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  1. question 1 does anyone know or see this car please see link below could someone go and have a look ?? NO MOT question 2 can anyone or know of someone willing to trailer it to bognor regis west sussex from Cheshire willing to paid have been quoted £350 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1420243471589379/posts/3236822086598166/?__cft__[0]=AZWzKaRrD8FXvrcYm_mCEg2TwoxE_EsFlLQAH4Hg_JKS9z8tdr2EkLNatMN-0fsiB_bFx36MBjBke5JfYxmTi3zdPGaxyIcGjUbHhT5Z_igY9HOhEy2Xrnk22oOJXp5K-Duu3Y8SfBVRLUYQ3PIAaSYctuMSvnVR57jayfa8b7t5ARxE1Ki7YD8nbO8NEGQbbt4&__tn__=R]-R
  2. sonic82

    Robin hood 2b

    So I and ready to buy robin hood 2b got £5k what is out there for sale
  3. sonic82

    Robin hood 2b

    £5k to spend on the right car Must have coil overs and the right V5
  4. I would like to thank everyone that spoke to me and my wife at the show on Sunday it has helped me with going forward and buying my 1st robin hood 2b As soon as i have one that looks right i will post and ask your advice Nathan and julie
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