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  1. Hi I removed my tank by pulling both seat as far forward as possible and removing the panel behind. The tank came through quite easily. Its the sierra injection model as a new one was easily sourced on ebay. My kits a 2B.
  2. No unfortunately but they did send me loads of photos, some with measurements on. I'll dig them out later.
  3. Hi I was in the same situation decided to get iva done first and then do the upgrade, but then the summer came and I decided to use the car and do it over winter. The upgrade parts are still in a box in the shed . I brought the full upgrade kit from kitspares and they were more than helpful with information and photos. Plan on doing it over the next month and will also take photos along the way. Good luck with your iva.
  4. Yes will try that. That was one of the reasons I was going to try the waterless coolant, to apparently no expansion when using that. The oil is as it should be but yes a pressure test is important. Just need to research best way to do it.
  5. Yes I have an electric fan fitted which I have bypassed the thermostat and put in a switch so I can work it manually. I recently lowered the fan so it was covering the whole core of the radiator but still have problems. I am getting small traces of black oil in the expansion bottle but no water in the oil if that makes sence. I have only been using the car since may as that's when it passed iva.
  6. Lee Raybould


    Hi guys Thinking of running my pinto powered robin hood on waterless coolant, any advice welcome before I take the plunge. It's a 2lt efi and running a tad hot when stationary,fine if I can keep it moving. TIA LEE
  7. Grrrr. In the hands of royal mail now, let's hope I got it right.
  8. Thanks. After a bit of research I believe they made them printable 2 years ago. Tried to request one and it just redirected to a print link.
  9. This is brilliant thanks very much. Just the information I was looking for. It's now in the post recorded delivery.
  10. Hi guys So the robin hood 2b passed the IVA monday morning, I am now racking my brains as to what forms to fill in for the regestration and tax. The doner car was a 1987 sierra and would like an age related plate so is it form v55/4 or v55/5 along with v627/1, Its proberly straight forward but ive read it that many times and getting conflicting information. Can you just print off the forms or do you have to apply for them by post .
  11. Thanks everyone, today I stripped all the injectors out cleaned and replaced, checked the pressure regulator,that was working fine, the postman dropped and replacement ecu through the letter box at 9.30 so I put that on and hey presto it ran as I left it back in November. Still not 100% what it was so will see what it says tomorrow, again thanks everyone.
  12. I must add I've renewed all plugs, leads, distributor, rotor arm and coil, all the basics getting frustrated now as it was running perfect and needs to be on the 29th as booked for iva.
  13. Thanks will check all this out over weekend going to be busy.
  14. I'm not sure. I suppose a way of checking that would be to remove the hose from the bottom is that correct. It sounds possible as all plugs are wetting up. Thanks for the advice I will check tomorrow.
  15. Today I stripped down the injectors, when cracking the fuel line the bar was still pressurised does this mean the injectors are not stuck open. I've lost no water so maybe not a gasket, exhaust puffing white smoke when I can briefly get it to run and it smells very rich. I have ordered a second hand ecu and I have checked all injectors on a 12v supply. Anything else I've missed. Thanks for all your replies.
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