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  1. Steve0

    Rear lights

    Rear lights and number plate surround one of the indicator lens has a crack in it but is water tight and has passed several MOT'S without any problems they measure 100mm diameter i have replaced with LEDS am looking for £20 for the whole lot plus postage
  2. Steve0

    Front wings

    Free to collector in need of painting and repair i got these with the car when I brought it sy be of use to someone
  3. Hi DoctorDee Spoke to him yesterday AM he said send him my old one he would see if he could repair it ,if not he could make a new pair he has a 7week turn around at the moment
  4. Thanks for that, fingers crossed
  5. Hi Peeps My EXMO has just failed it's MOT on a failed front shock, i am struggling to to find a replacement i know people say they are inserts from P100 fords but what model i have removed the faulty one from the car and separated it from the sping adjuster it measures 280mm from the collar to the bottom of the shock not including the ram and 42mm diameter any help with this would be much appreciated any options would also help SteveO
  6. Steve0

    Fuel gauge

    Hi Ian I take it the tank needs emptying to achieve this will give it a go this weekend Many thanks SteveO
  7. Steve0

    Fuel gauge

    Hi Everyone Just brought my 2nd Robin Hood need some advice it has a smiths fuel gauge and a sierra sender the gauge shows below empty even with fuel in it is there a compatible gauge for the sender as i do not want to be messing around with the tank or any other options Thanks Steve
  8. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    Thanks for that I'll give it a go
  9. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    Ah ok ill have a look when i get home
  10. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    just to add the one that came from it was held in with one bolt and the locating ridge had been ground away to enable fitting
  11. Steve0

    Starter Motor

    Hi Everyone Need some help with this one i have a 2litre pinto with what i believe is a MT 75 gearbox and the starter motor has decided to pack up i am struggling to get a starter for it,the 3 mounting bolt holes are 70mm centre's in a straight line and 100mm across the diagonal 2 if anybody could supply one or let me have a part number for said item that would be great, failing that would a type 9 bell housing fit on the MT75 Gearbox any other ideas greatly appreciated Steve
  12. Hi Dean Sorry it's been a while i have decided to ditch the windscreen and all that goes with it l have got some Brooklands sceens now as it is only a sunny day car All the best Steve
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