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  1. Have you managed to get a cover yet ,i am rewiring mine this winter with a new loom so have cover if you are still interested SteveO
  2. Steve0

    Carpet set

    Hi All. Has anybody out there got a reasonable carpet set for my RH EXMO preferably black in colour i am located West Sussex, i am often travelling during the week so collection might not be a problem, thanks in advance Steve
  3. Steve0

    Twin Carbs

    Many thanks for your advice guys its up for MOT next Saturday, DanDan62 i am in Chichester
  4. Steve0

    Twin Carbs

    Good Morning All I have just picked up my first Robin hood and am looking to put a set off twin Dellortos/Webers do i go 40s Or 45s it has the 2ltr pinto sierra engine SHOC i would also be putting a fast road cam in it at some point it has been unloved in its previous life but has now found a new lease of life is there anybody on the south coast West Sussex/Hampshire out there who owns one for info Regards Steve
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