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  1. Who manages the South Yorkshire area at current?
  2. I am just in the process of updating all our platforms, your quick to see that yes, show has been postponed due to weather. We have limited hard standing so public would be parki g on super soft grass and this isn't a viable option. New date to be announced soon.
  3. That's great you will have the car back. Your right, the weather looks a bit hit and miss at the moment. If yiur feeling brave or it improves then it would be great to see you there. If not we should catch up on a nice day for a blat some time.
  4. Wetayer looks to be improving, so fingers crossed. Exhibitors can arrive between 8am and 9.30am. Gates to the public open at 10am. Hope that's OK.
  5. Hey everyone! Just a heads up, show is still going ahead and looking to be a great turnout! If you are hoping to show with us, let me know here or by email Events@owstonhall.com Exhibitors get a free lunch and drink to say thanks for coming along. Exhibitors to arrive between 08:00 - 09:30. Gates to public open at 10:00, show to run down by 16:00. Hope to see a few of you guys there!
  6. Thanks for that info, I will contact them. Not going to do a sprint section for 2021, keeping it small and simple. But for 2022 when we plan to make is a 2 / 3 day event we will definitely be taking a much better look at getting that sorted!
  7. Brett gets my vote. I know him personally and he has worked on a friend of mines pinto in the past, work was good and he's a nice chap.
  8. Ok so.... Event confirmed as 8th August, starting 10am. Exhibitors will be offered a free drink on arrival and lunch will also be provided by the hotel. If you would like to show your car then drop me a PM and I will get you allocated. Hope to see a few of you there!
  9. I will certainly keep everyone posted as the details become clearer. Date is set for 8th August!
  10. Hey guys, One little thing I want to iron out with my car, everything else seems good. When driving along, if I am cruising with my foot barely on the throttle she coughs through the carbs, I assume this is something to do with the switch from idle to main jets? Difference to big or something like this? Runs well at idle and runs well when accelerating/ keeping some power on for hills, just happens when floating on the peddle, say cruising through town at 30mph or similar.... Any advice is much appreciated.
  11. UPDATE - Event date looks like it will be Sunday 8th August. Those of you that are interested in showing off your cars, drop me a message and I can get more details over to you as they come in! Everyone welcome!
  12. I semi agree. I do think that one offs and more unique vehicles do grab more attention but kids do love to come and see that car from the tv they hear so much about or have on their wall. This is why as much as we have super cars available from our members I also want kits and hot rods there too as I feel this will broaden the appeal. I have spoken to a few people and it looks like we will be going ahead in August some time. Likely a Sunday. Just one day this year with the plan to make it a 3 day event in 2022 once things settle down and we have time to build an official brand, webpage and sop forth for the event. Watch this space for the date in the coming days.
  13. Yes we are looking into all of that side of things at current. It would really finish the event off if we could do it but as its only a 1/4 mile section we have to weigh up the input to output. Just by floating the idea by some of the golf club members here we have a potential lineup of 10 supercars inc Several Ferarri, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and more. One of the members 'MAY' be interested in bringing his F40 down for show but is less inclined to bring his La Ferarri and who can blame him, its worth well into 6 figures!
  14. I am sure we can do something on room rates for people showing cars. I want to make this happen in 2021 but may be sensible to do it in 2022. Its just a floating idea at the moment but I think it has scope to become quite a good event. Like you say, a mini Goodwood.
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