15. Davo

    Fuel Gauge Troubles

    All attempts so far have failed so Ive just ordered that o ring. Making the clamp I imagine will be more challenging though. Ill let you Know how it goes.
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