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  1. Thanks for your information. I checked everything over yesterday, there was an earth loose and I found the engine earth strap disconnected (how I missed that I dont know)I thought I had solved it until this morning when I attempted to bring her home again got a bit further this time though before coming to a halt. Got it going again and managed to continue the journey all be it in first gear. After all the tampering with the timing an electrics whilst checking over again for the 100th time I noticed the hose coming of the fuel filter was folded shut. Rectified that and road tested. Hooray.
  2. Ok so I went to my garage this morning to pick the Robin hood up and drive it home to do some cosmetics. Got to the end of the lane (about 50 yards) and all the problems were back, obviously not fixed. Really testing me now, any more ideas before I take to stripping the head off.
  3. A bit of everything I think. Never run right since I picked her up last may. Over the past 12 month's she's been garaged stripping down and rebuilding as she'd been stood in a barn for 10 years. Done everything cosmetically so decided to get her running right. I found the coolant sensor plug ill fitting and a bit dirty but giving correct reading. Sorted that but still not running properly. For some reason when I put the timing light back on it was way too far advanced. Adjusted this then hey presto. Thanks everyone for the advice it got me there in the end.
  4. Cheers guys I think I have sorted it 20200405_110621.mp4
  5. Hi I've changed the coil and it's no better. Would the coolant sensor be the one on the inlet side by number one cylinder green wire coming off it.
  6. Cheers going to change it and see what happens.
  7. Thanks will check them after I've changed coil. Thanks again for the advice.
  8. Thanks. Have looked at this it seems to be opening when the cars running which I believe it should. But the symptoms still there. Will take it off anyway and clean thanks for the advice.
  9. hi guys I have a problem with my 2ltr pinto efi. It runs, starts and drives as it should when cold, but as soon as it gets a little temperature in it it looses power and pops fire down the exhaust. Ive swoped all the usual culprits ie plugs, leads , distributar cap, rotar arm, fuel filter, checked timing changed fuel (as it stood for many years) have i missed something silly. As i drive it out the garage its on full power, turn it around and almost have to push it back in. could it posibly a coil breaking doown. has anyone experienced the same problem, any advise welcome.
  10. Cheers but no steering lock on my column and already have the immobiliser
  11. Thanks will look into it deeper tomorrow.
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