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  1. Another 3please Martin Jeff & Lyndon ,Thanks Rich.
  2. Great to hear you all had a great run,gutted I could only join you for breakfast,as the car runs a lot better in the cool weather still had a good little run round on the way home.
  3. Sorry can’t join you all on this one Isabelle not we’ll enough to be left alone, Hope the weather gets better,I’m sure whatever you will have a great day,enjoy.
  4. Isabelle and I thank you for your kind words and hope you have a great EOSB Will keep an eye on the forum for results .
  5. Sorry can’t make this one Isabelle has had a stroke and we will be in hospital for a while . Hope everyone has a great time, thank you Jackie for inviting me to gate crash your Family celebration lunch time , and Richy i hope the launch of the caravan is a great success And Keith is right about the weather.Hope to see you all at future events soon .
  6. We’ve booked the Friday 9th & Saturday 10th see you all there, sorry Richy & Jackie even more pressure.
  7. Wow! Jacki & Richy what heroes, yet another great weekend despite the weather.many many thanks for your hard work and patience through all the challenges thrown at you, thanks also to everyone who attended and made it a very enjoyable weekend for everyone.
  8. Hi Richy, plan to meet you at Glassblobbery so Karen can keep Isabelle company a little longer. Aiming for around midday or any time you may suggest.
  9. Hi Zippy , Ham Egg Chips twice for Martin & Isabelle, Lasagne for Karen. Fruit Crumble for Martin Ice Cream for Karen, can they do a dairy and gluten free option for Isabelle?
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