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  1. Grrrr. In the hands of royal mail now, let's hope I got it right.
  2. Thanks. After a bit of research I believe they made them printable 2 years ago. Tried to request one and it just redirected to a print link.
  3. This is brilliant thanks very much. Just the information I was looking for. It's now in the post recorded delivery.
  4. Hi guys So the robin hood 2b passed the IVA monday morning, I am now racking my brains as to what forms to fill in for the regestration and tax. The doner car was a 1987 sierra and would like an age related plate so is it form v55/4 or v55/5 along with v627/1, Its proberly straight forward but ive read it that many times and getting conflicting information. Can you just print off the forms or do you have to apply for them by post .
  5. Thanks everyone, today I stripped all the injectors out cleaned and replaced, checked the pressure regulator,that was working fine, the postman dropped and replacement ecu through the letter box at 9.30 so I put that on and hey presto it ran as I left it back in November. Still not 100% what it was so will see what it says tomorrow, again thanks everyone.
  6. I must add I've renewed all plugs, leads, distributor, rotor arm and coil, all the basics getting frustrated now as it was running perfect and needs to be on the 29th as booked for iva.
  7. Thanks will check all this out over weekend going to be busy.
  8. I'm not sure. I suppose a way of checking that would be to remove the hose from the bottom is that correct. It sounds possible as all plugs are wetting up. Thanks for the advice I will check tomorrow.
  9. Today I stripped down the injectors, when cracking the fuel line the bar was still pressurised does this mean the injectors are not stuck open. I've lost no water so maybe not a gasket, exhaust puffing white smoke when I can briefly get it to run and it smells very rich. I have ordered a second hand ecu and I have checked all injectors on a 12v supply. Anything else I've missed. Thanks for all your replies.
  10. Yes and I ain't losing any water just smell of fuel
  11. Yes the exhaust is very rich with white smoke when it runs temporarily. Air flow meter works.
  12. After any advice what so ever. so after taking the Robin Hood for IVA back in November I Decided to park her up in the garage until now and then do the remedial works ready for retest at the end of the month. When i parked her up she was running fine{excellent in fact). Now i cant get her to run at all, shes flooding as soon as fireing up, Ive removed plugs and dried up cylinders replaced plugs and fired up, ok for abour 15 seconds and then floods again. Ive checked timing, leads, plugs are fireing fine whilst out but put them back in and it floods up rightaway after a short run. what ar
  13. Thanks both that's definitely the answer
  14. Lee Raybould

    Steering rack

    Robin hood 2b. Well after a quite pleasing IVA result this morning little minor fails. One of the failures was the front wheels touching the body whilst on full lock. Is there way I can shorten the lock on the steering rack to stop this happening. I don't really want to alter the cycle wings as they fit perfectly on the wheel. The other fails were wiring needs tidying and usual bits of trim. Oh and 2dbs over the noise limit. Not bad for first time.
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