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  1. This look interesting as I live in Tameside. I'll have to see how quickly I can replace the front dampers.
  2. Hi, I've just received new dampers from Dave at Dampertech, Rotherham. the problem is the bolts on the car are 9.4mm and the damper bushes take 12mm. Can anyone say whether these the wrong dampers or is there something else I need to do please to fit them?
  3. I usually take a shopping list of parts, trim etc - loads there.
  4. Wow, glad to be back. It's been too long.

  5. Correct Longboarder. Thanks for the replies. I shall make a video /audio recording and check for induction leaks.
  6. Dip the clutch or coast, the sound goes down.
  7. It used to be an occasional quirk but now, once the engine is up to temperature and the car is moving and the engine under some load, there seems to be a whistling sound from somewhere. It is at a constant pitch irrespective of road or engine speed. It stops when I slow down. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this. I though it could be radiator cap but I changed this - no change to the sound. Thanks for reading.
  8. I've had a few over the years. What destroys mine is high winds and gusts. The movement wears the water proofing and soon after weakens the fabric. I've invested in a cargo net 'thing' which I hope will stop the crazy fluttering that happens when the wind picks up.
  9. The coning tower is the important bit. Imagine how useful that would be when you visit a circuit for a race meeting! a decent periscope should be fitted.
  10. Fixing unreliable ignition key barrel - with what ..... to be continued

  11. I used an air filter housing of a mk1 MR2. This is a photo with the home made lid removed.
  12. Thanks for the superb and definitive part numbers Martin. I actually bought these just today :eBay number 262032631420. So I won't have to use the press - or maybe I will, to get the old ones out. M12s it is then.
  13. Seeing that I need to remove the arms, I will use a press. Using a press is it then just as straight forward to use the black rubber bushes, or will they still be really difficult to fit? (should I still buy the poly bushes, though I'm using a press? )
  14. I can feel a SORN coming on. They must have reached the end of their usefulness relatively recently as the MOT man did not list them - though they are exposed - and he did list the inboard front coil-over bushes which you can only see by taking off the bonnet. Thanks Richy and everyone else.
  15. I take it the inner ones are easier to replace?
  16. Thanks all who have replied. Yes it's a tad sloppy depending on how you drive. Do the inner bushes need replacing at the same time as the outer, or is it a case of replace as needed? Cheers
  17. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0168ILW90/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I3W1WKQD6TJ28Y&colid=325DE5U7SSID3 Do these look familiar to anyone? Obviously new bolts etc would be fitted too, and maybe the welded washer trick done.
  18. Can anyone provide a part number etc. for these bushes please?
  19. So, to summarise : * these are metalastic bushes, comprising an inner tube with a rubber bush bonded to it and a metal case bonded to the out side of that. * the bolt fixes the tube to the 'shackle' on the rear subframe. So the tube does not move at all relative to the subframe. * the casing is pressed into the trailing arm. * the suspension movement only happens because of the rubber flexing. All metal components are rigid. Two photos : 1. There are two, ehem, 'shims' fitted here, which makes me wonder whether it's the correct sized bolt anyway. The bolt head has started to move relative to the metal it goes through (I'm calling a shackle for now). 2. (looking forwards) this shows the rubber either side of the swing arm. Is this what you'd expect a metalastic bush to look like?
  20. I too own an S7. Your photos show the side of the car on the right and the bulkhead which faces your feet on the left. There is no connection between the panels here. Someone has stopped the draft with sealant.
  21. This is different as the current bolts are 11 or 12mm. Yes, after I get home Sunday evening I can get some photos. So maybe Monday evening after work. Thanks again.
  22. Many thanks. So the diameter of the bolt should match the diameter of the hole (the holes in mine are about 2mm wider than the bolts). And if the holes are too big I need to weld washers on - would this be only to the outside or to the inside too? One more question to put out to determine whether the bolts were correct in the first place : what should the diameter of the bolts be?
  23. Yes, the bolt heads are seen to move on acceleration. From what you say the bolts are there to locate the bushes, not to keep things tight. So there is meant to be some movement between bolt and hole - as the bush flexes? Have I got the right idea?
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