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  1. DoctorDee


    If you have the reciept...Take the battery back ....They should give you a new one Had the same thing on one of my trikes...Battery two years old...Three year guarantee.
  2. Brackets from MK sports cars
  3. You could just ring Dave at Dampertech .... I did
  4. Many, many thanks young Skywalker.....saved me a lot of silliness
  5. Gentlemen, as a starting point I am swapping out the current master cylinder and replacing with a Ford ka ... as suggested. As usual there is always a question.... Does any one know if the threads the orifices the brake pipes nipples screw into are metric on the KA... As usual salutations and felicitations in advance of any replies
  6. Many thanks for the info chaps. Here's a couple of piccies showing the level of engineering excellence which continues to challenge my health and temper. Anybody recognise the master cylinder shown. It looks nothing like any of the photo's of the 1985 Sierra....
  7. Although "Lobby Ludd" has sidled comfortably through the roller brake test in 2 MOT's during my term of ownership. I have zero confidence in my ability to bring said vehicle safely to a halt in emergency stop conditions..... In fact, the pedal pressure needed to stop "thing", is beyond that, which a normal human being could apply.... The pedal goes rock hard long before the brakes can lock... The brake system appears to contain standard sierra components but without servo.... I wish to create some "feel" at the pedal whilst being able to lock the wheels.... I assume that to do this I would need to reduce the diameter of what appears to be the standard 22mm master cylinder, or increase the diameter of the caliper pistons.. Any advice, will as always , be gratefully received.
  8. Once again, many thanks for your assistance
  9. Nothing surprises me with this car....absolutely nothing
  10. Thank you gentlemen.. As always, your replies are informative, concise and most importantly make sense to a village idiot...IE me The gauge functioned when I picked up the vehicle.......At some point it has ceased to operate It's positioned on the nearside of the vehicle.... It's not visible from the drivers seat.... Nuts isn't it Looking at the photograph of the sender you can see that there is shed loads of PTFE tape around the threads.... I will get out me length of wire with crocodile clip soldered on to it... Report back I will... there may be a delay as I am rebuilding the front suspension and brakes at the moment There is so much that is cockeyed with this thing I am seriously kicking myself. I paid way over the odds for it.. Thanks again
  11. I wouldn't be on here asking silly questions AGAIN if the Title of this post was not relevant One of these piccies is a oil pressure gauge....... The other is a sender What a clever dickie I am !!! The pressure gauge once lit up never reads less than 100 psi The sender, I assume, operates the o/p gauge and a low pressure light... Either the high oil pressure reading is the result of a duff sender,(please Lord), or a stuck oil pressure relief valve. On a Zetec 2 litre that means sump off, etc.etc..... Hallo Mr Ford parts man, here's an engine no, ......"Need a chassis/ reg no mate" etc, etc Any road up. As the gauge is one of those flashing light thingies and not a wavy pointy needle thing.... Does this mean that all the senders that am on ye olde evilbay are about as much use as the proverbial chocolate fire guard. As usual, any advice will be gratefully received
  12. DoctorDee

    First run

    Absolutely great....I admire your perseverance
  13. That's modern technology for you, outstripping the regulations. It's an ambiguity. If your speedo is GPS then it is working, It needs a road test to establish it is so. If a road test is undertaken then the operation of the speedometer is established. I'd ring or drop in at your local MOT shop and ask him/her how they view GPS speedo's. A friend has just fitted one to his latest trike and that passed it's MOT.
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