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  1. Looking good. Get those trumpets into clean air
  2. Mrbarry

    Type 9 box

    There was a great website for calculating ratios but it’s closed. Put diff ratio and tyre size, RPM limit, peak torque RPM etc in and it suggested road and race ratios. I’m sure there will be others if you have a google. As for upgrading 4-5 speed, I doubt it, none of the boxes I’ve worked on could be done because the shafts have to be longer to accommodate an additional pair of gears. The selector rods would need to accommodate an extra fork, and a 4 speed box would likely need an additional selector rod entirely because push pull x 2 rods is 4 speed. Unlikely they wasted an extra rod when they didn’t need to! There are other issues too. I’m won’t say it’s impossible on all boxes tho because my experience is limited to a small percentage of what is out there. And back to the shafts for a moment, thinner gears can be used rather than longer shafts but you would loose surface area thus strength, that’s compounded if you go for straight cut gears, It also changes the length of throw for selector forks and selector fork locating. Im going to be proven wrong now I know it
  3. Mrbarry

    Type 9 box

    If you can build an engine you can build a box. Much easier. You need a few different tools but as long as you can read and measure you’ll be fine. Workshop manuals for gear box’s are easily downloaded. I’ve done dozens of manual box’s, never tried an auto. I would love a straight cut set for mine, 1-4 anyway, leave 5 helical for cruising.
  4. Missed this post lol. Went to the Harrows and then headed off to see the sister in law, was too late when we got home. Should have thought to check the spread
  5. Will this be on again next month? Monday 4th? Weather permitting I’ll be there. My mate will be along in his zero too.
  6. Mrbarry

    Exhaust repair

    Agreed. The world is becoming both automated and throw away. I’m afraid I’m guilty of assisting it too, I build electrical control for automated systems. It was a skill to watch, the dent didn’t simply push out from behind, it was very solid and took some extreme heavy hitting with a 2lb lump hammer believe it or not, all be it one with a mirror polished face. We didn’t have an anvil so makeshift tube in vice was used, then on to smaller hammers and dollies before filing, sanding and polishing.
  7. Mrbarry

    Exhaust repair

    Yeah I watched him do it, it took hours. He said it’s the hardest stainless he has ever seen. Work hardened I guess being hot and cold all the time. Vert impressive anyway.
  8. Mrbarry

    Exhaust repair

    I had a huge dent in my exhaust, I’m sure some of you will have seen it at the recent GBS open day. Steve at GBS was extremely helpful in offering a solution, a friend offered to sort it for me tho. He was a sheet metal worker and beat it back into round then polished it back up. Well chuffed. Did the extra rivet mod whilst it was off the car to stop the rattle. Before, during and after pictures:
  9. I made a set from polyurethane in my last car. Very stif and you felt it vibrating in the cabin, I can’t tell you how great the driving experience tho. Best thing I ever did. Would not want them on a daily driver however.
  10. Seems a mute point on our cars, the exhaust is at the side of the passenger compartment anyway, and with no roof.....
  11. Me and the mrs would have been there but we are in A and E instead, doubt we will be out of here in a hurry its as busy as usual.
  12. Looks likely yeah. I was going to try to kill them off, but actually as long as they don’t spread I think they are quite nice in an odd sort of way. I guess they have been growing there for years, new house this January, so unlikely they will spread or they already would have by now.
  13. I can make it. Unsure about the kit but fingers crossed. Doing a few small jobs at the moment.
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