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  1. Axel stands are a good call, I use blocks of wood under the lower ball joint plates. Keeps the rubber 10mm off the cold floor and I can spin the wheel now and then. Fuel lines is a must mine stink of leaking fuel. Good shout that man
  2. We are lucky. The wife pays about 7 or 8 quid a month for Ocado smart pass membership. We get special discounts and cheaper delivery. But it’s proof we are regular shoppers not chancers who had one cut price delivery then moved on in 2012. Now they have a separate site for smart pass members and guarantee one delivery per week, you get preference over none smart pass shoppers. As it should be! Care for their regular customers not random people. You do only have a 1 hour allotted window to fill your ‘basket’ each week to to keep site traffic low but that’s no problem. I’ll be doing my bit by staying home and working in isolation at work. Time for pretending It’s not happening is long past.
  3. Yeah locally it’s the same. Very much seems to depend on local council how far they take it. Accordingly there is to be a step up in efforts this weekend because people are still not staying in tho. There was a BBQ not far away a few days ago that the police had to split up. Come on people we know the rules As for gangs of kids playing on parks, well I hope they don’t get it because hospitals don’t accept family members any more. So a kid alone in hospital scared and I’ll, mum and dad at home no idea what is going on. Hospital visiting is not allowed under any circumstances around here. Not a nice thought. And god forbid they take a turn for the worse alone in hospital. How would that play on a parents conscience for the rest of their days?!
  4. Yeah there’s road blocks around here checking where people are travelling. My mrs has an official letter allowing her to travel as a key worker If the shops are open and you are close to home, so not joy riding 40 miles away, then you can go shopping alone. They take your reg and remember you tho, I wouldn’t try it twice! £30 as a fine is a joke tho, needs to be far far more to put some real deterrent in place £300 would make people think twice. My track car had no number plates but I would drive on the roads for testing, getting fuel etc (was road legal). I was stopped a few times and fined £30, like I told the coppers as long as you don’t stop me more than once a day I couldn’t give a damn about the fine because it’s not points. Drink drivers deserve to be caught. I shopped my old neighbour for it and she lost her licence for 18 months, I told her it was me too. No time for those people! Do what you want in your own life but don’t endanger my kids please.
  5. If you go 888 get GGG compound. Super soft and sticky, ideal for lighter cars because they heat up rapid. I’ve used them in the wet, no drama. Our cars are predominantly dry weather animals anyway. GGG, super sticky. Hmmmmmmmm. So many puns there.
  6. I’ll be working as normal. I am classed as safely cover because we have chlorine on site and I maintain the plant. If that leaked it would kill far more people than this new flu.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Commercial-Skip-Loader-Lorries-Trucks/122192/bn_57337628 sorry. Couldn’t resist They are a pita tho, one damaged the wife’s car last year. We was lucky it was on CCTV and when we approached the company they paid up cash no questions asked. Hope you get reimbursed
  8. Mrbarry

    Stuck Clutch

    It wouldn’t effect the bear box. The clutch is independent of the gear box. I’ve built dozens of gear boxes, mainly Toyota I admit, but the input shaft just sits inside the friction plate or plates of the clutch, nothing in the box moves with clutch action. Spring fingers of the pressure plate could be weakened I guess, they are put under a bit more pressure when you part the plates by pressing the clutch peddle as Brumster said. But they don’t move far, I’d be comfortable enough to leave mine pressed with out worrying. That said I have left cars for years and never had plates stick my self so I never gave it much thought.
  9. Talking of sleepers if love to V8 a Prius. A poke in the eco eye and funny to have a 700bhp super sleeper. Imagine it
  10. I find age makes a difference. Old Britool tools are excellent but their new stuff is land fill in the making. They do an ‘expert’ range that is a lot better but not exactly outstanding. Draper is exactly the same. Great brands are Facom, Halfords professional, king dick, snap on, Gedore. There’s loads of others I’m sure but I like those brands. It’s a shame but across the board quality has dropped on most brands because consumers buy Chinese crap and they have to find a way to compete in the market. Some Specialist tools are specific to some brands too. Irazola make exceptional screwdrivers. Draper Knipex for silver grips and side cutters. Bacho adjustable spanner’s (one size rounds all you could say, or one size fits none). Doesn’t matter what brand tho we all have favourites from personal choice. As already mentioned mechanics use a lot of snap on because they deliver and let you have the stuff on the never never. Their chests are excellent but £££££££WOW.
  11. Agreed Brumster. New metal lacks the mechanical oily feeling of older cars. That connection you got of man and machine which is so lacking today. Often it’s wise to appreciate the older cars from memory tho, revisiting the past can be like meeting your hero’s, vastly disappointing. I do love the simple honesty of older cars, but not the gremlins and long faded war wounds they inflicted.
  12. If it’s one car only it would be a 911. It’s a close call between that and a Golf R. The golf R is so versatile and all things to all men sort of a car, but just a Golf all the same. 911 is just a class act and one of the best all round cars I’ve ever driven. Lithe, agile, lively, quality, fast as you ever need, reliable..... it’s showy but not arrogant, can hustle and scratch yet fits in just about anywhere without the air of cockiness you get from an Aston, Fez, Lambo etc. Not great for carrying a washing machine but if you had lotto funds who cares. It would be nice desision to have to make anyway.
  13. I’d have a garage full. Aerial atom track toy. Golf R daily driver. Inconspicuous, reliable, remap to 400bhp makes a rapid comfortable do it all ride with decent build quality. 911 because 911! Bentley soft top for cruising Italy and Europe in the sun hotel to hotel. 1989 Toyota Celica GT4 ST165. (lightweight raw drive) 1990 Toyota Celica ST185CS. (For looks, has to be the ‘CS’) 1997 Toyota Celica GT4, GTX turbo and blue flame exhaust, Motex ECU, 350bhp and sweet drive. All for collections sake I love these cars. Metro 6R4, have you seen them up close! Wouldn’t want any of the Ferraris or Lambos have driven and that’s most of them. I’d love an F40 tho, legendary! Wouldn’t drive it just want one lol. Don’t much car for any of these cars to drive. Im sure there are other I could add as time ticked by. I’d have a few bikes too. My Blade, BMW S1000RR HP4 carbon, BMW S1000R sport, Suzuki B120 because I had one at 14. I wouldn’t have any ‘4x4’ style things. Nothing with a Diesel engine. I would have a Jag XFR estate for a tow car tho, get the atom at track days and back.
  14. I don’t need one and it’s too far from me. I have a twin piston compressor but single stage. Twin and triple stage compressors are so much better than single stage. A real work horse that. Quieter than single stage and higher CFM too.
  15. Bugger me that’s cheap for a two stage compressor.
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