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  1. Thanks for the very comprehensive diagrams. I have the larger / outer hoop. I can see the smaller one fits inside, which had not occurred to me.
  2. Hi, My car has always had one folding hoop and the roof has been supported by the roll bar, but I've bought a new roof and due to it's shape I think it now needs two hoops as described above. I'm considering having a duplicate made which would then hinge off the first hoop. Any comments or things I should consider? Can anyone send me any photos of their set-up please? Regards.
  3. I going down on Monday from Manchester, avoiding motorways.
  4. This look interesting as I live in Tameside. I'll have to see how quickly I can replace the front dampers.
  5. Hi, I've just received new dampers from Dave at Dampertech, Rotherham. the problem is the bolts on the car are 9.4mm and the damper bushes take 12mm. Can anyone say whether these the wrong dampers or is there something else I need to do please to fit them?
  6. I usually take a shopping list of parts, trim etc - loads there.
  7. Wow, glad to be back. It's been too long.

  8. Correct Longboarder. Thanks for the replies. I shall make a video /audio recording and check for induction leaks.
  9. Dip the clutch or coast, the sound goes down.
  10. It used to be an occasional quirk but now, once the engine is up to temperature and the car is moving and the engine under some load, there seems to be a whistling sound from somewhere. It is at a constant pitch irrespective of road or engine speed. It stops when I slow down. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this. I though it could be radiator cap but I changed this - no change to the sound. Thanks for reading.
  11. I've had a few over the years. What destroys mine is high winds and gusts. The movement wears the water proofing and soon after weakens the fabric. I've invested in a cargo net 'thing' which I hope will stop the crazy fluttering that happens when the wind picks up.
  12. The coning tower is the important bit. Imagine how useful that would be when you visit a circuit for a race meeting! a decent periscope should be fitted.
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