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  1. Good evening all, Sorry but due to current Covid raised response, I am now on standby at work for the weekend, so I will not be available to do the runout. It does not stop you guys from doing the run. Steve P.
  2. The punt is going even better. Took the back panel of and the frame is not touched. The tin work on the panel just needs pushing out. I now think the back took the hit straight on the rear wheel and wheel arch and they absorb the back impact.
  3. Darrell if it is your box that has split I can lend you one of mine to get you through next week run out. Steve
  4. I have just bought new top and bottom wish bones from GBS, got some new coilover in my bits store. Tonight I have pulled the back panel off the frame to flatten the dink on the offside. The frame is straight put lasers on it. It was a cheap buy. The guy who sold it to me had new underwear on when I met him it was his first track day second lap. Bad for him great for me.
  5. I must be mad, I picked up a while ago a track day damaged Zero. Minor structural, loads of fibreglass damage and some panel dents. I kept looking at it and finally took it down off the wall (new form of workshop wall art) I said I was not going to build another kit but you know when you start messing taking the damaged bits off it, dam I am getting hooked on doing. Watch this space.
  6. Get your car over to me at the weekend and we can work on your issues. Do not want you to miss the run. Regards Steve
  7. Shaun If you need help with your wiring and the car will drive, bring it ovzer to my workshop at the weekend and we can try and sort it out.
  8. Good morning all Just to update you on our proposed run out on the 4th December to Southport and onwards. The meeting point will be the Car Park off the A49 Preston Road opp Collingwood St Standish nr Wigan. Subject to extreme weather, I would like to start our run at 11 am. We run down to Southport for some chips or what ever floats your food boat. After a show run through the main drag, if you are up for it we will head to Formby and see the cast iron men in the Sea. If anyone wants to enhance the day chip in. It is your club, your voice. See you all soon. Steve P.
  9. Come on my hardy men. We are wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth types. You will be wanting blankets over your knees next. I am taking a run in my car over the intended route this weekend to work out the meeting spot and the rest of the run. I will post the details. Steve
  10. Good evening all Update of events in the near future: Saturday 4th December 2021 Run out to Southport meeting at Standish 11 am. Standish meeting place to follow. All welcome to join us. Wednesday 8th December 2021 Zoom group meeting starting 7pm. Any one who wants to join the Zoom meeting contact me and I will send out an e-mail invite. Your club, your voice. Regards Steve P.
  11. Good morning all. To further the Zoom team meeting. Subject to any data protection issues required by the club, to get the Northwest group chat I will need the following:- An e-mail address to send you an invitation. A group agreed time day that the group call will go out. When I get this information again subject to the club and your permission the concept will be set up. It is your club your voice I am here to support..
  12. Good morning all, Here is a consideration which can happen now. If anyone would like to start a zoom meeting in the first instant so we can put a face to a name and grow the group. I have a zoom account and if this sits with the group I will make it happen. If you are not up for it and want a face to face meeting then we will start that up in January. Your Club, Your Region. Your say. Regards Steve
  13. Hi Darrell. It is my suggestion and intention that each month we will have our meetings in one of 3 locations to make it fair. My thinking is one on the Wirral, then 1 in the Liverpool area and finally one around Chorley or Preston. The away day ride out can then be set up. I am also sorting out some car show/ charity events. I hope that this will sit well with the group. We will be as active as the effort we put into it.
  14. Good morning Northwest kit car owners. Just to confirm I can’t change what has happened in the past but we can change the fortunes of the Northwest group in the future. As the Area Secretary, I am more than happy to put our cars in a position to attend local shows, I am more than happy to organise monthly meetings and run out, over the region but I also need your support to come together. The first test of our intent is to resolve to restart our group as from January 1st 2022 with this in mind I would like to propose due to cost of the bridge and travelling, that we set up 2 location 1 in Liverpool and 1 on the Wirral and each month alternate them with that proposition in mind I will await your feedback. Now is the time to act. Steve P
  15. Hi all, thank you for the recognition of my attempts to organise meetings in the past. I can't change the past but can look to the future for a better new period. As mentioned please do not hesitate to contact me; for my part if I can establish some sort of appetite to grow our Northwest group and strengthening it by monthly meetings I would be more than delighted to do so. Steve P.
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