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  1. I was intending to cover over the holes with a vinyl wrap to be on the safe sound.
  2. Thank you for the price info on the Lucas wiper system. Thanks for the info on the Sierra wipers. At this stage of the built I was trying to make sure the system worked, as I don not intend to fit the window screen until after the IVA test. I understand the park position can be moved by repositioning the cam plate within the motor so that it can be changed from right to left park. Car builders solutions have a Wiper wheel wedge sleeve that I was intending to use too create a seal. The other alternative was to machine a a sleeve from Nylon to create the seal.
  3. Hi Andy, I have the Sierra modified wiper motor. I think I have solved the wiring issue. The body of the motor is the live side of the circuit with the speed connections going to earth. I will load a picture when I can reduce the size of the file the motor runs at both speeds and the park feature is also working. how much is the Lucas system ? Thanks Tony
  4. Does anyone have a picture of the plug in connecter showing the actual wire colouring. The motor I have was supplied without a connector and I am unable to source one. i am trying use individual spade connectors but I am struggling to identify which colour wire fits onto which pin.
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