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  1. Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to post their photos. Every one of them puts mine to shame at present. They have given me loads of ideas on how to fit everything in. I have a 2 litre pinto in mine which probably hasn’t been fired up for 20 years but I did get her going for a few seconds tonight. Well pleased.
  2. JPP

    Essex Meets

    Thanks Richy, I will have to pop along to the Essex one and see who is about.
  3. JPP

    Essex Meets

    Hi All, Are they any meets in Essex ? I would just like to see how others have put their cars together and have a general chat about these great little cars. All the best, John
  4. Dear All, Does anyone have any engine bay pictures they could share with me. I'm really interested in a plan (overhead) view of where everything goes May thanks John
  5. I'll keep it old school then. Thanks again
  6. That Brilliant, Many thanks for your help. What advantage (if any) would there be to adding an ESC2
  7. Hi All, Iv'e just aquired a Robin Hood in bits. The kit was purchased in 1999 and the donor was a 1986 Ford Sierra, so far the car has not made it on to the road. I intend to change that. I'm probably going to have a load of questions but my first one is regarding the ignition system. When I got the car the only part of the system was the distributor which looks new and I believe may be an AccuSpart with a sensor and no points. I have bought a coil. So my question is, what else do I need ? Can I just wire 12 volts to the coil and then through the distributor to ea
  8. JPP

    Parts clearout

    Hi, I would love the steering wheel and the headlight shells if you still have them. where are you based ? Kind regards john
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