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  1. maccavvy

    Good quality tool chests

    Clarke do some decent ones too..look out for the deals I got mine vat free. They have different qualities of boxes .from hobby to pro
  2. maccavvy

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    Not us I'm afraid. Annelieses dad passed away peacefully yesterday eve. So not up to socialising. Hopefully see you next month
  3. maccavvy

    Braided Brake Hoses

    Check out hosetecnik and hel .made to measure and speedy service.
  4. maccavvy


    Hope you have more fun with the rainsports than I did on my Ro... I removed them .didn't suit 1500 kg for sure.
  5. maccavvy

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet October

    Pinkies crossed.. work dependant
  6. maccavvy

    Winter Driving Gloves?

    Motorbike gloves can be cheap and very effective .
  7. I'll try that out over the weekend
  8. I'll check it.may even leave the fuel cap off over night..
  9. Hi guys. I've got a 2010 2.4 tdci transit Drives spot on . But got an issue only started a few weeks back, when I come to it after 5-6 hours stood the fuel filter is half empty. So I fill up manually refit and turn it over till it bleeds up and starts. It started at being left over night now it's getting worse. I've tried a different fuel filter and even a genuine one. Someone mentioned maybe cracked fuel filter housing so out a genuine new one on. Got new injector leak back seals going on tomorrow. Any ideas..I can see me going to a hire van and some big bills looming soon.
  10. maccavvy

    Under Body Protection

    Check out bilt hamber and buzz weld. I've just used buzzweld on my f150 pick up..good stuff to work with and protection too
  11. maccavvy

    Best Degreaser

    Hey guys got an intercooler to clean up..it will be covered in oil from the crankcase ventilation.. Gonna buy in bulk .what ya recommend ..it's ally by the way
  12. maccavvy

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet July

    Currently sunning up abroad..won't make this onw
  13. maccavvy

    Pinto Coolant System Bleeding

    ​​pics of the engine bay may help so we can see the plumbing set up
  14. maccavvy

    New Toy

    yeah you wouldn't want this for the commute , the old one on lpg was tolerable though
  15. maccavvy

    New Toy

    no diesel for me.. work van has one.. soulless and a bit boring . plus American stuff is so cheap to insure. and you don't lose money