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  1. I have a Pinto 2L that has been sitting around for about 5 years at the back of the garage with the big end cover off. It had low oil pressure and was going to be rebuilt but don't need it now. I think there's a carb and manifold under there as well as some other bits. Top end of the engine was good but as it's been sitting around, cannot testify to that anymore. Would be a good project for someone to rebuild it as a spare or even a tuning project. Is £100 fair?
  2. Well, found a RJ11 to serial rs232 adapter knocking about at the bottom of a bag of wires and tried that but no good so have now ordered both cables and will try again. Must admit, I think I'm just doing something wrong but at least with the correct cables, it will give me more confident that its setup (user) issues rather than equipment.
  3. Looking for a full Exhaust system for a 2.0 Zetec engine. I think the manifold flange is the same for all Zetec engines but it is to fit onto a 2B and don't want an over the top manifold but LHS exit. Anyone got a system, or even the manifold?
  4. Knock-on

    Megajolt Cable

    Not only can I not find my Megajolt computer cable but my Laptop doesn't have a Serial Port any more. Does anyone have the relevant USB Cable they can lend me or a link to where I can purchase one as I'm unsure which one to use there seem to be many different types of RJ11 to USB connectors??? Better still, is anyone local to Guildford with a Zetec Megajolt map on a Laptop that can pop over and plug it in? Cheers.
  5. Knock-on

    Rolling Road

    Got a cunning plan now ST170. Love a pipedream. Problem is probably down to the Megajolt not working correctly and the car running off the EDIS limp home mode. Anyone local to Guildford with experience setting up this? Having trouble finding a Rolling Road that sets up Bike Carbs and Electronic Ignition.
  6. Knock-on

    Rolling Road

    I did notice that one. A lot of the links are not valid and had a couple of responses. Seems that most people don't like the idea of Carbs May have to go down the expensive route of an injector rail and megasquirt or emerald ECU Anyone got any other ideas.
  7. Knock-on

    Rolling Road

    Hi Not been around for a bit but looking on getting my 2B on a good rolling Road. Did we once have a register on here or am I dreaming again (age, I know). If not, can anyone offer recommendations for a local facility to Surrey. Need someone that can Jet ZX9 bike Carbs to a 2.0 Zetec Silvertop and Trigger Wheels electronic ignition. It is running but like a dog and only pulling about 40mph. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the help chaps. I'll ring Austec and BEC. Will let you know how it goes.
  9. Anyone recommend a rolling road in the South that can configure bike carbs and Megajolt?
  10. Thanks for the advise. Dan has sent some maps and I'm looking on the Autosportlabs site and panicking as I'm not too technical. First question is about Firmware. How can I tell what Firmware I have. The Megajolt has never been used but is about 4 years old.
  11. I know it's been covered but reading from the iPhone isn't the easiest and couldn't find it (got lazy) Where can I download a 2l silver top zetec timing map for a Megajolt? I haven't ever programmed my one so assume it's from the serial port on a laptop into the Mega input? Cheers
  12. Nothing wrong with the steering if you like going on French roundabouts
  13. All bits for sale except diff. Silver with 120k on clock. Engine needs top end work as the last owner ran it out of water.
  14. Thanks guys. The request was on behalf of a friend that was looking at The Hood chassis. Well, the beer was flowing like Niagra and we started thinking about a Scooby but it looks like common sense has prevailed and will be taking the sensible option of a St220 with a hairdryer bolted on
  15. Looking at this option at the moment but facing some issues. Has anyone heard of one?
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