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  1. Hi Neil - What model do you have? If it's a 2B, I have a standard mild steel bonnet (hasn't been fitted but is rusty and needs shot blasting). Also got another one that's been cut at the scuttle and has been sprayed black quickly with rattle cans. Both are taking up space in the loft. Was planning to take them to the tip when the hysteria is over and we can finally doing normal things again. Cheers Tony

    short sump

    I've got one on Ebay at the moment. Was a spare I kept from an unused engine :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shortened-Pinto-Sump-Kit-Car-Westfield-Robin-Hood-Locost-Roadster-Caterham-Sierr/224139051875 Cheers Tony


    Hi Ed - As mentioned above the much larger size of the 2B makes it impossible to buy GRP side panels/rear tub/bonnet etc off the shelf. I managed to fit GRP all round - except the bonnet - but it wasn't easy. The closest GRP bodied car in terms of size is the Haynes Roadster which plenty of places make bodywork for still. I bought a Roadster rear tub - cut it down the middle - extended it (60-70'ish mm from memory) - reconnected it with small aluminium box section top and bottom and made an infill section to cover the gap. This gives you proper 'flat' sides to which you can moun
  4. Thanks for the nice comments chaps! Car is now sold and being collected later this afternoon. I had loads of offers through Ebay and txt - all of whom were offering the exact same amount (2k). I ended up getting a bit more than that - but unfortunately the value of things is set by the market. The plus side of not having to spend hours in the garage stripping stuff apart/dealing with postage/having little bits left over outweighs that though - so I'm happy it's going complete. Bit of sadness to see it go - but looking forward to the future hours of trying to get the basket case b
  5. Hi Martin - I'm in Rugby (CV21 1JE). I've got someone coming to view tomorrow night and someone else coming Wednesday - but if neither are interested for any reason I'll give you a shout. Cheers Tony
  6. Selling my unregistered sliding pillar build :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223903685166 Cheers Tony
  7. Now on Ebay - I kinda already know I'm going to end up having to break it . Bring forth all the Ebay weirdo's and total timewasters lol! :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223903685166
  8. If I end up breaking it down - then yes definitely wheels/tyres would be one of the items that would be sold as a set.
  9. Evening all, I've finally decided to give up on the Sliding pillar 2B build and have today bought a locost with a bike engine. The car is tatty and needs a fair bit of work to get it properly right - but at least its already road legal and Mot'd for some summer fun. :- I really enjoyed the test drive I was taken on today. Surprised how gentle quiet and pleasant a bike engine can be trundling around - that is until the taps are opened and then all hell breaks loose! Quite a different animal indeed then lol!
  10. Hi Davo - It's difficult to tell from the pics, but are you sure that's a 2B? Is there a tubular chassis underneath that wide side panel? Cheers Tony
  11. Excellent news Bob! Glad you got it sorted
  12. Thanks Dan - That's my reading (well hoping) of it too. I'm gonna forget it for now and just stick it in for IVA next year and just see what they say. Thanks as always Cheers Tony
  13. Thanks for the replies chaps - it really does help to hear that it wasn't probed in too much depth by people who have been through IVA/SVA. It's Annex 1 of the section in the IVA manual that's worrying me a little as it mentions that an angle less than 10 degrees would have little effect at deflecting the column away from the driver. However - the main page of the protective steering section has 5 conditions that 'must' be met to pass. Number 4 states:- "The vehicle and steering column assembly must be designed such in the event of a frontal impact at 48km/h (30mph) the rearward
  14. Hi Rob, Is it possible to get a better picture of that area at all? If that's not a black rubber stop sandwiched with 2 washers sitting on top of the fixed arm, what is that dark area at the bottom of the pillar? People have used all sorts of things to make the bump stop for a sliding pillar. Some suggestions are anti-vibration mounts with a hole drilled through - right up to using an old bit of conveyor belt cut and drilled. See example link below:- https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/38204-sliding-pillar-bump-stops-what-do-you-use/&tab=comments#comment-294262
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