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  1. I believe it's the original from the self build in 1998
  2. I can follow your line of thought; all dependant on the back pressure (under/over pressure created within the engine bay) Here's an interesting article running the engine cooling system at a higher pressure allowing the engines to run 90 deg's F above stock limiting the effects of cooling drag by tapping up the radiator vents. https://jalopnik.com/the-fascinating-reason-why-nascar-engines-run-so-hot-1835071544 Also noticed; not only are the vent scoops reversed as you said they sunk below the body line. So in essence keeping things standard without changing the cooling system as per NASCAR (£££) one needs to ensure engine bay pressure is always lower than the inlets
  3. Relatively new to kitcars; always wanted to build my own 7, this came along and I grabbed it with both hands. Yes I could see the scoop having positive & negative effects on the air intake; possibly the reasoning behind the two hoods available. This scoop design plus the open 360 with the pancake filter poking up out through the hood. Shall take a look once I have her back on the road.
  4. Here's my 1998 Tornado Raptor on the day of collection
  5. Hi Mark I have just purchased a 1998 Tornado Raptor Rover V8; wee bit of tidying up to do over the winter, looking forward to getting her out the road. Cheers David
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