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  1. Many thanks. I have managed to get it fitted (probably temporarily) with an extra exhaust flange and extra gasket between the manifold and the engine.
  2. Many thanks for replying
  3. Hi Dan

    I have the same question I believe as another member has asked and that is reference getting insurance in place for when I tow my GBS Zero to the IVA test.

    What is the best way to contact you for a quote on this please?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  4. I thought this might be part of the problem but having put a spirit level across the bottom of the raceline sump it is pretty level with there only being 1mm difference on my vernier (between the level and the chassis) from the left side to the right side.
  5. Another quick question - can the rear diffuser be fitted to the car for the IVA test?
  6. Hmmm - mine just wont fit even when I rotate the silencer to the optimum position. I just can't see why just being a few mm off centre that this should throw out my silencer position by that much! If you are achieving 10mm then I would have thought I would get a gap of 5/6mm yet I can't even slide the two bits together because it is so hard against the body!!
  7. Many thanks for confirming.
  8. I did speak with them and this same point was raised - everything checks out but I couldn't really obtain any points of reference i.e. the 'normal' gap between the manifold and the bodywork and/or the 'normal' gap between the silencer and the bodywork! The conversation kept reverting to my engine being a few mm off centre. Are you able to confirm the approx. gaps I should be getting?
  9. Another quick question, having run my engine for the first time just a couple of hours ago - which was a BIG moment and all seemed okay, apart from it being a bit noisy due to manifold/silencer issues. My fan is front mounted to the radiator and it seems to be 'pulling' air from the engine out towards the grille when my feeling is it should be doing the opposite! Could anyone online please confirm. Thanks in advance
  10. Sorry to be a pain but I have faced more challenges today ahead of (trying) to get my car ready for IVA in just over a week! Can anyone confirm how close the silencer sits to the side of the bodywork? I am currently unable to fit mine onto the manifold (done up tight to the engine) because it is touching the bodywork to the point that the two bits cannot be aligned. I know my engine is sitting a few mm off centre to the chassis but it surely cannot be that close. Thanks in advance of anyone's thoughts/comments.
  11. Many thanks for responding. I will have to decide on my best option based on the various suggestions offered.
  12. Thanks for replying - I believe you are right and I should have gone for the one without cap. Problem is, I am now committed as it is bought and fitted and I was just hoping someone else may have gone this route and could therefore possibly confirm if both caps were the same psi rating that I would get away with it! What I don't know is, if the radiator can take greater than 10psi as that is the cap it was supplied with? - probably best if I go for both at 10psi rather that both at 20psi, although this won't necessarily be helpful to me on overall cooling. The GBS/Kit Spares equ
  13. Another query I have as I try to get ready for my IVA. My radiator cap is rated 10psi and the one supplied by GBS on the new thermostat housing is rated 20psi. Presumably, the system will only work correctly if these are rated the same - my question being, which one would I be best advised to change? I would appreciate anyone's thoughts/comments before I order one. Thanks in advance.
  14. It seemed logical to me but not being a mechanic (like most of you other guys) I thought I must be missing something!! Many thanks for replying.
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