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  1. @nelmo - sorry, my mistake, it WAS RainX, I got the names mixed up. Difficult to tell how it works on mine as the wipers are so poor! I was really just using it as a lubricant to give the motor some bedding in time as an attempt to solve the fuse problem - seems to have worked! Now I have to solve the Wiper Problem!
  2. My local Motor Factor (Smiths Autoparts in Nantwich) has sourced a replacement oil filter for me - the NAPA NFO 3196 - which I had not come across before. As well as the original WIX WL 7064, the NAPA filter packaging listed some other compatibles I hadn't heard of before: MANN W77 MAHLE OC11 PURFLUX LS169B Always helpful to expand the repertoire I think! .....and here's a pic of a next gen Westfield ownner who is currently getting familiar with the car and biolding up his automotive knowledge. He's already hooked......
  3. Just by way of update - taking on board a host of tips (thanks again) I applied Rain Screen, ran the wipers for a good while at both speeds to get them well bedded in and inserted a 15A fuse. All is well since then so, hopefully, problem solved....
  4. My quick release RaceTech Steering Wheel has decided to stop releasing (either quickly or at all!). The flange is moving freely but the wheel feels like it’s welded to the steering column. Any tips/ tricks based on experience would be very welcome. Apart from anything else it makes getting in and out with the roof and doors on more like an intensive Yoga workout than I’m happy with….
  5. Sylvia - good idea, thanks: a good excuse to get my cobwebby soldering iron out!
  6. That’s really useful thanks - while I’m sorting a permanent fix I’m running a 15A fuse which doesn’t seem from the data you’ve found to be too much of a risk… Cheers,
  7. Thanks! I'm currently on a temporary fix along those lines - I'm going to spray washer fluid and then operate the motor for a good while to bed it in thoroughly (the car is on a 21 plate and so the Wiper motor has probabvly had little to no use, the vehicle having only got its IVA approval and been registered this June). In the meantime I'm running it on a 15A fuse (some people suggest no, but others suggest it's ok while the motor gets run in and smooths out the stickiness). I don't tjhink I'd be brave enough to put a 20A fuse in just at the moment........ Cheers.....
  8. I'll check - this was a full westfield kit build, so it will have the motor which comes as standard with the kit bundle. I'll check and if it's the Mini I'll try that....Cheers
  9. Hello I have a Westfield SE FW on a 21 plate powered by a Zetec Blacktop 2ltr on Omex Throttlebodies. The slight fly in my ointment is an intermittent fault which keeps blowing the Wiper fuse (10A). I've checked the power load across the fuse which runs pretty consistently at 2-5A (lowspeed) and 3-6A (high speed). Voltage is consistent too at just over 12v with the engine not running and just on 14v when the engine is running. Nothing changes from that when I switch on all the lights and fan or when I switch the wiper motor direct to fast speed. I haven't accessed the Wiper Motor to check it with my tester, but it appears to be running freely - there's no stiffness or apparent resistance in the operation of the wiper heads. My next plan is to start checking downstream from the fusebox but I'm struggling a bit with identifying the relevant cabling in the loom and in working out a way of identfying and isolating a short when there are sections of the loom which are hidden. Has anyone got any tips/ suggestions etc? Thanks in anticipation. Regards DAVID
  10. Hello I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who has a Westfield Contoured Dashboard they may be willing to part with, please? Instruments/ switches not needed, and it doesn't matter if its either not covered at all or the covering is damaged. I'm planning to spice up my SE FW and just wanted to see if there is one hiding somewhere before I make my own.... Thanks!
  11. Andi, thanks, and I'm enjoying it very much indeed....
  12. Thanks! Yes - it could only be a red one for me.
  13. Thanks - I like the mod on the rear end of yours - did you do that?
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