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  1. blue

    Sad News.

    Very sad to hear. My thoughts are with his family
  2. blue

    Filter advice

    Car builder solutions sells the Crome pancake filters
  3. Rear passenger side has LEFT hand thread. So tightens same way wheel goes round {if driving forward]
  4. On my M5 I have a tracker by ‘TRACKER’ and with one -phone call I can disable the engine was told if you say shut it down now they will shut it down weather it’s doing 10pm or 110mph. I also have one on my Zero that I can remote cut the engine from my App and it shows me where the car is.
  5. If your running the MINI wiper motor replace the park switch located on the motor -when it becomes faulty it sometimes causes a straight to earth popping the fuse.
  6. Ok if it’s out of an auto you need to change the crankshaft position mount. The auto puts the crank sensor 2 teeth out You can get them on eBay or GBS sells them.
  7. Ok what type of wiring loom do you have ? Home made or off the shelf. m0st gauges feed off one power source- do you have power to them ? if yes then they need an earth - do you have one of them ?? Everything else is a sender or a light
  8. Are these not £450 from race line ??
  9. Check this out. Might help. eBay 393400137949
  10. I believe GBS sells them
  11. Are you having it done professionally? My professional hunter laser set up comes with adapters so i can hang the 3D pads off the wheels or fit clamps that attach to the rims.
  12. Agree 1000%. Was just trying not to pee on his parade as the sound I can hear through my speakers is very distorted I bet a full rebuild on a pinto these days ain’t cheap.
  13. Ok. Take off the fan belt and start the engine. Is the noise still there.
  14. Hard to tell listening to my iPad but did you rebuild the engine ~if so was the oil pump drive refitted in the bottom of the dizzy ~although without it it would have seized by now. What oil are you running.
  15. No. Test without the screen ~ fit screen /wipers etc after
  16. blue

    Fuel line

    The AA are already stating if your car breaks down and you have filled up with E10 they will not respond as it’s not a break down but “user error “ lets see if in the coming months we start seeing posts on car suddenly running rough
  17. It will sell much easier with an MOT. Get one of them insurance for 24hr policy’s and take it - £50 can make the difference between a sale and an “I’ll think about it “.
  18. blue

    Fuel line

    E10 fuel corrodes COPPER PIPE. Inspect carefully and regular
  19. blue

    Pinto questions

    Find a local rolling road -by the time you buy a timing light etc etc someone that knows engines will find this in minutes even if you find the problem and get it running better by the sounds of it you will still need it put on the rollers so why spend money on buying bits when it has to go on the rollers anyways!
  20. Coughing back through the carbs is a sign there running lean - does it cough when always cruising as in if at 1800 rpm or 4000rpm on light throttle or If it’s just at the 15-1800 rpm range then it’s the transition phase. The zetec was a nightmare for this ( don’t know what engine you have ) and Weber drilled 3 progressive holes to try help the process but it never 100% fixed the problem the only way to 100% eliminate it is to go full management but in the mean time you might need to adjust your driving style
  21. Your 100% right there is always going to be clashes but it does not have to be at the bank holiday weekend it can be held ANY weekend the point I was making is LOTS of people / companies will have made other plans there is STAMFORD - oulton park - Chris evans car fest etc ALL on the same weekend and not to start a bebate about it but stoneleigh is a crap show anyway every year it dies a little more -there’s no feel to it there’s no buzz. The kit car companies staff stand there looking bored - CBS now don’t bother even having a stand just dad standing there taking a few orders and handing out magazines and every year there stand gets smaller - look at the year before last , half the hall closed off with a fence to try make it look more full then it is. The other main hall had to have cars inside , charity stands etc and coffee stands to try fill the space ABS TOOLS took up 9 rows of floor space if he decides to go to another show and reduce his presence everything will fit in hall one ! why not have come back with a bang ANY weekend not competing with some long established VERY good shows
  22. I know it’s been a strange year and a half but to host it on the same weekend as a lot of other big family oriented shows I fear it’s gonna be a ghost town at stoneleigh
  23. Morning mark. Are they Weber 45s. If so order a new set from WEBCON it’s the new 5% ethanol fuel the new ones made by WEBCON are ethanol proof.
  24. Where did the gearbox come from? There are a couple of various although rare types of this box which had a setup called a low lift clutch this was something tried by Ford but was soon dropped as customers were complaining of crunching when changing gears.
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