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  1. Thanks will try in the week
  2. Got the car started today had to move the distributor abit futter round and I think the engine was very gas up. But started in the end just need to use timming light now what degree have you set yours. I know ford sierra is set at 8 degrees but what are people run at on these pinto engine
  3. What did you do with the old wire from the old distributor?
  4. Just trying to upgrade from the points distributor to an electronic distributor but having problems. I brought an accu sparks distribution for an 2.0l pinto engine out of a ford seirra. But will not send a spark to the sparks plugs. I though the distributor was faulty so they sent me just the electronic kit but having the same problem. I have wired the distributor like the handbook says. Red wire to the ballast resistor 12v and the black wire to the negative side of the ford coil What can the problem be? Do I need a new coil to take the electronic distributor ? Any help will be greatful
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