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    Mid trim

    Hi Davo - It's difficult to tell from the pics, but are you sure that's a 2B? Is there a tubular chassis underneath that wide side panel? Cheers Tony
  2. Excellent news Bob! Glad you got it sorted
  3. Thanks Dan - That's my reading (well hoping) of it too. I'm gonna forget it for now and just stick it in for IVA next year and just see what they say. Thanks as always Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks for the replies chaps - it really does help to hear that it wasn't probed in too much depth by people who have been through IVA/SVA. It's Annex 1 of the section in the IVA manual that's worrying me a little as it mentions that an angle less than 10 degrees would have little effect at deflecting the column away from the driver. However - the main page of the protective steering section has 5 conditions that 'must' be met to pass. Number 4 states:- "The vehicle and steering column assembly must be designed such in the event of a frontal impact at 48km/h (30mph) the rearward horizontal displacement and vertical displacement of the top of the steering column and it's shaft do not exceed 127mm. The vehicle should be assessed using the material in Annex 1." My reading of that is that if the column has less than 127mm displacement then the tester should use the info in Annex 1 to determine if it will be acceptable or not? I have more than 127mm of 'collapsible' section - so hopefully the tester wouldn't even need to refer to Annex 1 - Is that how other people read this or have I got it wrapped round my neck lol? Cheers Tony
  5. Hi Rob, Is it possible to get a better picture of that area at all? If that's not a black rubber stop sandwiched with 2 washers sitting on top of the fixed arm, what is that dark area at the bottom of the pillar? People have used all sorts of things to make the bump stop for a sliding pillar. Some suggestions are anti-vibration mounts with a hole drilled through - right up to using an old bit of conveyor belt cut and drilled. See example link below:- https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/38204-sliding-pillar-bump-stops-what-do-you-use/&tab=comments#comment-294262 Would definitely be interested to know what's at the bottom of your strut though. Cheers Tony
  6. Thanks Dan - That's encouraging. I'm guessing my IVA will be at the same test center as you did yours as we are pretty close so that's good to hear. I guess the steering was designed properly on the Zero though and has more of a visible angle? Or maybe I'm worrying about nothing? If it does all have to come out and have multiple sections/bearing blocks and large angles introduced I'd rather now before it gets presented.
  7. Has anybody else had any experience with the steering shaft angle at IVA at all?
  8. That's brilliant - many thanks for that Magh. A few pics would be really-really helpful from someone who's been through it. Many thanks again
  9. Hi Robert - It's difficult to see from the pic but it looks like you have a black rubber bump stop fitted already? It may be that needs renewing if it's making too much of a bang. It's normal for there to be a gap when the weight of the car pushes the hub up the shaft so it's not missing anything in the 'gap' if that's what you mean? Cheers Tony
  10. Hi Magh - Many thanks for the reply. Does your steering have more 'angle' on it than mine? Thanks for the heads up re:the brake pipe. I am planning on wrapping the exhaust and fitting a heat deflector plate also. Also think the picture from above maybe makes it look a little closer than it is? Have you got a piccy at all of the route your pipe takes please? It would be a real pain to have to redo the brake lines at this point so am now very worried about this too . Cheers Tony
  11. Hi all - Can anybody confirm what the IVA man requires for steering shaft angle please (or is it as I suspect one of those very woolly areas that varies from tester to tester)? I'm fairly sure my whole steering arrangement is going to need pulling out and re-doing again . Tried to take a couple of pics tonight to show roughly what it looks like and marked the approx difference in angle between the rack and the shaft (marked as red lines on below pic):- The rack has approx 115mm of travel from the collapsible triangle section - plus the collapsible section of the Sierra upper column. I also have a collapsible steering boss. The shaft is also only about 5mm clear of the exhaust manifold and only approx 1-2mm clear of the chassis rail which is another reason I think it's all got to come out. Any advice gratefully appreciated. Cheers Tony
  12. Evening all, Well 39 days later (due to holidays/weddings/general life etc) I finally got time yesterday to fire her up again - first time since fitting the inline gauge. Apart from fitting the gauge, the only other thing I've done is to put another 5 litres of juice in the tank (maybe I shouldn't have just for continuity sake)? It did it's usual and wouldn't fire even after several 'primes' - totally as expected. I then cracked the fuel rail and let the pressure drop before retightening. After that, fired up first turn of the key - again totally as expected given previous performances. Pressure remained constant on the gauge at approx 2.5 Bar with engine running and revving up/down and sitting at tickover. This time though, when moving the hose to the fuel rail around, no drop in revs and no coughing/spluttering? Weird? Let it run for a while and as it got up to 3/4 temp, tickover was getting very low and needed the throttle opening a little to keep it running which it didn't do before. Struggling quite badly with tickover (sounded way too low). Couldn't see what rpm it was as gauge is not working at the mo. Put it back in the garage and switched it off. Left it 2 hours and went back in to do a test start (expecting the usual no-start situation and having to crack the rail etc). Pressure had dropped to just over 1 Bar on gauge. Primed it on the key and to my total surprise it fired up straight away?! Weird? Switched off and left it overnight. Went back in at lunchtime today. 0 Bar on the gauge - surely it won't start now. Primed on ignition and Bang up it went no problem?? Tried again 3 hours later - fired up straight away again. Fired up again every time I tried when hot and also several times when left to cool right down. Now - I can't quite believe I'm complaining about a a car firing up every time you turn the key lol, but I like a fault to remain until you definitively find the culprit. Logic would say that the addition of 5 litres more fuel is what has done it and I'd tend to agree at this point pointing to 'supply to pump' area that needs looking at. However - it's the new issue of the crappy running once getting up to temp that is concerning me now? It ran nicely before and now only ticks over nicely when cold. Popped a plug out to check and looks a little black/oily so maybe 'choke enrichment' is staying on now? Apologies for the essay - but this car is driving me nuts at the mo Cheers Tony
  13. I agree - Sounds like they are after a log book if only offering 500 - then sell the bits and recoup all of that and more. Type 9 box and LSD would bring in most of that these days! It all depends what condition it's in - is it wishbone chassis or sliding pillar etc?

    IVA spec worries

    I bought this one from Kitspares:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chassis-Plate-For-Great-British-Sports-Cars-GBS-MER0051/253802605108?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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