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  1. It's dated for the Saturday and Sunday, So does that mean we can camp from Friday? As there is no Monday show this year
  2. Going to have to give it a miss, hopefully see you all in December Ivan and Andrea
  3. Have a look on ebay CAR SHELTER, a few on there
  4. Sorry, we were unable to make it, did we miss much?
  5. Yep, been there too Dan, they don't tell you that when you take the policy out I got the same reply when I cancelled
  6. We're in the van Graham, so it'll be a steady run for us too
  7. Sounds good, will hopefully see you at Trowell Ivan and Andrea
  8. Going to give this one a miss, But we'll see you all at the weekend Ivan
  9. Done my little bit for you, Good luck with it Ivan
  10. Unfortunately not going to make it again, hopefully see you all next month Ivan
  11. Should be there, but it's a long wait till December Ivan
  12. Hi kieth, two tickets bought and paid for Cheers Ivan+Andrea
  13. Hi Graham, I'll have that off you, see you Wednesday evening Ivan
  14. Wow, are you swapping it for a black and white dog?
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