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  1. how do i get the club badge ontonone of these hats
  2. i posted some pics of mine on here some ware paul.
  3. ragey

    Big Breakfast Meet

    i only have one and it sits between my shoulders
  4. ragey

    Big Breakfast Meet

    sorry the 11th im a tit
  5. Big breakfast meet at malton yorkshire porsche garage it gets a bit of every thing there on sunday 9th Paul.
  6. We it looks like the weather has got the better of this run most of the lads who were going have pulled out theres a couple still going to brave it but it looks like its going to be put back. my car is fighting me all the way so it would not have got there any way. Sorry Paul.
  7. Just a thought but i have see people camping there dont know if that helps
  8. Hi mate. Drax golf club is just the other side of the bridge, post code for the club is YO88PJ. Paul.
  9. hi Sorry for the late reply. Were most people are meeting is at drax club house which is outside of drax power station at 9 to 9.30 on sunday morning. From there we go York, Thirsk, Helmseley ,Guisborough, Castleton Hutton-le-hole, Rosedale abbey , were we stop at a pub called The Coach House, to let us regroup and have some lunch if you want some.That will be about 1ish. Then of to Grosemont were Andy intends to stop cos he likes steam trains and regroup, Next its of to Low Dale and the tarmac stage of the Dalby Forest rally its nine miles long and it costs 7 pound to dr
  10. yes i think there on the itinerary
  11. The guy who organising it was going to talk to the pub owner of the first stop catchup point to see what the best time was to get there. but i think he was going to set of from drax club around 10 to 10.30ish, getting to Scarborough at 4ish. Seems you've got it covered what ever the weather. Paul
  12. updat on cars if they all turn up its going to be a right mixed bag. lotus elan 2 elises 2 exiges 1 xr3i 1 tr6 1 stag 2 xkrs 1 xk8 1 striker 3 boxters 1 chesil speedster 1 vx200 and 3 hoods
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