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  1. Very Helpful Ian, thanks for this! I shall keep reading what you have said cheers
  2. Wouldn't let me, said i didn't have permission
  3. Hiya Everyone so i awaiting the arrival of my Roof, Hoops and fittings from a Very kind person off here. Is there any Videos or guides to help with fitting of a roof from Scratch in a 2B would be very much apprecuated
  4. Just replied mate
  5. If you don't need all of them i will be happy to buy any remaining you don't want mate
  6. Evening Guys!!! So i am looking to find a nose cone Badge for my RH 2B AND also looking for all Parts for a roof to be fitted still . Roof, Hoops, Press studs etc
  7. Liam672

    Kent Owners!

    Any of you guys around the East Area out of curiosity
  8. I see i see, well if they have that mate id be happy to discuss a price for the rest
  9. Cheers bud, so how much for the roof system then mate?
  10. Do you have a link mate? Would lime this for mine!!
  11. Hiya Dude , in regards to the Roof id be interested in the that and all fitting items included. Anything you dont have that i may need would be appreciated for your help to anything extra i may need to buy elsewhere! i am down in Kent, South East though!
  12. Id agree MOT and drive it home! Drove mine back fron Cambridge to Ashford Kent 102 miles , including M25! VERY FUN
  13. Liam672

    Wet Weather Kit

    Il check it out! Cheers mate!
  14. Thats It mate! Something like that!
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