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  1. My son is on his 3rd Subaru Impreza.......He tells me that as an average, on each vehicle he has spent 40% of the original purchase price on "restoration" and again as an average made 15% on resale..... His approach..... " Dad, we will never get back the money we have spent or any thing like it if we add in labour. We do it cos we enjoy fixing the pain in the arse problems with which we are often confronted. We derive a somewhat perverse pleasure from standing back and thinking ,right you b***ard, sorted that out, then we turn around and there is something else t" I have spent circa £2700 so far and my 2B is nowhere near roadworthy.
  2. This is an old piccie ... .I inherited this set up..... It's not sexy but it gives you an idea . I am going to change it at some point
  3. Random, sorry, just getting over a spinal op....... Will have a hunt around ....If nothing on file will go up there the morrow and then post
  4. Mine is between the frame rails and is the original rad from the donor sierra....Not very sexy, but happily cools a 2 litre zetec
  5. Bought a fiat 124 master cylinder for my zetec 2b Every spec I look at,(including the invoice that came with it) tells me that bore is 19mm and outlets are m10 thread 1mm. Ordered some m10 male brake unions thread 1mm and got on with making an adaptor bracket for M/cyl. Unions arrived... won't screw in Found some in garage in marked up bag...won't screw in, Am I missing something really obvious? Any help will be really appreciated
  6. Try ringing Dave at Damperttech....If he can't help he'll tell you so, If he can help, you will save an awful lot of time.
  7. Thanks magh.....will give them a bell
  8. There is always a way.... So I have a KA master cylinder which I will have to use with a remote reservoir in order that the bonnet will close......What did you use for your master cylinder push rod please Dan
  9. Are right, so Mr Logical eventually surfaced,(thanks in no small part to the Brumsters spread sheet and Peters comments), I decided to start at the beginning and work my way to the end. Try a pedal ration of 3.56 to 1 without a servo.....don't see how a 19mm master cylinder is going to compensate for that.
  10. Thanks Peter, I wouldn't burn "Thing". It's currently on axle stands and I built the garage it sits in especially for it. The Garage is worth more than the car. I laid a driveway from the front gates to the bottom, or top, (depending how you look at it) of the garden. Nope, wouldn't burn "Thing"..... It would be a complete admission of total and utter failure. I bought "Thing" as a "just runner", about four or five years ago. This is the history based on the box of paperwork I was given by it's previous owner. It seems to have started life as a bit of a "budget" build, somewhere in the North East of England.. It originally had a pinto engine and a brake servo. Shortly after it got through it's SVA it was sold to someone in the West of Country. The engine was changed for a Zetec 2 litre and the brake servo removed, (no room), instrumentation changed and a multi function motorcycle speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge and all sorts of other stuff. Wires everywhere behind the dash..... Engine management system was programmed by the gent who converted it.. again it seems to have been a bit of a "budget rebuild. It went through a further two owners hands before the "idiot savaunt", (myself) came along and was daft enough to buy it. After purchase I discovered it leaked water everywhere, drained the battery overnight, alternator began screaming like a banshee and had the stopping power of a tea tray on wet grass.... plus a cast of thousands Replumbed it, sorted the alternator, stopped the battery drain. Then my wife fell ill, then I fell ill... Unrelated stuff ...These things happen when you get past sixty..... hey ho Onwards and upwards,,, back in the garage ....we will not be beat Thankyou for your kind reply, will let you know what I end up with....Big thanks once again to brumster for the use of his spread sheet .
  11. Thanks that's very kind of you. Sorry, letting my insecurities show through in my last post.... Onward and upward, stiff upper eyebrow an all that.... I feel a gallon of fuel and a zippo moment coming on.....
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