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  1. Thanks for the help chaps. I'll ring Austec and BEC. Will let you know how it goes.
  2. Anyone recommend a rolling road in the South that can configure bike carbs and Megajolt?
  3. Knock-on

    Megajolt Timing

    Thanks for the advise. Dan has sent some maps and I'm looking on the Autosportlabs site and panicking as I'm not too technical. First question is about Firmware. How can I tell what Firmware I have. The Megajolt has never been used but is about 4 years old.
  4. Knock-on

    Megajolt Timing

    I know it's been covered but reading from the iPhone isn't the easiest and couldn't find it (got lazy) Where can I download a 2l silver top zetec timing map for a Megajolt? I haven't ever programmed my one so assume it's from the serial port on a laptop into the Mega input? Cheers
  5. Nothing wrong with the steering if you like going on French roundabouts
  6. All bits for sale except diff. Silver with 120k on clock. Engine needs top end work as the last owner ran it out of water.
  7. Thanks guys. The request was on behalf of a friend that was looking at The Hood chassis. Well, the beer was flowing like Niagra and we started thinking about a Scooby but it looks like common sense has prevailed and will be taking the sensible option of a St220 with a hairdryer bolted on
  8. Looking at this option at the moment but facing some issues. Has anyone heard of one?
  9. Has anyone fitted bonnet risers on their car and if so, what n rating did you use?
  10. Knock-on

    Hood Chassis

    Pic 5 And here's the link to the chassis pictures again. http://s88.photobucket.com/user/knock-on/library/Hood?sort=3&page=1
  11. Knock-on

    Hood Chassis

    Just bumping this up as it needs to be sold ASAP as the space is needed. Apparently there were 12 made by Colin for Robin Hood. The one pictured is the Dunsfold Track (Top Gear Track) promotional / test / pace car which says everything about the pedigree of this chassis. Of the other 10 that were built, several have been passed for road use. This particular chassis is slightly different to the Dunsfold build in that it's over 20kg lighter and has been strengthened. It's the ultimate Hood chassis out there. Most 2B parts will fit but apart from the wishbones which use the Zerp ones. He will take a slight offer on this so please let me know if anyone wants it otherwise it's going on ebay.
  12. Hi Al I think I have it sorted for next weekend but if it all falls through, I will certainly take you up on the offer Thanks
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