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  1. Hi, ye it's a large layby, very popular place to stop, gets busy during the day. A few car clubs have meets there. Popular with campervans also.
  2. Run out to Ribblehead viaduct tonight. Good place for a meet up and drive around the country roads.
  3. So, I went ahead and bought the kit from the eBay link above. New dizzy, coil, leads and plugs. Fitted it yesterday, cut all the untidy wiring for the motorcraft box out, Much neater now. Fired straight up, hopefully more reliable now :).
  4. Thanks Been doing some reading, if I were to buy the kit from the eBay link, could I get rid of the black box?. I'd then have a full new ignition system and hopefully a more reliable setup.
  5. Could this be part of my no spark problem? The wiring going into is a bit of a mess, what does it do? Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi, Is that this one? eBay link Thanks.
  7. Hi all Is this coil suitable for a 2liter pinto? https://simonbbc.com/Viper-Dry-Ignition-Coil-Sports-Lucas-DLB105-BLACK I'm not getting a spark and since I don't know the age or condition of the coil, thought I would get a new one. While I'm at it I'm going to change the leads as well. https://simonbbc.com/Ford-Pinto-OHC-HT-Leads-8mm-Double-Silicone#product-reviews Are these suitable? Thanks.
  8. There is a good video on YouTube showing how to time, by 'Fast Rust' it helped me out.
  9. I am in the Accrington area, I have been wanting a trip to Blackpool, everytime I get confidence in making it, something goes wrong! Off the road for the winter now, but next years a possibility
  10. Tom09tom

    Clutch cable

    I recently did mine with this cable, took 2 weeks to arrive but is much better now and was easy to fit.
  11. Mine failed on emissions. The guy said new spark plugs would sort it out.. 4 new plugs later and it passed easy.
  12. An update, I went ahead and got a timing light. Checked it and it was way to advanced. Moved it back to 10degrees then went for a test drive. Much improved. Revs a lot better and managed to get above 70 on the motorway and could have gone faster. I still want to take it to a rolling road and have an expert set it all up properly but at least now it is useable. Thanks
  13. Hi, thanks for the replies. Car has always run like this. I used it for one summer, then had the 2 years off. There must be something just not set correctly. The garage did have a look at the timing for me but they are more into modern cars. Think I'll get my self a timing light and start there. I will also check in the carb for debris.
  14. Hi all, So after 2 years off the road, I have gotten round to getting my robin hood back on the road. Passed mot after a new set of spark plugs cleaned the emissions up. However the engine is running poorly, it only revs to around 3000rpm and once there makes a horrible vibration noise. When driving it won't go above 60/65 mph. I don't know exactly what work has been done on the engine before I got it, and I am not an expert engine person, but the specs are below: 2L pinto , maybe has been bored out to 2.1. It's not a '205' block. Kent fr32 cam. Was told it will run on unleaded. Weber 32/36 carb with electric choke. I don't know what jets are in. What sort of performance should I expect from this engine? I am not after anything special but my little 1tr Suzuki city car is faster Will a session at a rolling road make a decent engine out of the setup I have got? Thanks in advance.
  15. Are the 'reactions' anonymous here?, usually you click on the reaction and it tells you who left it.. just wondering
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