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  1. Pulse signs and graphics Coalville will be a good shout
  2. Nice car I’m Leicester myself in wigston I wouldn’t personally put a flick switch ignition on are you running a electric fuel pump maybe it’s got a regulator on it if it’s only a pinto should be quite simple engine
  3. DeanRudkin

    EOSB 2022

    Only one week to go guys I will be there from Thursday evening with a few others
  4. DeanRudkin

    EOSB 2022

    Here is a precise what3words address, made of 3 random words. Every 3 metre square in the world has its own unique what3words address. ///autumn.slimy.tissue https://w3w.co/autumn.slimy.tissue
  5. DeanRudkin

    EOSB 2022

    Not long now guys don’t forget to get your tickets
  6. Yeah top one is mine tried to find you when I was there but didn’t know who I was looking for
  7. Oadby is holding a motorfest tomorrow from 10am if anyone is interested I’ll be taking my car… that’s right it’s on the road and working
  8. Hopefully I’ll see you there this month maybe in my car
  9. Steve Walford motorsport would be able to sort that he’s over Birmingham best money you’ll spend
  10. DeanRudkin


    Zetec is the easiest option all depends what your end goal is power wise you don’t need a doner car you just need the engine most of the other parts you have to buy off the shelf for rwd set up
  11. DeanRudkin

    newark show

    To be honest I thought it was a good show plenty of cars a lot more organised than stonleigh all closer together which made it better
  12. Absolute brilliant weekend plenty of laughs even if my car didn’t make it thanks all that helped organise it
  13. If you planning on going I would advise you go on the Saturday as numbers start to go down on the Sunday as everyone is packing up to go home
  14. Sounds like a good weekend keep me posted and hopefully I can make it
  15. If you check on the for sale part richy is selling a set
  16. The original wheels are et15 so be careful of that for your front mud guards etc
  17. I believe you can order them from kit spares you have to phone them up too
  18. Yeah it’s a good car handles well proving you’ve got it set up right just don’t over pay for one that’s all
  19. Personally the zero is probably one of the better kits to look at just for affordability and performance
  20. You can get a zero with stainless body panels it’s a heavier car but you won’t have that problem
  21. All being well we will be there Saturday I intend on getting there around mid day if I’ve not got work and then start setting up the club stand etc
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