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  1. Good morning. I have a robin hood s7. Would the roof fit this you think? Many thanks. Kevin 07754110974
  2. Sump popped off. Stanley blade 1/3 of the way round...couple of leaver softly applying pressure as i went and heard it go. Thank goodness.
  3. Nightmare. Its a cork gasget looking at it but i think its been bonded with some kind off adhesive! All bolts were pretty easy too come out i expected the sump to drop off haha. Im cutting away with a stanley blade. Prob going to take a week cpl hours a night! Cheers Nelmo.
  4. Oh its been a long few weeks. Car is sorn and officially off the road for winter. With so many variables i decided to strip the engine down, inlet and exhaust manifolds off cylinder head off i got a compression test and got front to back 175, 150, 45 and 25 psi. and ive got visual damage on a piston and im sure rings will be done in too. I am however stuck. The sump bolts are all out but im struggling to get it off. Its a cork gasket but the whole thing is locked on. Any pointers?? Am i missing something? Thanks in advance.
  5. Cheers for the link Peter. Ill get onnit when kids are down!
  6. Ive removed the red part...doesnt look like a pcv.
  7. Another issue i have is batteries going completely flat after 2 or 3 half hour journeys. Firstly replaced the battery and its doing the same. Alternator was sent away and is working fine. Ive tested the alternator at the plug or output and its only reading 12.5 v. Plus the battery only reads the same. Its my understanding it should be up at 14.5 v when running. Is this a case of getting a more powerful Alternator. My one says 12v 55A. Again thanks for reading.
  8. Its all good info and im glad i joined thanks for all the comments. I think its going to be trial and error for a while.
  9. The top outlet was plumbed into a catch can and the bottom was just left open and was splattering. Im assuming this is the pcv valve? As you can see its the bottom one i took to a 2nd catch can. What would be the basic ford setup?
  10. I was reading old forums and changed oil weeks ago best for this type of engine. Once im home ill see what type it was. I know it was a crosflow mineral oil...
  11. The car has had plenty things done to it all of which id presume alter its running abilities.
  12. Steve Many thanks. Yea been saving for my dream summer toy for years. Its a pinto 2.0 with a webber carb. I say oil its more of a residue really but fairly splatters around the engine bay and was leaving a small puddle every time i parked. I might try bypassing 2nd catch tank and take it straight up. Worth a go. Yea plenty leads on here so good that everyone is on the same page! I have lots to ask about haha!
  13. Hello all. Just joined, wanted to ask for advice. Bought my super 7 10 weeks ago. Im sure its still a great buy. Its had quite a few upgrades but i wasnt happy with oil splatter from the crankcase breather outlet or the catch can outlet. The car came with a breather outlet on oil filler cap which was connected to a 2nd breather higher up the block then runing into a catch can and out to air. I wasnt happy with the oil spitting out the crankcase breather or the outlet from catch can. Pretty messy and lots of vapour coming out from under the bonnet. I tied in a 2nd can and lead crankcase breathe
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