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  1. DeanRudkin

    Brand new zetec start up oil

    Have you checked everything I’ve been reading a few people have had problems with big end bearings etc on new engines might be worth a look
  2. DeanRudkin

    Zetec engine mounts

    Getting on well there are you going carbs or fuel injection
  3. DeanRudkin

    Zetec help

  4. DeanRudkin

    Zetec engine mounts

  5. DeanRudkin

    Zetec engine mounts

    Tractor helped me do mine with the mounts from the same place worked really well
  6. DeanRudkin

    Zetec help

    Yeah they are very close on a 2b you have to use a different water rail I used the retro ford one and no spacer on the drive shaft
  7. DeanRudkin

    Zx9 bike carbs set up

    I’ve got a set of zx9 bike carbs megajolt Ecu Dan st manifold for a zetec and the aluminium trumpets for the carbs for sale came off my engine when I went turbo £500 ono any questions drop me a message location Leicester
  8. DeanRudkin

    Leicester area meeting February 20th

    I should be there
  9. DeanRudkin

    Zetec help

    You can buy one for about £20 from retro ford
  10. DeanRudkin

    Replacement Scuttle panel

    Ok wicked thanks Stu
  11. DeanRudkin

    Replacement Scuttle panel

    You should be able to search for him in the search bar his user is dean Roberts
  12. DeanRudkin

    Replacement Scuttle panel

    I did have one but gave it to deano don’t know if he’s using it or not maybe it’s worth giving him a message
  13. DeanRudkin

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    Get your membership paid and join us camping and hog roast also what brain transplant has been done
  14. DeanRudkin

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    Bring your tent and get camping with us
  15. DeanRudkin

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    If I was you I would join up and get get along to Stoneleigh there will be a lot of cars and people to help you and give advice