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  1. Brilliant day again big thanks to peter for sorting it out for the club
  2. Who’s coming to this then
  3. I believe they did a vhs build video but I would check YouTube for sure and put any pics on here and we will try our best to help
  4. Come on rich get some photos up
  5. Some of the classic minis used to run clear lenses my landrover defender has clear lenses never a problem at mot or police so I would say legal
  6. I think @Matt brown has a standard one in his garage
  7. It is registered right looks like a sliding pillar if I’m correct there not the ideal suspension but it all depends on how much it is up
  8. Check what it says on the log book make sure it has had a sva
  9. Good morning out got 5 of us out in the sun
  10. This event is on at market harborough show ground usually a good turn out of cars £3 per car I’ll be getting there from around 9:30
  11. To be honest I wouldn’t bother with a thermostat I’ve never had a problem on my zetec
  12. I’ve just got here going to try the food out
  13. DeanRudkin

    SLK Donor?

    Me personally would go mx5 get it on the road then turbo it easy power parts are cheap and always available
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