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  1. Hi Dean

    did you get details of cobra



  2. Check where your swirl pot sometimes it can get fuel evaporation is and also check your crank sensor make sure that’s not damaged
  3. I know the guy with the wild mor body mould if this helps
  4. Just get the car back drop me a message and I’ll pop by and take a look I know the guys at Parker’s In wigston well and they always managed to find the pinto parts for me when I had one installed
  5. Best place to go is euro car parts or probably gsf if I remember right the car was a 2.0 pinto on carbs?
  6. Aim dashboards are probably the best around
  7. If you put a electric fuel pump in do you not need to run a regulator so the pressure is correct?
  8. Who else fancy’s a weekender it’s always a good laugh
  9. I’ve booked on hopefully I can make it
  10. DeanRudkin

    Engine Swap.

    Depends what your end goal is power wise
  11. Area run or go karting or something like that I personally didn’t get in until around 7:30 last night so had no chance of getting there
  12. Can we get to the show on the Friday or is it Saturday entrance only for camping
  13. I did a budget turbo build to start with and got 240 bhp so it’s really easy and achievable and a hell of a lot cheaper than duratec
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