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  1. Are the 'reactions' anonymous here?, usually you click on the reaction and it tells you who left it.. just wondering
  2. Nice :) this is the format I'm used to ;)
  3. Wow. Sounds just like mine when I got it.. 1, the electrical problem, I had the same thing (kept blowing a fuse) ,turned out there was a wire trapped under the drivers side, rear wheel arch which was causing a short. Fixed it by re insulating the wire and cable tied where It can't trap. 2. Fuel filler, mine stunk of petrol around the back end because I had the same set up as you describe. Fixed by removing it completely and replacing with new flexible fuel hose and jubilee clips on each end. I did a bit of fabrication in stainless steel to improve the fuel tank pipe connection and a ne
  4. Got a new radiator and fan from coolex, very helpful on phone when designing rad and discount for purchasing over phone and not through eBay. Radiator came next day and fits and works perfectly, definitely recommend coolex.
  5. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/pinto-efi-injection-set-up-/192466293003 I have no connection to seller.
  6. You took the spare wheel off? Mine has a spare on the back, i will likely never use it because I don't carry a Jack , but I like the look of the back-end with the wheel on. Anyway looking good !!
  7. Well you guys were right! I got round to getting them on eBay. They sold within 2 months. Even better it only cost me £1 to sell(eBay offer). I advertised for £450 buy it now or best offer and accepted £350 plus a tenner postage. Some guy offered 190 !! I was like noooo. Overall happy. Thanks.
  8. Hi thanks for the reply's. The speedo is cable driven. Agent zed , with the method you used, can I leave the outer cable connected to the gearbox? Because it is very tightly boxed in and I can't even see it properly. Also when I say it's 10 % out. I don't mean the speedo, that's more like 50% out lol. It's the mile counter I'm talking about. I did 4 miles to the test place (sat nav measured)but the mileage only moved 3.6 and after the 4 miles back it read 7.2. The car was garaged for 10 years so these problems were always going to show up. It's all part of the fun.
  9. Passed the mot yesterday, only thing is that the examiner snapped the hand brake cable so there is another job. I rerouted the speedo cable and it is working slightly better but still not right, tested with a sat nav and it seems the odometer is counting about 10% lower than it should. I'm going to have another play when I get time.
  10. Hi again. So I have sorted out a lot of the jobs on my Robin Hood that I bought last year. The last thing is speedo, currently it is not working properly. It is jumpy and never accurate, but mostly it reads 0. Today I worked out how to reset the trip clock and the mileage counter is also working (how? When the speed isn't I don't know?). Has anyone else had this problem? I've read on the internet that I could require a new cable, but I want to be sure that is the problem before I buy one.. if I can find one? Any advise would be great, this is my last job before MOT and I'm ho
  11. It needs a good run through the car wash.... only joking, not a nice situation, hope you get sorted out.
  12. Hi, just bought my Robin Hood 3a and in the boxes of spares there is a Weber twin carb. It has come off a 2 litre Ford Sierra engine. I am not going to be using this part so was wondering how much I could sell it for? Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on where to advertise? I was thinking eBay... Thanks in advance .
  13. Bought the car!!!! Just needs a few finishing off jobs, more questions to follow... Get them spanners out
  14. So just a quick update. First of all I forgot it was bank holiday on Monday... doh! Right, I tried A-plan and they will not insure a 21 year old unless they have previously owned a kit car and insured it with someone else, seems they are unwilling to risk it on me So rung a few more and it started off at around £900. Cheapest I could get was £560. Going to try a few more in the next few days. It gets a bit wearing having to keep telling them all the information. Would it work if I put my dad on as the main insurer and me as a named driver? Has anyone done this?
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