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  1. This was from when Chris helped me do my pinto to zetec on bike carbs conversion
  2. I used the original master cylinder I’ll get some photos when I’m over at my car next or check out red seven automotive engineering on Facebook my cars on there it may have some useful pics
  3. Ok so the servo won’t work there I got rid of it I don’t know if others have managed to make it work I ordered a pedal box from gbs and welded it in
  4. I have one in my 2b without seeing your pedal box set up it’s hard to say whether you can use fuel injection or not
  5. DeanRudkin

    carbs ?

    I’ve got a set of zx9 carbs sat around
  6. Tractor fitted one to mine when we did the zetec change but we binned off the accelerator pedal and used the original ford one
  7. Rain-x only really works at speed like motorway etc well that’s what I found anyway
  8. At very worse case take your rad out take it to a metal fabricators and weld it up
  9. Phil shelton has done it on his 2b
  10. Depends where it’s bottoming out I used to get a lot on the front end the old plough but you could always raise your suspension
  11. The zero wide body one fits if I remember right
  12. Sadly not it would have to be a full respray of the pannel
  13. It won’t be to everyone’s taste I know and your more than welcome to come and have a look hopefully it will be at eosb this year
  14. Here it is all fitted to the car ready for mapping on Friday
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