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  1. Usually a Halfords socket set fuel few electrical bits connectors fuses crimpers throttle cable
  2. There quite nice to be fair
  3. Recommendations for the best semi slick tyres on 15 inch wheels
  4. Oh no that’s not mine the guy who delivers the milk always stops for a cuppa don’t know why
  5. DeanRudkin

    parts for 2b

    I’ve got some cycle wing brackets off mine and top wishbones
  6. We could do it on the other leg so if we get it wrong the doctors can fix the bad one
  7. If you can travel go to Steve Walford motorsport he’s good with bike carbs and has got rollers etc
  8. Thanks you should see some of his other work it’s unreal
  9. He’s not in Leicester I have to travel because I know his quality and skill he’s over in Swadlincote
  10. Just finished the arches for next year when the cars done hopefully they will look good on the car if anyone wants to know the body shop drop me a message there a great company and they do custom work aswell as normal car repairs
  11. Upgrade your membership it’s clear your using it a lot
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