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  1. DeanRudkin

    Market harborough sports and classic 19/5/2019

    @Matt brown might have some
  2. DeanRudkin

    Market harborough sports and classic 19/5/2019

    Good morning out got 5 of us out in the sun
  3. This event is on at market harborough show ground usually a good turn out of cars £3 per car I’ll be getting there from around 9:30
  4. DeanRudkin

    Zetec Overheating

    To be honest I wouldn’t bother with a thermostat I’ve never had a problem on my zetec
  5. DeanRudkin

    Leicester Area Meeting 15/5/2019

    I’ve just got here going to try the food out
  6. DeanRudkin

    SLK Donor?

    Me personally would go mx5 get it on the road then turbo it easy power parts are cheap and always available
  7. DeanRudkin

    Leicester Area Meeting 15/5/2019

    I’ll be there
  8. DeanRudkin

    Kimbolton Country Show Sunday 14th July 2019

    Two for me please one for Phil thanks
  9. DeanRudkin

    cycle wings wanted

    I’ve not done the wishbone conversion yet so don’t have a set currently
  10. DeanRudkin

    GBS Silencer

    I would get to Stoneleigh and have a chat with custom chrome
  11. DeanRudkin

    Zetec engine start first time

    It might sound daft but have you checked the coil pack I had a similar problem coil pack was knackered but also my Ecu was earthing out on the two cylinders inside the box this was on a ms2
  12. DeanRudkin

    Zetec engine mounts

    Good stuff if you need help with anything just drop me a pm
  13. DeanRudkin

    Car Information Sheets

    Your car card will be the ultimate one then
  14. DeanRudkin

    Car Information Sheets

    Would breakdowns be one of the categories
  15. DeanRudkin

    Brand new zetec start up oil

    Have you checked everything I’ve been reading a few people have had problems with big end bearings etc on new engines might be worth a look