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  1. marlin

    Alps in July?

    Worthy read. Looks like a grand time.
  2. If light placed below roll bar no interference with weather gear and light actually shines out rear window.
  3. sounds like money well spent, especially to stay healthy! Can you return it if it turns out not to be the issue? Here in the states they usually do not accept returns on electrical parts. I guess you can always sell one on the aftermarket. Good Luck. Keep us updated on results.
  4. Next in the KISS principal, take the alternator in for testing. How old is the battery for future thought?
  5. Besides alternator check belt, more likely the problem. I have 1warning light for everything on my tractor so make sure oil and coolant are good too.
  6. marlin

    1st time turn over

    If timing is way off you could be pushing against compression. Just a thought.
  7. The webmaster was apparently having a lot of problems with spam, etc. It had been flagged as 'Not Secure' by chrome for a long time. Still a shame for build information to be lost even if some of it was just 1 step up better than VHS build tapes.
  8. RIP this was planned apparently. Some good information lost to the ether.
  9. This was my first build. Enjoyed building so much took on the GBS next. Done building now due to the hassle of registering a kit in California . Can only drive 1 at a time anyway, even though wife thinks the GBS is hers.
  10. I have a machine that takes VHS and turns it into DVD. BUT, it is much easier to just go to YouTube and watch this stuff online since it has already been uploaded there. The whole set. You can download it off YT if you are desperate enough, have insomnia, a collector of trivia and technically savvy. I have done it being all the above. It's not really worth it, except for the insomnia. Stuart come on, join the new century, toss them in the dust bin, as you say.
  11. They look to me like what we call shaggy mane's which are eatable but I would have someone local make a positive ID before consuming. Stop watering would get rid of them. Good luck with that in the UK.
  12. Brexit is our entertainment over here. We have our own BIG problems as I'm sure is your entertainment over there. The base coat of POR-15 does change colo(u)r when exposed to UV light as mentioned above. They do offer a top coat to prevent this but most any other top coat will work also. It does level very smooth and hard to tell the difference even right next to plastic coat. If used on new clean metal, the metal needs to be etched.
  13. POR-15 (paint on rust) is a great base coat that needs no prep. then top coat with your favorite color (or is it colour?).
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