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  1. Andi, here you go... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=mustache-ride&amp=true
  2. Lots of interest. Potential buyer lined up for tomorrow. Be a shame to see it go but I just don’t have time to do it justice. Only 2 years left on the waiting list until my new atom lands and I doubt I’d finish the work I wanted to do on the zero by then
  3. Chamelion paint was made famous by TVR in the early 1990s and spread like wild fire thru the modified car scene. It was wildly expensive and renowned for its difficulty to match if a panel had to be repainted. A limited number if painters mastered it. Scratch repair is almost impossible. These days you rarely see it anymore, I assume due to its cost and complications.
  4. Sick of it now. I’ll give it away for £6000 if anyone wants it. Runs well. starts quite well but I would fit a new starter (probably Mk2 they turn faster) if I was keeping it Mazda GBS Zero 1800cc. It only has 560 miles on the clock from IVA. Compression test done on 15_06_2020, results 1-160, 2-159, 3-162, 4-160, text book! New plugs and leads fitted at the same time along with an oil and filter change. New diff oil seals and diff oil 30_6_2020 Spec is high and it has had a lot of money spent on the build. GBS Zero GT with lowered floorpan fitted with Mazda 1.8 twin cam engine. Registered Feb 2015 Spec of Car: This car is wrapped in pearlescant white with the upgraded front wings, powder coated chassis and GBS suspension parts etc etc. 1,8 Mazda engine, gearbox and diff from 1 owner MX5 1998 era, regularly serviced every 3000 miles from new. Car scrapped due to bodywork rot. All other parts are new ATR adjustable shockers New steering rack Emerald K6 ECU GBS wiring loom GBS Jenvey throttle bodies New battery. Stainless exhaust with sports cat. Pro race 1.2 15 inch wheels new discs and pads Smiths flight gauges Fully carpeted New belts and bucket seats. Windscreen and wipers fitted New tonneau cover partially fitted - needs studs fitting but I preferred it without. New hood and sidescreens supplied with car but still need fitting, again I prefer it without. High performance aluminium radiator. Lots more but feel free to ask questions. The wrap on the nose cone isn't the best but it's not terrible. The car was mapped by Aldon automotive and made 147bhp, on the money really. It has had a bit of work since to ensure the throttle bodies open to 90 degrees, and the brakes no longer stick on as they did then so I’d like to think it would see 150+ Thanks. 07432823248 Barry
  5. No disrespect intended. Quality looks high. I just like them ‘standard’ looking. It is, IMHO, a 1960s design and should be kept in its own era. The arch mods I like a lot however.
  6. Not keen on the wing or the splitter but the arches look great. Would be good to see it in the flesh
  7. Fingers crossed for the weather for the next one. If it’s raining I will pop along in the soft top anyway.
  8. Was a good meet last night. Good turnout of cars. I was in the white GBS parked by my mates black one on their own row. We didn’t mix too much we are still being cautious with social distancing. Hope no one thought is rude, same goes for not shaking anyone’s hands. Better safe than sorry and all that. So come on Andy, get some of those pictures you took uploaded
  9. Mrbarry

    Heat soak

    Been there fixed that. If you’re on a K6 ecu it will be as Brumater says. You need to play with initial prime to help cylinder wetting and then first to tenth turn enrichment. Beyond that it a bit pointless, who turns more than ten times without a rest. Mine was woefully low on initial crank and first to third turn enrichment at all temperatures but worst when hot. it was Brumster who pointed me in the right direction btw so big thanks Brumster.
  10. I have done a bit of work on mine to improve this. New brake and clutch master cylinders and aligning the height of the throttle cable helped. I have just moved the throttle take off point higher to reduce throw and have a bearing to run the cable over so it always enters the sleeve square and straight, this I have done before and it transforms the feel. I will post pictures once it’s done but don’t hold your breath I’m working flat out at the moment I don’t get time off to tinker.
  11. Anti freeze is also summer coolant. But most importantly it stops oxidisation of the waterways. Don’t know how long You’ve run it on pure water but I wouldn’t for too long. zetec running hot for emmisions wouldn’t be 118 degrees. Also we don’t map them for emission results on these cars as a rule
  12. Antifreeze will change the waters boiling point. It can help a bit. I would try boiling water as a first stop if you have no calibrated gauge to text against. It’s a cheap and easy way to prove it’s reading ok at 100 degrees.
  13. What gauge is it? It’s common for a temp gauge to be out by 20-30 degrees. Especially Smiths gauges. I had the same issue as you only to check it next to a calibrated device and find it was not running at all hot in reality.
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