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  1. marlin

    Moog6 Update

    "We make plans to know EXACTLY what will not happen." Congratulations on the change!
  2. marlin

    Website feedback thread

    I had problems with this too. I used 'find my present location', which was way off, then was able to push the pointer around to get it to the proper place using update now. Hope this helps but the software fix would be better. Marlin
  3. marlin

    Website feedback thread

    Cheers. Now to just get some visitors for some fun rides. :)
  4. marlin

    Website feedback thread

    Don't see MEMBER MAP under PORTAL?
  5. marlin

    Just wanted

    Looks great from over here but no way to reply or start new topic in INFORMATION / EVENTS area?
  6. marlin

    Brake And Clutch Cylinders

    spreadsheets sent. Let me know if any problems with them coming across the pond.
  7. marlin

    Brake And Clutch Cylinders

    Hi, Hopefully attached are 3 spread sheets I've gathered during my 2 car builds. No experience with them and they are a bit anal but internet information is "you get what you pay for". If someone needs these to be forwarded direct feel free to contact me. Hope they are some help. Marlin oops; Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file I guess no Excel spreadsheets allowed? If anyone would like them let me know.
  8. marlin

    Totally O/t. Anyone Into Canoes?

    Too much is just enough, to quote; "Carroll Shelby"
  9. marlin

    Sump Removal

    They are ridiculously cheap but it maybe a issue of you get what you pay for. NO, I don't have one yet but is high on my priority list. You want to have one or access to 1 via a friend before you need it. Interested to hear what you see in there. Better to look first and break in ignorance than just to break in anger. Patience has its virtues, said someone much wiser than me.
  10. marlin

    Sump Removal

    Well just for some humor. The fall back saying may apply? "Force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway." Can you get an inspection scope up into the pan to see what is the holdup?
  11. marlin

    Water Temp Gauge Issue

    Just a thought, make sure not to wrap the threads in Teflon tape or you will not have ground (earth).
  12. marlin

    Front Wings

    Yes. 3/4" conduit saddles, known as EMT (electrical metal tubing) straps over here. Here is a link to my supplier for the mounting studs; part # https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/124/3267/=1dadc63 , hopefully someone local has them. Used 1/4-20 x 1/2" and smaller ones also to mount the stone guards on to the front of the rear wings. Marlin
  13. marlin

    Front Wings

    This is how I mounted the front wings to ensure removal ability. So far up to 70 mph they have held. Note rivet in center of EMT strap to ensure no side-wards movement. Will need to drill out to remove wing. Bottom of wing is coated with truck bed liner to try and prevent 'starring' of GRP. I live 1 mile up a gravel road. Sport style wings used. Marlin
  14. marlin

    At What Speed Does A Baseball Hat Fly Off?

    The more expensive the hat, the lower the speed needed for it to fly away!!
  15. marlin

    Alternator Wiring

    Hi all, Can use some help. Had a 2001 alternator that is controlled by the stock ecu. This does not work with the new ecu so want to put in a 1997 alternator which has an internal regulator. I know that 2 wires need 12v, 1 with a lamp and resistor the other just 12v + the line to the battery of course. Questions, what is the size of the resistor needed to go with the incandesant bulb and which wire goes to which terminal of the plug? Oh, it's a MX-5 by the way. Thanks for any assistance Marlin