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  1. Ah, no. I won be able to go to that one -but thanks for pointing that out.
  2. Sounds good. Sorry I have prior commitments too.
  3. My reply does not appear here - anyway. I'll be there at Alderly Edge tomorrow too.
  4. Yes, at least me at Charity Farm on Sunday.
  5. Back off holiday. Plans to drive to Alderley Edge?
  6. GambolGold


    Hi, Do you still have this to sell, after almost a year?
  7. Wanted: folding hoops to hold roof. Its for an S7 Mk3 but could be standard Robin Hood.
  8. Thanks for the very comprehensive diagrams. I have the larger / outer hoop. I can see the smaller one fits inside, which had not occurred to me.
  9. Hi, My car has always had one folding hoop and the roof has been supported by the roll bar, but I've bought a new roof and due to it's shape I think it now needs two hoops as described above. I'm considering having a duplicate made which would then hinge off the first hoop. Any comments or things I should consider? Can anyone send me any photos of their set-up please? Regards.
  10. I going down on Monday from Manchester, avoiding motorways.
  11. This look interesting as I live in Tameside. I'll have to see how quickly I can replace the front dampers.
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