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  1. Is there one for next month.. as said..been far too long .l,bumped into tazzman the other day and he said meets had started again
  2. ill try but unlikely... this time of year for me.. busy busy bee. if not see ya next year
  3. Should make this one ..see you there
  4. red 7 engineering did mine when It got crashed , he may have some help and advice
  5. For the bushes I bought an anti vibration mount and drilled a suitable hole through the middle. Cheap and easy
  6. Try my best .work dependant as usual
  7. Red7 /steamer converted mine .parts were all steel from GBS but I had them all powder coated. Cheaper than stainless. Have to be careful with stainless I was told it's more brittle. I'd double check that though
  8. sorry busy at work so didnt make it.. hopefully there next month
  9. make sure it has bump stops on the strut too . one at the top and bottom ideally . I used some anti vibration mounts and drilled out to fit
  10. Thanks very much mate.. appreciate it
  11. Hi everyone . Me and the mrs are doing a 10k walk for charity later this year .if anyone can spare any money at all even a pound it all counts . please follow the link below to donate and click gift aid too for that bit extra Its for crohns & colitis charity which ive been a sufferer of for over 25 years and affect so many people that's unknown as its a bit of an invisible illness https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.justgiving.com%2Ffundraising%2Fmarcus-shaw-walk-it-manchester-2019%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2Uyc_tvKkivMjpBbCQ2s_nW2yuPh8vLzhT70ovRffTMOlAo0SiPnCmgBM&h=AT1Mxhap5iizPNlSZITg4hca_8kWMGk3D1_TewHkxNQn6cuy0TgmCOc_c54AWOm1SdO3FTxlfc07HouljOC5baiYWwVE1aW1afRQcQPNw-52ZmZdwezifHSCDr7KiDDkjA
  12. Steamer / red7 converted mine with a replacement front end from a converted chassis for me .he maybe able to help
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