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  1. Hi in what way do they not fit ??
  2. blue

    Fuel level gauge

    Hi this is another that's just how they are questions - there stepper motor controlled so it's one of them live with it things
  3. blue

    Zero GT for sale

    Hey the advert was put on here first before ebay EVERYONE had the chance to buy it you snooze you loose as the saying goes !! Theres no need to be bitter about it I could have listed it for 14k and had it sitting around for another year I have treated myself to a nice new porsche GT3 RS and am just about to order a no expenses spared new zero based on the 450 bhp eco boost
  4. blue

    Zero GT for sale

    Hi to everyone that has contacted me but the car sold within 11mins of the advert being placed
  5. blue

    Electric water pump

    Hi the davis Craig ones are great I just sold two complete ewp 80 kits with controllers on ebay that were sitting in the garage for a while I had one on the zero but removed the impeller from the water pump Temp stayed rock sold and after you turn it off the pump run for a couple of mins It was fit and forget
  6. blue

    Gbs inlet plenum

    Hi all its zetec inlet
  7. blue

    Gbs inlet plenum

    Hi having a clear out and have a GBS inlet for sale complete with injectors cone air filter throttle cable £150 plus £15 postage Will put on ebay on Friday if no takers
  8. blue

    Gaz shocks

    Had them on my Robinhood then my Zero
  9. blue

    Zero GT for sale

    Hi if I'm honest I looked on the bay for an average price it is low but got the itch to build another
  10. blue

    Zero GT for sale

    Hi I have got the itch to build another one so my current zero GT is now for sale 2018 plate orange and black paintwork Full cage Brand new 2.0 zetec -fuel injected weber throttle bodies 183bhp Gbs seats Removeable steering wheel 3 inch wide colour coded 5 point harnesses Quafe type 9 uprated gearbox 3.64 diff All buttons colour coded orange to match interior Gbs doors Flight gauges All new reconditioned brakes and calipers Quick steering rack Built with all new parts purchased from GBS Can't seem to load pictures for some reason but pls PM with a number and I can text or wotsapp or email some £7500 OVNO
  11. blue

    Noise cameras

    So Low emissions zones ££££££- Tfl admit it makes a cool million a WEEK in fines Noise cameras ££££££££-- And sidique now saying 20mph in London on ALL Tfl controlled roads or a £100 fine £££££££££ Lads we keep taking this and just moan but we take it --- I never voted for any of these mandates but he will do it and we will take it all day long
  12. So Stoneleigh will now be sat/Sunday I suppose
  13. Zero was designed for 15in wheels -dont think you would not get 13in wheels over the brakes Question why would you want small wheels and big tyres on a track ??
  14. Every car GBS put through the IVA has no windscreen - if the factory don't fit it with all there IVA knowledge I suggest to make life easier you do the same Knights templar on here is the chap to give a definitive answer on weather to fit the screen or not
  15. blue

    ECU dropping out.

    Glad you found the problem
  16. blue

    Fame at last!

    My black and orange zero is on the next page ☺
  17. Will be doing the London to Brighton in the zero then
  18. blue

    Enfield Pageant

    Everyone in the industry know grosvenor ONLY puts the kitcar show on BECAUSE they run another show 2 fields along Talking with some of the Manufacturers at the show about next year and THEY won't be there as the prices of stands goes up year on year and numbers of the public fall We don't pay to get in unless we have a passenger so we are not really supporting anything .. manufacturers are not really interested in us as we ALREADY have a kitcar they NEED new blood To get the public out you need a reason full stop ........ there are THOUSANDS of reasons for people not to go you HAVE to give them a reason to go and sky high prices at the door one bouncy castle and empty halls is not a reason
  19. blue

    ECU dropping out.

    Hi can I ask what ign switch your using does it only have 3 positions ? Position 1 is aux like radio etc Position 2 should be ign live And position 3 should be ign live AND cranking together Can you confirm this is happening as it might be you have the ign wires the wrong way wired
  20. blue

    Enfield Pageant

    Hi what's the point supporting a show that the organisers are letting die ! 5 years ago you could not move for people this year you could run down any road with your arms out and not hit a single person And most of the manufacturers were sitting about mostly looking bored ! Year after year the show gets worse - this year half of hall 2 was blocked off to make the show look more "busy" half of hall one was full of a line of shelbys "to fill the hall" And let's be honest OK we were put in a rubbish position but how many people came around the stand !!!
  21. blue

    ECU dropping out.

    Agree you have the ecu connected to the wrong wire on ingition switch - at least it's a simple fix
  22. blue

    Enfield Pageant

    Just spent the day at Enfield - for a local show it blows Stoneleigh in the weeds -it shows how a show should be stuff for kids - brilliant atmosphere and massive autojumble (some were at stoneleigh ) and crowds of people not tumble weed and empty stalls . This was my last year going Stoneleigh - I can't justify the money to myself for such a crap show year after year
  23. blue


    If the battery has a 5 yr warranty and it's knackered should they not exchange it for a new one !! If not what's the point of a 5yr warranty? ??
  24. blue


    Fuel pressure reg is left open to air no vac pipe connection
  25. blue


    Hi I'm in agreement with the AA chap and I'd be looking at the spark side of things - something is breaking down under load start with the wiggle test on connections Can you limit it to one cylinder ?? The zetec is known to eat spark plugs - go and buy four new plugs - they can be fine on idle and when out the engine sparing but fail under load
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