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  1. DoctorDee

    It's just NUTS

    Many thanks chaps....one of the great benefits of club life.. sharing Used Westfield years ago....pleased to see they are still going
  2. DoctorDee

    It's just NUTS

    Anyone got a good on line supplier of Nuts, Bolts and Washers they would be prepared to share.... Baited breath.....any help is gratefully appreciated as usual
  3. DoctorDee

    Cycle Wing Stays

    Thanks for the information both.... MK wing stays do bolt to the lower ball joint nut..... Thanks you have just jogged my memory...... must get hold of some thread lock as the little bottle is empty
  4. DoctorDee

    Cycle Wing Stays

    MarkBzero thanks for that...... Is your zero based on sierra hubs?
  5. DoctorDee

    Cycle Wing Stays

    I had hoped to use the MK Indy Cycle wing mounts to attach the new wings to "GLADYS". The pinch bolt on the hub carrier, (which holds the upper ball joint in place), is the fixing point for the upper part of the mounting bracket.....see pic This bolt is way too short to provide an adequate mount. Just wondered if anyone has used the MK wing mounts and had similar problem....If they replaced this pinch bolt do they have a spec As always, any help will be really appreciated
  6. DoctorDee

    Steering Wheel Boss

  7. DoctorDee

    Steering Wheel Boss

    Pretty sure I have one still in it's box hiding in the garage....I'm in the middle of the annual tidy up....Leave it with me till tomorrow
  8. DoctorDee

    Strangulated Kazoo

    I did check that the clothes peg hadn't broken....it was fine
  9. DoctorDee

    Strangulated Kazoo

    No servo I'm afraid
  10. DoctorDee

    Strangulated Kazoo

    You have to be of a certain generation to remember a kazoo..... Those amongst us have a hazy recollection of the sound they used to make .....may be able to proffer some suggestions as to what is causing the strange noise that has afflicted my 2 litre zetec blacktop... It appears to be coming from below the throttle body..... It is audible, (very), on tickover......... it seems to remain the same when I blip the throttle or increase the revs.. it was intermittent when t started, (30 miles ago)....now it's pretty continuous
  11. DoctorDee

    Best Polish For Stainless Steel

    Briliant polish...... have used it on every trike and bike I've owned and now "Gladys" gets the Briliant treatment Heritage Steam Supplies....... Internet only
  12. DoctorDee

    Blow By Blow

    First thing I did....but thanks for the reminder
  13. DoctorDee

    Propshaft Smashed Through The Tunnel

    You are an extremely lucky chap.....glad you are OK
  14. DoctorDee

    Blow By Blow

    Eggcellent thought....won't investigate, will simply add washers... washers are gooood... This thing is getting to me
  15. DoctorDee

    Blow By Blow

    I have a 2 Litre Zetec Blacktop with a blow from the head to exhaust manifold...... The engine came out of Swansea in 2005 according to the bar code... The manifold I believe is Fiesta I'm on my third exhaust exhaust gasket and none fit Any help will be appreciated as usual On the basis that I am a complete dunce. Picture attached