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  1. Actually in that post I don't think the LP pump died. I think it was never powered via the loom, that was my problem anyway. I had always tested the system by direct powering the LP pump just ass-um-ing the GBS harness would work correctly. The swirl pot was full on my first trip out and I can tell you, you can go 7.5 miles on a swirl pot full of fuel till you end up on the side of the road for your first drive out. Scratching your head. High heat will cause the Facet LP pump to stop working. GBS reply is "dump cold water on it and hit it with something to get it going again." My untest
  2. marlin

    LP fuel Pump

    Just connect to the + terminal on the hp pump. The lp pump is grounded in the loom at the rear of the loom.
  3. marlin

    LP fuel Pump

    Miked5, I’m running a Haltech Ecu and had to run the LP pump via a wire to HP pump even though using GBS loom. Just use the wire in the loom and run it to the hp pump. Works fine.
  4. marlin

    engine stand

    Good deal even on this side of the pond.
  5. Looks great. Really like the bonnet venting.
  6. marlin

    Heat soak

    Is it a cranking problem or running problem with the heat? If cranking check the ground cable to/from the battery and you may want to add another ground strap to the starter. If it is a running issue more than likely it is heat soaking of the swirl pot and HP pump in the engine bay. Tin tops do not have this setup and it is why I am in the process of moving everything to below the boot. Pumps do not like heat and we have more of it, it seems here in California (even though I'm in northern California) than in the UK.
  7. marlin

    Alps in July?

    Worthy read. Looks like a grand time.
  8. If light placed below roll bar no interference with weather gear and light actually shines out rear window.
  9. sounds like money well spent, especially to stay healthy! Can you return it if it turns out not to be the issue? Here in the states they usually do not accept returns on electrical parts. I guess you can always sell one on the aftermarket. Good Luck. Keep us updated on results.
  10. Next in the KISS principal, take the alternator in for testing. How old is the battery for future thought?
  11. Besides alternator check belt, more likely the problem. I have 1warning light for everything on my tractor so make sure oil and coolant are good too.
  12. If timing is way off you could be pushing against compression. Just a thought.
  13. The webmaster was apparently having a lot of problems with spam, etc. It had been flagged as 'Not Secure' by chrome for a long time. Still a shame for build information to be lost even if some of it was just 1 step up better than VHS build tapes.
  14. RIP this was planned apparently. Some good information lost to the ether.
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