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  1. Steve0

    Fuel gauge

    Hi Ian I take it the tank needs emptying to achieve this will give it a go this weekend Many thanks SteveO
  2. Steve0

    Fuel gauge

    Hi Everyone Just brought my 2nd Robin Hood need some advice it has a smiths fuel gauge and a sierra sender the gauge shows below empty even with fuel in it is there a compatible gauge for the sender as i do not want to be messing around with the tank or any other options Thanks Steve
  3. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    Thanks for that I'll give it a go
  4. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    Ah ok ill have a look when i get home
  5. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    just to add the one that came from it was held in with one bolt and the locating ridge had been ground away to enable fitting
  6. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    Hi Everyone Need some help with this one i have a 2litre pinto with what i believe is a MT 75 gearbox and the starter motor has decided to pack up i am struggling to get a starter for it,the 3 mounting bolt holes are 70mm centre's in a straight line and 100mm across the diagonal 2 if anybody could supply one or let me have a part number for said item that would be great, failing that would a type 9 bell housing fit on the MT75 Gearbox any other ideas greatly appreciated Steve
  7. Steve0

    Windscreen brackets

    Hi Dean Sorry it's been a while i have decided to ditch the windscreen and all that goes with it l have got some Brooklands sceens now as it is only a sunny day car All the best Steve
  8. Steve0

    Windscreen brackets

    Sorry Mate haven't got round to getting pictures just got the old girl running after a complete rewire will do in the week
  9. Steve0

    Windscreen brackets

    Ok I'll whip them off later today get some pictures and forward them and see what you think
  10. Steve0

    Windscreen brackets

    Hi Dean I'll get some pictures of mine or could post mine to you to see if you can replicate them i will of course pay postage both ways and any time you spend on them Kind Regards Steve
  11. Hi All Hope everyone is keeping safe and well Just wondering if anyone has any decent windscreen brackets kicking about for an exmo as mine have more holes drilled in them than a cheese grater or anything that might fit Regards Steve0
  12. Have you managed to get a cover yet ,i am rewiring mine this winter with a new loom so have cover if you are still interested SteveO
  13. Steve0

    Carpet set

    Hi All. Has anybody out there got a reasonable carpet set for my RH EXMO preferably black in colour i am located West Sussex, i am often travelling during the week so collection might not be a problem, thanks in advance Steve
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