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  1. DoctorDee

    First run

    Absolutely great....I admire your perseverance
  2. DoctorDee

    I don't believe it....

    Thankyou . That's a big help
  3. DoctorDee

    Veethree gauges

    That's modern technology for you, outstripping the regulations. It's an ambiguity. If your speedo is GPS then it is working, It needs a road test to establish it is so. If a road test is undertaken then the operation of the speedometer is established. I'd ring or drop in at your local MOT shop and ask him/her how they view GPS speedo's. A friend has just fitted one to his latest trike and that passed it's MOT.
  4. DoctorDee

    I don't believe it....

    Nicko Where would I find the number in order to read it
  5. DoctorDee

    I don't believe it....

    Thank you Gentlemen for your wise counsel....I didn't want to attack the filler with my favourite semi sharp object without a little reassurance. As far as the ignition key is concerned I am probably on a no hoper purchasing a new barrel set....kitspares sell em along with quite a few vendors on ebay but they all want reference numbers etc. I have the spare key so it's on the phone to my local locksmith. Unfortunately the key ring fob cannot be replaced. I have had it since 1969. It was a gift from my best friend.
  6. DoctorDee

    I don't believe it....

    The catch phrase may be amusing but the result is not Lost the keys to Lobby Ludd......The main set anyway.. I have still got a spare ignition key... Phew you may say or not So cmon lads n lasses...Where do I get a replacement ignition key for a ford sierra.....no clever dikkie answers like "Have you tried Ford" Probably right though.....I will go into my Ford Dealership where they will go "A what" and fall down laughing... The real problem is...... how do I remove the petrol filler cap without the little key thingie As usual... any help will be really appreciated Piccies of fuel filler cap below
  7. Earlier this week I was attempting some serious mental arithmetic. The focus of my cranial gymnastics being the rapidly spiraling cost of what started out as a front cycle guard remount. I could , of course, simply pull out the invoice file, (I do keep them all), fire up the old calculator and 2 minutes later.....I'd be depressed. Instead, I decided to rename the Robin Hood 2B previously known as "Gladys". Those of you, of a certain age, may remember a fictional character made popular by the Daily Mirror...."Lobby Ludd" He was created to promote the sale of newspapers during the traditional "Wakes Week" holidays.... "Lobby Ludd" would frequent one of the bigger sea side resorts..... He would select a holidaymaker, send in a description of same to the paper. The Mirror would then publish it...... If you believed you were it, then you made a claim for the prize with the following phrase.. My name is "your name" and I claim my five pounds. Your probably wondering what this has to do with the cost of gold plated front cycle wing mounts....precisely nothing. However, a Fiver was quite a lot of money in 1957. Which would explain why my Father and Uncle kept banging on about "Lobby Ludd" the whole week we were all on holiday together that year. To summarise, £5.00.00 in 1957 is worth @ £127.00 in 2019...... It has increased in value 25 times. This is approximately the size the costs have swollen on my little front cycle wing remount project.... Henceforth, "Gladys" my 2B, will change sex and be known as "Lobby Ludd". This will serve as a reminder that every time I start a little project on him. It's probably going to cost me 25 times more that expected.
  8. DoctorDee

    Little Jobbies

    Little Jobbies turn into big Jobbies.... This started out as a relatively small Jobbie, i.e. fitting new cycle wings to Gladys...small kerchiing Decided the existing bracketry resembled something that had been discarded during the refurbishment of the Iron Bridge at Telford... After much deliberation and research I decided upon a set of well made MK sports car brackets...bigger kerching I had to spray said brackets using Frosts Chassis paint. During this process I decided it would be a jolly good idea to respray the remainder of the suspension assembly...slightly bigger kerching.... In order to make respray easier I have to remove coil over suspension units.....coil compressors and much sphincter twitch... Decide it ill be a good idea to swop out crappy existing suspension units... even bigger mega kerching. or BIG JOBBIE
  9. DoctorDee

    It's just NUTS

    Many thanks chaps....one of the great benefits of club life.. sharing Used Westfield years ago....pleased to see they are still going
  10. DoctorDee

    It's just NUTS

    Anyone got a good on line supplier of Nuts, Bolts and Washers they would be prepared to share.... Baited breath.....any help is gratefully appreciated as usual
  11. DoctorDee

    Cycle Wing Stays

    Thanks for the information both.... MK wing stays do bolt to the lower ball joint nut..... Thanks you have just jogged my memory...... must get hold of some thread lock as the little bottle is empty
  12. DoctorDee

    Cycle Wing Stays

    MarkBzero thanks for that...... Is your zero based on sierra hubs?
  13. DoctorDee

    Cycle Wing Stays

    I had hoped to use the MK Indy Cycle wing mounts to attach the new wings to "GLADYS". The pinch bolt on the hub carrier, (which holds the upper ball joint in place), is the fixing point for the upper part of the mounting bracket.....see pic This bolt is way too short to provide an adequate mount. Just wondered if anyone has used the MK wing mounts and had similar problem....If they replaced this pinch bolt do they have a spec As always, any help will be really appreciated
  14. DoctorDee

    Steering Wheel Boss

  15. DoctorDee

    Steering Wheel Boss

    Pretty sure I have one still in it's box hiding in the garage....I'm in the middle of the annual tidy up....Leave it with me till tomorrow