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  1. Hi I am in the process of building a robinhood 2b with a donor vehicle being a Ford Sierra. Issue I am having is I ordered the brake pipes using my Ford Sierra reg from euro car parts bit they are way too small. Does anyone know where I can get bigger pipes. Thanks
  2. Hello there I am struggling to time my 2.0 pinto,I need to know how many degrees I need to set the crank to also if I need to advance the timing and do I start with the big mark in the crank tdc,if someone could help much appreciated.
  3. Hi Needs some help please I have a rear fog light but I can't locate the rear fog light wiring in the dash. I am in the middle of a robinhood 2b build. any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. waz2710

    Q plate

    Sure ,will give them a buzz. Thanks
  5. waz2710

    Q plate

    Hi does any know best place to get robinhood 2b insurance my car is on a q plate. All help very much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi Need this info please for my build. The correct measurements for the rears brake and indicators cluster and the fog and the reverse light. Need to make sure this is correct fitting for the iva. Thanks
  7. Just as I thought many thanks for your help.
  8. Hi whats the best route to get all the wires to the back of the car. for the rear lights,fogs,reverse light and the number plate light. all help very much appreciated.
  9. Original ford Sierra 1.6l it's on 1992. I will double check the relays. Thanks for your reply.
  10. ,Thanks. I am not using a windscreen or wipers or washer pump. As my robinhood 2bhas aero screen. Any diagrams would be helpful. At the moment my right hand stalk has an earth on 32 pin and there is a link wire between 56 on right hand stalk to the left hand stalk and also an earth on 15 pin of the left stalk. I have 3 relays Blue colour dim/dip relay has these pins 86,86,87,87a, and 30. White colour High beam relay with these pins 85,86,87-1,87-2, and 30. Small blue colour Dim and dip relay with these pins. 85,86,87a and 30. Sorry for the long message am not very good with electrics all help is very much appreciated.
  11. Any help with ford sierra later 90bg stalks set up much appreciated.
  12. Ok thanks. I will do some more research
  13. the image above is for the 83bg stalks,the stalks i have are 90bg. the right hand stalk looks different to mine.
  14. Hi do I need to connect these even though I do not need them. Front heater matrix and pump. Front wipers and motors. Rear wipers and motors. Thanks
  15. Cool thanks bud I will try this method tomorrow.
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