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  1. Looks awesome mate cheers
  2. This still available
  3. Yeah we will be organising a stand for there
  4. Price now reduced 4750 Ono
  5. DeanRudkin

    Cars for sale

    The most recent ones are at the top mate what are you after
  6. @theduck will advise you on this
  7. Renault fuego is the smallest one you can find @Matt brown runs that one
  8. Check out the barrel back s6 on the forum and make them a decent offer I’m sure they will go for it
  9. To throw a spanner in the works what about a zetec turbo is you have a ms2 and if that has all the software on for a turbo you can pick up a block for around 150 plenum from gbs for 250-300 and exhaust manifold from the scrapyard and weld a turbo flange on it Audi TT intercooler 20 and pipes and fittings and you should be able to hit 200 on stock internals or you do the same set up with a st170 and get a vvt controller and you can hit way over 200
  10. DeanRudkin


    A lot of the kit car lot are going for the uniroyal rain sport as they’ve been given great reviews
  11. Where about a are you in the uk I’m in Leicester myself I’ve got a 2B stainless chassis they don’t always come with sliding pillar I’ve got wishbone setup on mine as to parts I had to make a lot of mine when I changed from pinto engine to zetec then zetec turbo I’ve never had a problem with my chassis or the car other than things I’ve done
  12. Just over a week until the event don’t forget to head over to the store and get your tickets
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