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  1. I’m after a tool chest at a fair price that is fair quality. Not looking to spend snap on money, I don’t feel they are worth the price anyway. I’d say upto £500 for a roll along with a middle and top chest. Halford’s have a set reduced from £1050 to £479 this week. Any other suggestions or ideas.
  2. Mrbarry

    Emerald Zetec map wanted

    Recently had my zero mapped and it’s running great now. My mate is booked in for his IVA but wants a decent base map if any one has one, spec is as follows. Standard GBS crate engine, zetec black top standard injectors standard plenum standard exhaust with cat no egr valve my engine is a MX5 so he can’t use mine lol. If anyone has a map you could send me we would both be very greatfull
  3. Mrbarry

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    Lots of diesel cars use low pressure lift pumps and a sort of swirl pot as standard. On petrol cars its not worth the cost for a road car. A more common solution for more sporty cars is baffled tanks, reliable as the day is long but not as good as a swirl pot. Foam filled tanks are also effective for anti surge of fuel, not only does it reduce the risk of air in the fuel it keeps the weight of the fuel fairly stable during direction changes.
  4. Well if I was you Id read the paperwork. Not all of them are a rip off. Internet opinions (mine included) are not informed, guess work and normally bitter about things like warantees. I have had my XFR from new and it came with a 3 year warantee, after almost 3 years a headlight steamed up and needed replacing, they did it no questions asked, a new one is £997.51p supply only. After the three years they offered me an extended main dealer warantee for £1000 a year and I declined, its just over 7 years old now so that would have cost me £4000 had I taken it each year. In the last 4 years Ive replaced the rear camera loom at £40, the drivers window regulator at £140, and the rear dampers at £450. All would have been covered. But the cost is still far less than the warantee. Granted I fitted them all my self so there would have cost more fitted. Currently the electronic handbrake is playing up, about once every two or three weeks it comes on and straight off again, a red triangle and warning comes on the dash saying ebrake fault. A restart of the engine fixes it so no drama yet. When it totally fails however I believe its not a cheap fix most times. Hmmmmm.
  5. Mrbarry

    I Hate This Guy...

    F40. Drool!!!!!
  6. Red or black? If something goes wrong that costs more than £450 it is, if not then no. Roulette with car parts. You will find they dont provide the warrantee but simply pay a third party company who provide warrantees and give you the paperwork. Ask who its with, you may get it cheaper direct if they are profiteering. You may find it costs you more direct because they may get group discount. If it is a genuine ford warantee for that price its very cheap.
  7. Mrbarry

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    Added bonus of that is the oil pressure at the switch tends to be the lowest anywhere in the engine, furthest from the pump etc. You need to restrict the flow to the turbo or you get much more lag and spoil up time than you should, it results in premature oil seal failure too. So many people fail to restrict the flow to turbos, they assume more oil the better On a TD04 Id use an oil feed restricter with a 1.2 - 1.5 mm hole, what oil feed lines are you using?
  8. Mrbarry

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    I use an app on my iPhone 8 that does GPS speedo reading and is extremely accurate. It can read in mph, kph, average speed if you want. It tracks your route, max speed, all sorts. Theres loads of apps that do it. Its slow to update on acceleration, perhaps 1/2 second, so no good to time 0-60 or anything but still good. I put it on my dash in my jag set to head up display where it auto adjusts to brightness and works like a charm. So whilst not a permanent speedo as such it does a job if you ever need a work around, or just a HUD for fun.
  9. Mrbarry

    Land Owner Register

    Im moving house shortly and have found a place with a big garage. Thats the important part over now onto the trivia. The house is in a village and has views on two sides of farmland as far as the eye can see. Only issue is will it be built upon in the future? You never know do you. Im paying for the views but Im not buying them. The house has a river for the boarder of the garden on two sides, the same sides as the views, so I know no one can build super close to that, but does anyone have any good sites or links to planning applications, land owners registers etc? Yes my solicitor will do these searches but whilst Im waiting I was interested in looking my self.
  10. Mrbarry

    Led Rear Lights

    Never seen a set that suit the car. Its hard to get anything that doesnt look like an after thought. The cars are a 1970 design so modern lights look at best questionable IMHO. Id love to be proven wrong tho because the correct lights are agricultural at best. They are at least in keeping with the cars however.
  11. Mrbarry

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    No right answer here. Can only say dont spend a pound on a 1p job. Theres a sweet spot in life where the returns for input start to be negligible. Diminishing returns and all that. A Garret turbo will out perform a Chinese one by a mile, but GT and GTX range turbos are a mile apart on price but not performance. Do you just want to add a bit of pine and enjoy 230bhp or do you want a precision engineered thoroughbred race car? Ive seen good numbers from Chinese turbos on evos but they dont tend to last long. A Mitsubishi turbo like an TD06 can be a far more reliable turbo there but you need to match its trim to YOUR engine. Cams, breathing, desired boost level and power band. Compressor maps are a pita to read at the best of times. Get it wrong youll have lots of lag or compressor surge, but on the whole a TD04 suits most 1800 or 2.0 lumps fairly well. R&D = ££££
  12. Mrbarry


    Well I decided to weigh those 17s with the tyres and the 15s with tyres. By fitting pro race 1.2s in 15 inch Ive saved 33kg in total, 7kg per wheel and Ive not removed the spacers at 1.25kg each. Those are accurate numbers too. Pro race 1.2 with 195/59/15 RainSport 3 is 12.8kg. Looking at that youre talking 8kg per corner unsprung weight. And because Ive removed 30mm spacers and altered the offset by 25mm they are 5mm closer to the center of the car now, shorter moment of inertia for the dampers to control. Add those two together it should be far better in the corners. Still have no idea what brand the black wheels are lol.
  13. Mrbarry


    Have fitted my new wheels today, 15 inch team dynamics 1.2 in the end because they came my way with new RainSport 3 tyres for a song. They look a bit lost in the arches after removing the 17s I had on there but Im sure the handling will be better as a result. I will be advertising the old wheels on eBay but have no idea what brand they are, was hoping someone here might be able to help. They are 17x7 et40 made in Italy. I know no more lol. I do know the tyres are Autogrip P308 lol. Good old 205/40/17s.
  14. Mrbarry

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    That may take some time
  15. Mrbarry

    Smell Of Fuel

    Lots of places to look then. Shouldnt be a bad job as the car is in bits at the moment anyway. Going to hit a good few jobs in one hit. Thanks for the replies and Ill be sure to check the hose rating thanks.