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  1. Yes we’re looking for stalls for sure
  2. Good catch up today weather stayed good and some nice cars came out too. Definitely one to do in the summer
  3. A lot of people fit the led halo light there very bright usually used on jeep wranglers etc
  4. DeanRudkin

    Supercar Fest

    If we get enough interest we can get a stand but we need people committed so we can let the event organisers know
  5. Ok it’s really easy for the alternator I may even have the brackets in my garage retro ford sell them and you can then use the pinto alternator still unless you use the gbs inlet plenum then you have to use there brackets I’ve done all of this on my 2B
  6. Pate, turkey sticky, toffee please mate
  7. I take it it’s for the gbs zero and not a Robin Hood?
  8. Looks awesome mate cheers
  9. Yeah we will be organising a stand for there
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