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  1. I am currently fitting a 1.8 MX5 engine and gearbox into a 2B. You will need to fabricate engine and gearbox mounts but no chassis modifications are needed to get the MX5 unit into the 2B. I bought a 2004 MX5 with MOT failure due to corrosion and stripped everything including ECU and entire wiring loom. So far I am in profit in that the proceeds from selling old pinto engine and gearbox plus unwanted parts from the MX5 (roof, doors, seats , bonnet etc) has more than covered what I have spent. The MX5 sump needs to be shortened. You will need not get a prop shaft made/customised. I have made my own floor mounted pedal box. I have also used/customised the MX5 exhaust manifold. At the moment I am trying to sort out the wiring loom. Stripping out everything that is not needed etc. Photos of what I have done so far at the following link. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO87HaDccv1C1geXSmfIa2RuoCaiSgfV3jxKUY62Wy9OrQdxxILjAQvYmkpRIH4gA?key=eGRhaWN3aHNKem9DX2YwbGc1cERYaU9MV3NLVnFn
  2. I have been making steady progress with installing the MX5 engine and gearbox in my 2B. Prop shaft has been modified. Engine and gearbox mounts are done. Sump has been shortened Exhaust manifold has be modified Floor mounted pedal box made utilising the MX5 pedals etc. Now starting to work on the wiring and fuel system. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO87HaDccv1C1geXSmfIa2RuoCaiSgfV3jxKUY62Wy9OrQdxxILjAQvYmkpRIH4gA/photo/AF1QipNDWz86Rhkf3-84Z8kpvIAV6s2R0ozzA7VpIOoW?key=eGRhaWN3aHNKem9DX2YwbGc1cERYaU9MV3NLVnFn
  3. Have been playing around with engine position and it definitely fits in the 2B with no chassis mods required. Alternator will need to move over to other side of engine to make room for steering shaft and sump will need to be shortened. Floor mounted pedal box will probably work best. Richard
  4. Not posted on here for a long time but was interested in this post. Has anyone put the MX5 engine and gearbox into a 2B? I am in process of doing it and at first attempt it looks like a pretty good fit. Richard
  5. Yes. Still for sale. I was going to put on eBay after Stoneleigh. Richard
  6. Hi, We are upgrading my sons Robin Hood to run on Bike Carbs so the Weber is no longer required. It was bought new in 2013 and fitted to the 2B which pased IVA in 2015 and has done about 3000 miles since then so it is in good condition. Selling complete with Pinto inlet manifold, Ramair filter and throttle linkage. The carb is jetted for 2.0 pinto and I still have the original paperwork which says Pimary jet 140, Emulsion tube F50 and Idle jet 60. It is manual (cable) choke and I will also throw in the choke cable if you want it. Photos at the following link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i4d2uasrelxkrfx/AADtz_8zJUQh7FznRWEz1hU7a?dl=0 £150 plus postage. Thanks Richard
  7. I had my exhaust silencer made by Paul Gooderham. Discussed requirement with him over the phone and he told me how to draw the plans. Sent plans in post and silencer arrived a week later. Excellent quality and perfect fit. http://www.paulgooderham.co.uk/custom-exhaust-systems
  8. I used the yukspeed sump on my red top and had problems with oil leaks at first. It was solved by using one of these: http://www.autovaux.co.uk/product/90528632-652274-baffle-gasket-eight-valve-vauxhall.aspx Richard
  9. Having read other posts about the problems with DVLA registration I was expecting the worst. Sent my application forms off on Jan 3rd and received the V5 back today without having to make a phone call or anything. Amazing. No sign yet of any of my original documents but hey I have the V5. Off to get the number plates made up this afternoon. Exciting! Richard
  10. Richard Grove

    Iva Norwich

    Well done - good result and retest should be easy.
  11. Currently in a small temp rented house in Evesham, living out of boxes with most of our stuff in storage. We are hoping to move into our new house in Fladbury before christmas.
  12. Quite an eventful morning but IVA retest this morning was a PASS. The lights on the trailer I borrowed packed up which was pretty stressful driving in the dark / rain. For some reason the Robin Hood decided to develop a horrible misfire over night which I did not have time to fix but got away with at the test by being very gentle on the throttle. How they did not notice it was running on 3 cylinders ? Had an audience of 5 VOSA people waiting for me, Keith who was doing my test explained one guy was doing a time and motion study, another guy was from Swansea and was responsible for IVA policy and was out and about observing tests. Then there was another IVA tester who was training someone else. The 2 fail points from the original test were checked and passed no problem within 2 minutes but they then spent ages going over every inch of the car and started taking photos as well. I was sure they were going to find something to fail it on. What a relief when I got the all clear and Keith said lets go do the paper work !! Richard
  13. Very nice dash - good luck with the IVA.
  14. We put it down to dodgy recon calipers that I bought cheap off ebay but we never really figured out exactly what was wrong with them. After fitting the new Willwood calipers, discs and pads we did a quick bleed of the system and all was OK. I stripped one of the Sierra calipers down to inspect it and could find nothing wrong. We came to the conclusion it must have been a problem with caliper - as the bake pedal was pressed you could see the caliper trying to twist as it was biting on the pads/disc. Rather than clamping tight the calipers just seem to keep twisting a bit thus the pedal kept moving down. We checked to make sure the gluide pins were straight and they seemed OK. We put it down to dodgy recon calipers that I bought cheap off ebay. Richard
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