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  1. On the new v5 it will say new vehicle made from used parts, so your 40 years start from new registration.
  2. Have look on the Bang good site for a heater, chinese but the most likley are on t7 design.
  3. There is something not right there registered 1988 they didn`t make that kit till 2004 hence 2b/04
  4. 770 mm just measured a spare one from flange face to longest point.
  5. New motor complete £45.00Ebay fitted one last year after messing around with a pile 30 to 40 year old ones.
  6. Happy birthday Nigel its about time we had another of your lifes rants.. Have a good one , birthay that is.
  7. We are in the Scottish riverra not a snowflake in sight ,not even on the hills ,very windy 39 gusting 50mph three peg day 3deg.
  8. That is a normal 2B chassis
  9. If you have a tow bar tow it on an A frame.
  10. You sound like the bloke i had on the phone tonight trying sell me a new inverter at an extortionate price for my solar panels because i haven`t got a 25 year warranty on it, i`m 71 years old who cares if it breaks i`ll buy a new one. But that is not as important as a rhocar cup i think you should have a meeting with your bank manager and consider investment into a replacement.
  11. Flange to centre of uj 625mm
  12. florin it was a good way of getting them removed!
  13. Nothing, change the phillips head screws button head ones the spokes are 2.5 mm radius
  14. " ELBOW GREASE" the only cleaner you will ever need, £1.00 per spray bottle at Semi Chem and all good cheap jack shops.I bought a box off ebay we clean everything with it have not yet found anything it won`t shift


    Why does bill work there now?


    I have just read that GBS have got A government grant of £2,000,000 to develop an electric sports car, well done Richard and crew.
  17. email me dave_ castle @hotmail.co.uk
  18. Hi Ryan tried to message you but says you cant receive messages i have everything you need ,send me an email address Dave
  19. Where is the pump situated? It needs to be near the tank and push not pull.


    Laserman in the members list
  21. Saw it fly past me over Shap on the M6 Saturday awesome sight, that would be minutes before you saw it over Windermere Iggy Dave
  22. Bugsy in Preston has one Dave
  23. I think they were called super spec 05 and were just a basic kit Dave
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