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    Sliding pillar suspension help

    Hi - The spring is just a standard 1.9" I/D jobbie. I believe the red one that came with the kit was something like 175lb and 9" long. The shock is apparently off a traditional Mini - so you can get uprated/adjustable versions. Cheers Tony

    Harness Anchor Points

    Still about 6 months away from IVA on my 2B - but this is how I did the seat supports to try and make sure there is no room for doubt. Cheers Tony http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=38040&hl=

    Grp Body Panels

    Hi Pete, As mentioned - nobody does replacement GRP panels specifically for the 2B unfortunately. Like yourself - I wanted to ditch all the steel for GRP too. It's probably not much/any lighter than the steel - but it's certainly one less thing to rust (my panels were mild steel tho). I bought a couple of second hand Haynes Roadster side panels and found that they do fit with some work. They are virtually the same profile as the 2B, the only reason they won't fit straight on is the height. The 2B chassis rails are (annoyingly) only something like 4mm taller than the Roadster - but that means the top and bottom returns of the GRP splay outwards and stop the panel sitting flush. The only way I found to get them on was to virtually trim off the top and bottom flanges of the GRP completely. I think it's around 5mm left of the flange on each. This also means that you have fix the panels on through the sides rather than the usual neater top/bottom flange fixings. During initial fit-up:- More recent top view of chassis rail showing how much of the return is left:- I also found that the Haynes Roadster rear tub can be fitted (again with some work) - in order to get the flatter 'squarer' look . The 2B is wider than Roadster across the rear chassis rails (70mm or so). So I cut the panel down the centre and braced it back together with some Ali box section inside the returns. You can just about see the Ali box top/btm in this bad picture:- The gap has since been covered up with a strip of Ali:- Just stuck some wrap over to cover for now - but will have a racing stripe eventually:- Once you've got a nice square rear end instead of tapered - you can fit other types of rear arches (locost/roadster etc). I found the best fit seemed to be the GBS Zero arches - mainly because they are nice and wide and I have 8j 0 offset wheels. I suspect standard Roadster arches would look fine with normal width/offset wheels though :- Anywho - hope that helps. Cheers Tony

    Shockers Brakes Bonnet Nose Cone Etc

    Ok no probs - cheers

    Shockers Brakes Bonnet Nose Cone Etc

    Sent you a message about the U trim Jordie

    Speed Sensor Mount

    Does the superspec use the full sierra rear beam like the 2B? If so this is how I did mine with 3mm piece of steel bent and the sensor clamped with rubber lined P clips:- From underneath:- Cheers Tony

    Side Rail / Armrest Cover For Iva.

    Got this to do on mine soon - so interested in how people have 'fixed' the pipe on to the rail? I thought if the IVA examiner could just easily pull it off - then it wasn't acceptable as it's not 'permanent'?

    Mx5 Insurance

    My 1999 1.6 is approx £300/yr fully comp (3000 restricted mileage) with Performance Direct. Parked on drive, 43yr old driver with 3 points for speeding and no NCB (I use my NCB on the family hack-mobile). As others have said - just went on Go-compare to get that. I've been told the area where you live plays quite a big part in the quote you get these days (not sure how true that is though). Cheers Tony

    Fitting A Cat - Repackable Silencer Suppliers?

    Thanks for the heads-up anyway Zed! Hopefully you're right about it being the single fixing thing. Cheers Tony

    Fitting A Cat - Repackable Silencer Suppliers?

    Oh crikey - really?! Hopefully somebody can confirm/rule out that seat belt anchorage issue as it would be a right ballache to sort at the moment! Thanks for the heads-up! I think I've gotta put the extra link in the steering column anyway tbh. I'm sure I don't have even 5 degree offset on it at the moment let alone the 10 or so that I hear the testers are ideally looking for? It stems from the fact that I have a Sierra rack rather than the upside down-back to front-inside out original Metro jobby. Even with the rack packed up high - the steering column only just misses the exhaust manifold and also one of the chassis members by 5mm (if that) which I think would be too tight for the tester anyway. Cheers Tony

    Fitting A Cat - Repackable Silencer Suppliers?

    Thanks - Yeah planning to powder coat the bonnet gloss black to match. Still need to do a final coat and lacquer on (your exmo) nosecone and also the rear arches. Biggest headache (prior to this emissions worry) is sorting out the front steering geometry. Once I got round to looking at sorting the front suspension a month or 2 ago - I realized that I'd packed the rack up really high to get the steering column to 'just-miss' the exhaust manifold. With the springs removed and sliding the hub up the pillar, it toes out wildly to start with - then returns to normal - then toes in a bit! All due to the fact that the steering arms droop downwards at rest rather than upwards (because I'd packed the rack up)! So now need to drop the rack right down to where it should be to sort suspension - and then work out an extra UJ mid span of the column (with bearing block of course) to route the shaft around the manifold down to the repositioned rack! All good fun with these kits eh - fix one area, cause a problem in another lol!

    Fitting A Cat - Repackable Silencer Suppliers?

    Thanks for the replies chaps! I know I'm jumping the gun somewhat looking at this issue now - but being a pessimist/realist (delete as applicable) I'm fairly sure this will probably happen despite our reasonable requests for a grace period - hence spending an evening or 3 this week weighing up the possible options. The version of the silencer with the CAT already inside is £425! (which is probably more than my entire car is worth!) I agree it would be a perfect solution though - just unbolt and replace with the CAT version - job sorted! I am continuing to crack on with the remaining build jobs and haven't stopped to fixate on this issue - but there are lots more still to resolve. I think because a bit of time was spent the other year doing the outer body work areas to try and make it look a bit more presentable - people see it and think it's nearly finished which is far from the case unfortunately:- It just looks further along than it is (just trying my daily driver no.plate for clearance by the way):- Cheers again for your help/advice Tony
  13. After the latest emissions proposal - I'm looking at how to fit a CAT on my system should it be passed. Trouble is - I've got a big silencer which is using all the available space to fit one! It's the large £300 one that kitspares sell as it's very quiet and ironically I bought to ensure an IVA pass for the DB level!:- http://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=856&search=silencer It's looking like you need approx 270-300mm for a half decent size CAT. I really don't want to have to get rid of the big silencer - but it seems I may need to if the worst happens. With that in mind - can anybody recommend a decent (cheap) contact that could knock up something that would get through IVA db easily but would be a bit shorter than what I have (6" dia x 29" Long)? I do actually have 2 'over chassis' manifolds that I have offered up to try - but both would hit the chassis rails on a 2B annoyingly. Also they both terminate in approx the same position as I have now. Any suggestions gratefully received! Cheers Tony

    New Emissions Proposals For Kit Cars

    Hi emptyat - I think this is the part that was causing a little confusion. Although it's in a 'proposal document' - 4.10 is actually just reiterating how it stands with the 'current' system. 4.11 goes on to detail what they are proposing to change it to. As it states - when they register your car, it must comply with current mot emission standards which means it must have been tested at that level at IVA. Snapper - I think everybody totally understands that it couldn't possibly be applied retrospectively. As you rightly say - motoring changes of this magnitude never are.

    New Emissions Proposals For Kit Cars

    Thanks Dan! - I should remember where you live as my car is still sporting your old Exmo's nose cone!