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  1. Can we get to the show on the Friday or is it Saturday entrance only for camping
  2. I did a budget turbo build to start with and got 240 bhp so it’s really easy and achievable and a hell of a lot cheaper than duratec
  3. Is anyone Interested in a run up to gbs for their event from Leicester and surrounding areas?
  4. I’ve done pretty much the same build as you appart from I’m using the zetec head in my 2b turbo so any questions drop me a message
  5. Antony godden had a set for sale I’m sure he did
  6. You’ll want something like a megajolt ecu to run bike carbs personally if you want to future proof your car I would get a mega squirt then you can go fuel injection for more reliability etc
  7. DeanRudkin

    2L Zetec

    Just make sure you get a blacktop over the silver top in my opinion
  8. Hi mate I’m a fellow Leicester Robin Hood owner I find autosol is the best and to keep on top of it is glass cleaner I do mine once a year usually
  9. DeanRudkin

    2L Zetec

    Would be worth looking at what parts you need before you go buying them as only certain makers of parts only will fit some cars
  10. Good luck with that I had a zetec sump from there probably one of the most basic/ budget things going never sealed up right and just caused me headaches and still took ages to turn up I definitely wouldn’t bother with them again I took it off and went for a Neil dunne one instead far superior quality
  11. Pulse signs and graphics Coalville will be a good shout
  12. Nice car I’m Leicester myself in wigston I wouldn’t personally put a flick switch ignition on are you running a electric fuel pump maybe it’s got a regulator on it if it’s only a pinto should be quite simple engine
  13. DeanRudkin

    EOSB 2022

    Only one week to go guys I will be there from Thursday evening with a few others
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