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    Ex - Sub-K owner built a Quantum Xtreme IVA'd July 2013
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    Devon and Cornwall area Sec, Motorsport Enthusiast, used to compete in the ASWMC road rallying championship many years ago, Mk2 Escorts etc.
    More likley to be found competing on the 360 nowdays or enjoying some open roads occasionally in my kit car

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  1. We are meeting in Exeter services for a run up to Thornfalcon on Sunday if anyone fancies it. 09:30 top of the car park
  2. Hi, Pair of Sierra front hubs as per image, £75. Collection only Plymouth to Bridgwater M5 by arrangement. https://flic.kr/p/U9yfsU
  3. Hi, As pictured, removed when I went lsd. £50 collected (Work days by arrangment anywhere on M5 corridor Plymouth to Bridgwater) or Kingsbridge S.Devon Cheers Tony.R
  4. Apologies but it's going to be a no show from me, hope you all have a good day.
  5. Hi Bob Any chance of fitting me in? Thanks Tony. R
  6. Hi, Looking to take a run upto the Lotus Centre open day at Lifton on Sat, meet Saltash services for 09:30. Cheers Tony.R
  7. Apologies for the no show today, electrical issues meant no indicators and fuel pump / rad fan being permanently on!!
  8. Pentillie Festival Of Motorsport, this will be with the SW kitcars group and tickets are to be bought individually, link below, but if I know numbers going we will get a common space to park in etc, just quote SW kitcars on the booking. Cheers Tony.R https://www.facebook.com/pentilliefestivalofmotorsport http://www.pentilliefestivalofmotorsport.co.uk/ticketshop.html
  9. Hi, 08:30 meet at Exeter services for a run upto the monthly Haynes breakfast meet if anyone fancies it Cheers Tony.R
  10. Hi, is there a time slot for arrivals to get onto the stand, or is it pretty much come and go as we please?
  11. Should be a nice upgrade from my T1-R's
  12. I've found that ACF50 provides pretty good protection for stored items.
  13. http://www.brakepartssuperstore.org.uk/contents/en-uk/d6660.html Above gives details on Sierra calliper sizes, both options seem to have greater than 50mm dia pistons?
  14. Hi, This weekend we have a B'fast meet route 5 Cafe Haldon Hill for 10am then onto Wiscombe hill climb. Cheers Tony.R (null)
  15. http://www.wiltonclassicsupercar.co.uk/ Meet Exeter Services for 7am to travel up to this.
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