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  1. marlin

    GPS speedo

    Not a cheap one, but what I really liked was the turn and hi beam indicators built into the dial. Unfortunately my dash layout makes it difficult to see. Trip indicator is a nice addition as an extra fuel level reminder. And practically unlimited customization, almost too many choices.
  2. marlin

    GPS speedo

  3. marlin

    GAZ Shock Adjustment

    They are not expensive tools and a good investment. Get the hinged ones that can be used on more than 1 size ring. If you have a locking ring you want to get 2 tools. The ATR shocks/dampeners have a locking ring, not sure about the GAZ. If GAZ have a Allen screw to lock the ring, Make sure the little rubber tip is at the bottom or you will damage the threads. Try not to use a screwdriver and hammer to turn the ring. Too much chance of slipping and causing damage.
  4. marlin

    GAZ Shock Adjustment

    Measure to the side rail where the side panel attaches, not the floor pan. This way measurement with or without the lowered floor would be the same. At the front of the rear wing is the correct placement. Raise the weight of the car off the spring to make the adjustment. Best with the correct C spanner tool. Be careful not to damage the threads. If height is low the locking ring may have loosened and you can make the adjustment with your hands. Can be done without removing the wheel but more difficult. Unweighted spring, adjust (tightening the spring raises the car body), lower car, give car a bounce, remeasure height. Hope this helps?
  5. marlin


    Not sure on the cam sensor? My Mazda motor uses one. The Ford may not? I'm sure someone will chime in shortly.
  6. marlin


    My 2 cents. Any overheating or chance that the crank and/or cam sensors are loose?
  7. marlin

    Wiring wiper motor.

    My white plug was funky from new. Check continuity of switch (small white bump in gear opens and closes switch). I took mine apart and found a wad of grease inside. Once cleaned up worked better.
  8. marlin

    Fitiing Windscreen

    kit spares P/N TRI0008. I just ordered the same.
  9. marlin

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    Electron flow is good! Indicators can be finicky. All need to be connected and you may have to add diodes to the circuit. Attached diagram maybe helpful? Credit to templar knight. This is again a different connector of the harness. See bottom of prior attachment. Aux plug Hazard wiring _lower dash panel switches.pdf
  10. marlin

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    easy first; Yes the power + from the battery goes to the bolt on the outside of the fuse box. The top "Ignition switch" section of the 'attachment' are for the connector that goes to the key/ignition switch on the steering column. I do not know what type of key barrel you are using? I have the information for a MX-5 Mazda barrel but if you are using a FORD it will be more difficult for me to help. But not impossible. The PUSH START button you have will go to the 2nd pink connector allowing you to start by button or key position. 'Battery Isolation switch' frequently is placed to cut power to everything, BUT you need the type of switch that turns off the alternator also or the engine may run on and/or fry the rectifier in the alternator. Did the switch not come with directions? The GBS loom is made to go with the other GBS premade wire harnesses and hence designed to be plug and play. Using just the chassis loom and everything else Robin Hood will add to the difficulty since I am not familiar with the Robin Hood wiring. With all the help on the forum I'm sure it is doable. Keep calm and wire on.
  11. marlin

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    Does this attachment help? What are the problems you are having? GBS_harness 051516.pdf
  12. marlin

    front indicator problems

    Obviously you need to change your blinker fluid.
  13. marlin

    pièce de résistance

    richy66 - thanks for the information will try to get it on the future agenda. Web link would be nice if handy? The bureaucracy in different places seem to be in our pockets different ways. If vanity plates were that expensive here I would never go for them. Here 50-80 extra is doable especially if it is something important or fun. 3 figures I'd be hard pressed to cough up let alone 6 figures. Living the dream? Yes, sometimes but it can be a night terror too. Consider our fearful leader, fires, guns, no affordable health care.... each place has pluses and minuses. Have considered moving over to your side of the pond since wife is from there. We will just keep flipping the coin. Cheers
  14. marlin

    winter body work

    Moog6 - great minds think differently
  15. marlin

    pièce de résistance

    Andi - it is a $50 added cost to the regular yearly fee, in California anyway. Other options than black or white available but cost more and supports various causes, fire fighters, environment, etc. richy66 - have never been to Portmeirion but someplace I've always wanted to visit. The Prisoner show had a big impression on me during my formative years. Is it still open to the public? Had to wait till my senior years to get the car though. In reality rear fog lights are unknown here. Even though we get a fair amount of fog here in northern California. People here only know of front fog lights. But you make a good point. The GBS chassis loom places the fog light on the right side and not looking for more work to do will probably just leave it alone. Will probably never remember to use it anyway, and other drivers would just think I'm riding my brakes anyway. nelmo - no IVA or MOT for kit cars but in California anyway you do need to go through a myriad of inspections, brake & light, CHP (california highway patrol), smog referee (if you want to be exempt from smog inspections, unique to kit cars in california), and the infernal beast of the DMV (department of motor vehicles), etc. I kept a humorous diary of sorts regarding the headaches I had getting the car registered. Will send it to anyone privately that is interested but it does need editing. Every state has different laws and requirements for car registration. I only have experienced California which I think is one of the worst. So the same plate could be issues by another state if they offer that option. Here is what my other kit car has;