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  1. At very worse case take your rad out take it to a metal fabricators and weld it up
  2. Phil shelton has done it on his 2b
  3. Depends where it’s bottoming out I used to get a lot on the front end the old plough but you could always raise your suspension
  4. The zero wide body one fits if I remember right
  5. Mx5 mk1 tomb stone ones
  6. Sadly not it would have to be a full respray of the pannel
  7. It won’t be to everyone’s taste I know and your more than welcome to come and have a look hopefully it will be at eosb this year
  8. Here it is all fitted to the car ready for mapping on Friday
  9. DeanRudkin

    Engine swap

    Yeah you will need new engine mounts mine are a Diy kit you can buy and weld up your self you can use the same prop shaft if your going to use the type 9 gearbox
  10. Mx5 mk1 tomb stone style fit really well
  11. DeanRudkin

    Engine swap

    Yeah the zetec fits in a 2b no problem
  12. Hi Dean,

    Just a reminder that I cancelled my membership a month or so ago due to not having a kit car any longer, but will rejoin if that changes.


    Graham Elson

    1. Andi


      Hi Graham,

      Richy is now dealing with memberships. Which he will have probably read by now lol

      Ill pm him now



    2. richyb66


      Hi Graham, Thanks for letting us now, I will ensure that the database is updated accordingly.


  13. Wrap it keep the seam under the tube
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