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  3. Health problems mean I have to sell my Robin Hood 2b, built in 2000 based on a 1988 Sierra, 2 litre engine type 9 gearbox 5 speed, 2 twin choke Weber carbs 45 mm, 4 -1 exhaust, electronic ignition, Thatcham cat 2 immobiliser, rolling road tested in 2000 to 142 bhp Reg as 'Robin Hood' on V5, currently on SORN, last MOT ran out in July 2020, hood & side screens, lockable boot, adjustable drivers seat, Was running ok until very recently now appears to have a starter motor problem. .............. price £2,900 Can be viewed in Honiton, Devon EX14 1JD email phil2w@yahoo.co.uk for more photos.
  4. Hi Barry, thanks for the offer but another member, Graeme, has given me a 13" which is a good fit. I had to make it detachable because the original builder set the steering column too high and doesn't allow the 'alligator' bonnet to open fully. I have also fitted extra large indicator repeaters because some years ago, when I had a Marlin, I left the indicator on & a van pulled out of a side turning in front of me. I managed to miss the van but ended up upside down in a ditch, the Marlin rollbar- windscreen saved me from being squashed flat.
  5. Philip, I have a pair of coil springs 120 lb/in x 8" free length, 2.25" inside diameter. I fitted them but the car was never driven as they were not suitable for my car. If they are suitable you can have them for the price of the postage. Phil W.
  6. If it does prove to be a problem I think the best solution will be to fit a radiator type of filler section into the top hose.
  7. On the Hood 2b I bought in March this year, I have just noticed that the radiator top hose is 3" higher than the radiator header tank. The car is 18 years old but only done 3,400 miles, I have only driven it a short distance, so far. This hose cannot be right ?
  8. Thanks for the offer but I bought one a few weeks ago.
  9. Yes................ 'key-hole ' surgery has only pulled out dried up insulation tape and the centre console panel has been glued in, removing it will disturb even more wiring, so I will run new wires and a new switch. MOT is in August so I have plenty of time to find a route through to the rear. The fuse boxes are buried deep under the wiring 'birds nest' so a seperate fuse will be best.
  10. My rear fog light has stopped working, in fact it wasn't working when I got the car a few weeks ago. Am I right in that it is an MOT requirement even on a 'F' reg (1989) car, so I can't just remove it ? It looks like a wire has dropped off the back of the switch and disappeared in a spiders web of wires. Access to the 'mess' is next to zero.
  11. I think you are right, 13" is the most to go to. I haven't removed any wheels as yet, I have been doing other small jobs to get the car running better, the previous owner hadn't used it for 'some years'
  12. Steering wheel wanted 15" or 14" Mountney. The 'Hood' I have recently bought is fitted with 195/50R tyres on 15" wheels, the steering wheel is only 11" and I haven't got the muscle power to cope with parking turning. I have not before seen the type of wheels fitted, centre lock with a locking pin, photo attached.
  13. Thanks for the info..............the 2b looks very much like the one I sold, sliding pillar, which on mine I spent many hours and eventualy got it working well, I will follow this up.
  14. There is for sale, on ebay, a Robin Hood type 37. What is a type 37, is it a tubular steel chassis similar to a 2b ?
  15. HI there, I've read about the lightweight chassis models and this has put me off, so I will stick to looking for a 2b.
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